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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • @shian just watched the two FS primers, great start, looking forward to watching more. You mentioned that you used to experiment and practise lighting with miniatures on your desk. What sort of lights did you use? I am guessing you were working with small lamps.

  • @RJH yeah, like flashlights, desk lamps, little fluorescent nook lights, and I built flags and barn doors out of duct tape and thin cardboard. It was fun.

    I'll probably shoot a tutorial on that later on, after I get the ones in the pipeline finished.

  • @shian ...Thanks for all the hard work...looking forward to the ColorGHear Film school...isnt the internet great?...Back when I did highschool all I could do was hang around at the library and hope they had a book that would answer my questions...most of the time not...

  • I think I manage color correction now ok, but where is AudioGHear? ;)

  • Very cool in regards to FilmSchool @shian. You could also do PhotoshopGhears. ;)

  • @shian

    Great Job. This is what I have been waiting for.... Shian's Film School!

    Are you going to show us your way of working with GOSSEN Digisix in one of the episodes?

  • @Tommyboy yup


    editing that one right now - here's a still grab.

    Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 2.24.31 PM.png
    1248 x 703 - 1M
  • Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

  • @shian I tried to install your output module but now when I press "Make movie..." I get following message:

    After Effects warning: cannot output to this format because it is not currently installed.

    ( 39 :: 99 )

    Do you know what's wrong? I'm on Windows 7.

  • @tonalt figure out which codec it is, Prores or DNxHD and quicktime...and install it. You should be using DNxHD and quicktime.

  • @shian installed both DNxHD and QT 7 Pro but it's still the same thing

  • Which module are u trying to use?

  • "DNxHD linear off" but it says missing for almost all your modules.

    758 x 848 - 84K
  • Did u import the output module settings .aom like in the video? #5

    If so, U might have to do it again. I've never seen this problem before on any system or version of AE, I'm assuming you've restarted AE and your system since the install...

    Also might. Want to move this to PM to save thread space.

  • @shian now I got it to work. I had to reboot, delete old modules and then re-load them. Thanks.

  • I'll be going through all the film school stuff. Thank you.

  • @shian Another piece graded with your help. had to interpret color bars and tone from broadcast in a unique and meaningful way.

  • @shian And the most recent paid gig. From a local new agey money advisement center.

  • Whats the best way to achieve a diffusion look? Glow, blur luminance?

  • Okay, all the basic tutorials are up in the Film School section, part 2 of the contrast and metering lessons are coming tonight and tomorrow. The Ansel Adams and Intensity tutorials are still in production. The forum is live, but its kinda ugly, I should have the redesign of the site done before June, which will fix many things including all the bad javascript when it comes to logging in. (EDIT - forum is down until further notice...not working correctly)

    Learn, enjoy, experiment!

    Also, a quick note, I found some MAJOR funkiness with the GH2 in-camera meter while shooting the new dynamic range tests, I know this will likely re-ignite the whole which is the best film mode argument, but this test is a hell of a lot more objective than, "this is the one I like the best" (keep in mind, the "login" script is broken, you have to use the "member login" menu item.)

  • @redbaron - GHrain Killer tweaked the way I discussed in the Grain tutorial.

  • film school is looking great thank you very much man! appreciated!

  • Thanks Shaian! Lots to absorb but I review the tutorials every day.

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