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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • Flowmotion 2 is remarkable! It looks great in all conditions and works perfectly. A few more moving shots in difficult outdoor lighting. Sun/Shade/G-G-G-GREEN. 80% 24h interpreted as 24fps Voightlander 17.5 & Samyang 7.5 fishy 1/40 shutter length :40

  • @xav25. high ISO option was not checked in the FM2 .ini file released by LPowell. If you want it, you need to check that option in ptools.

  • I think it may be the lenses that's pushing it over the edge. I only use primes and hit FM2 with everything I could think of today.

    Video out of the car window in the highway, panning my river ripples in bright sun, even the sorghum field with tens of thousand little white flowers on green stalks with bees and butterfly's in the wind.

    It's not an ultra high bitrate patch. It didn't go over 80 today no matter what mode, I tried... 720 60, 1080 24, HBR, TE on and off and it didn't flinch plus, it spanned perfectly. I shot the sorghum field for 15 minutes in 720.

    Other than the normal GH2 green tint, I have no problems with it.

  • I've had FM2 on my GF2 for the last two days and the very first capture, high detail foliage/trees during last evenings 'golden hour', endured 2-seconds and stopped with an error message. i don't own an AF lens, so I'm all manual focus. After this initial error, the camera has operated flawlessly with about an hour of capture time, handling everything that I've thrown at it. I'll continue testing, however it's been a very positive experience, so far.

  • @coors What was the message?

  • I got two failures doing a basic timing test. I wanted to see if it would span on standard Class 10 cards. I used a Transcend class 10, 16gb and just pointed it at my LCD Tv while I watched a movie so the screen filled the image.

    The first time it failed after around 15min with write speed error. I immediately reformated the card like a boob without seeing the vid. Second failure after the format, it recorded for around 20 min and spanned twice but didn't go past the second span. This was at 60i and iso 1600 and the exposure meter was almost at the +3. Then I tried 24p at lower iso but ran out of card. All and all it recorded around 35min total on 16g.

    I'll try a only 24p test next and a test on a 533x Pretec card after that with more standard exposures.

    EDIT: At iso 500 and slightly overexposed to slightly underexposed depending how the TV picture changed, it spanned at 24p and recorded just under 35min on Transcend, class 10, 16gb.

  • A frame grab from last night.

    1289 x 720 - 46K
  • @LPowell

    Congratulations release of FM2! :-) Since my main PC has crashed now, I have not studied many tips yet, but it is very interesting.


    "Since GOLGOP3 and GOP3ZILLA never aborted for me in 720p60 mode"

    Which version is what you show here? Although I am testing 6GOP again now, if 9GOP in 60p is better than 6GOP, have you judged?

  • Uploaded it today and shot some things before dark:

    The focus and the brightness is a little off, so forgive me! I also was shooting on Smooth (all -2, except color, which was 0) with high shutter speed, low ISOs, and high blue and green white balance. Why? 'Cause no one else did it.

  • This time using a Pretec 533x it failed after 28 min in 24p. It spanned twice and then failed 8 min into the third clip. The third clip shows just under 9 minutes long in streamparser but 20hrs in windows media player.

  • @LPowell is there any possibility of working with this .ini on a Gf2 with a Class 10 Kingston SD card ?

    @Coors what res. did you use on the Gf2 ? 1080i or 720 ?

  • Using sandisk extreme 45Mb/s had no problem in hbr/25p and extele ,recording a tree(almost filling the frame)..bitrate 55-65 using smooth (-2,-2,0,-2) with tamron 17-50... Same exactly scene in 720/50p mode i had to pull off the battery after 10-15 sec of recording... Formatted using sd formatter utility and i'll try again today.. PS i was using 1/50 and f/4 iso 160 and manual focus so no extra stressing the encoder...

  • I tried version 2.0 this weekend and motion seems very good. Artefacting is minimal. However skin tones have occasionally been rather hit and miss. I don't know whether this was the settings I chose but I usually use standard at -2,-2,-2,-2, and haven't had problems before. I'm not laying blame but I am concerned. I don't see a great deal of skin tone examples here so would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has off skin colouring. I have added some examples. Especially worrying is the kind of grey dead look, and spurious jaundice yellow in some examples

    1281 x 721 - 182K
    1282 x 720 - 194K
    1279 x 723 - 150K
  • Just took a shot into the new Speedgrade and isolated some of the yellow in the skintones and pulled them toward magenta. Seemed to work very well. Would be nice to not have to do that though.

  • @LPowell: you're a true genius! thank you SO MUCH for creating this.

    I have a small question to you. Basically, I do not care about the in-camera playback, so for 24 FPS I use: 1080p24 Frame Limit=9124000 (allows 1170KB I-frames) 1080p24 FB1=907838 1080p24 FB2=1200000 1080 SB=901252 Do you think this could only improve image quality and resistance to artifacts? Or could this be potentially worse somehow than your already fantastic v2.0? (I think Stray Death Chart is slightly better with those limits).

    Sorry if I'm just too fool :) and thanks again for this FANTASTIC work!

    By the way, for the first time 3GOP HBR (NTSC) became really usable! Very good & much better than with other GOP3 patches!!!

  • Hmm, I have a nice "Tarkovski" effect: It suddenly seems to rain in my apartment. Just download & play the attached clip of the reply below and watch especially the left side, the flickering looks like fast snow rain close to the lens. Play the clip in a loop if you don´t notice it. Most visible in blurred areas. Shot 24H with 14-140, automatic focus on and shutter priority of 50 + auto Iso, and also with shutter prority & Iso of 160. Did not test manual mode, but loaded Sanity 5 again, the rain-effect is gone now...

  • Here is the file/clip of the rain-like effect...
  • @Frame: I downloaded your clip and played it a lot of times in a loop, even single-stepped throught the frames, but I cannot see the effect you are describing.

    From your description, the effect sounds similar to a thing that Plasma TVs do to counter aging effects (kind of dithering bright areas), but I was watching the clip on a LCD. You do not coincidally use a Plasma...? :-)

  • @rsquires: Regarding your unhappyness with out-of-the-box skin tones: I experienced the same (regardless of what patch settting I used) with Auto White Balance - and my solution is to either use custom white balance or, when I am too lazy for that, I keep the AWB adjusted "two clicks down (towards magenta) and one click right (towards blue)", that gives me much better results with AWB under most circumstances (but especially in sunlight).

  • @karl No Plasma, even though I have one. Macbook Pro 15" with LED Display and NEC Multisync 232 for previewing. i see it on both screens. White flickering stripes with an angle of about 30 degree, the motion and flicker remind of rain. It could be a Mac-based decoding problem - and Fluid-Motion would be the first patch to show it - but then it is burned into the material after transcoding to mp4. This is what I did, so you should see something. I see it in the original mts as well as in the zipped mp4

  • Since I was very satisfied with FM 2.0 in 24H/L mode, but could not live with the 720p60 stopping at random in complex high-motion scenes, I've created an amalgamation of FM 2.0 with GOLGOP3-13_standard settings for 720p60 (see attached file). Works very well for me - no more movitus interruptus ;-)

    Using this setting, I measured the following bit rates for the "moving leaves in the sun" shot:

    24H: ~110MBit/s

    720p60 SH: ~ 52MBit/s

    HBR 30p: ~54MBit/s
  • @Frame Yes, it’s there. I had a similar problem (much more pronounced) when I loaded a clip in QuickTime Player 7 once. It was a one-time glitch and I don’t remember what patch I used.

  • @frame: Can you make a sreen shot and paint arrows to the beginning and end of one of those stripes you see in it?

    (I guess you are not referring to what is left from the bright CD covers when the picture goes out of focus - right?)

  • @karl can you do that for PAL users too please? :)

  • @rsquires did u have white balance set to auto? Did u manually white balance based on changing or non changing light situations? That can have a big effect on skin tones.

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