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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @driftwood Oh man, I have to try this. :)

  • You'll be thee first! :-)

  • @driftwood Hi Nick, what's the difference between normal Mysterion and burst mode. If burst mode is at 1080p24 and can only do 4 seconds, then what's the advantage towards non burst? Thank you

  • err... this one goes upto 11 ;-)

  • this one goes upto 11 :o)

    Nice one Nick I'll give this a try!

  • The "Eleven" .

  • First Mysteron burst test: 24H. Long pan shots over trees (night shots). It span correctly.

  • @driftwood Hey Nick, 11 seconds, still, what's the advantage compared to normal mysterium?

  • @terry2 Have you seen Spinal Tap? Then you'll know the reference to 11.

  • @thepalalias , @driftwood I am trying to understand something... the problems many have with spanning and burst etc. A 35mm Panavision Gold system magazine carried about 11 minutes of film.... rarely did a director shoot "takes" beyond 5 minutes. Orson Wells was famous for his 11 minute intro on "Touch of Evil", you two gentlemen seem to appreciate, good light, good composition...etc. What type of work are we speaking about, single camera Tennis Match? Also, The GH2 I have is now a year and a half old, it is a solid unit, rarely a problem, if so, reboot, pull the card, I info is safe. wayback 244, Iso 12800, wide open, practically non existent. Are different generations of GH2 prone to different glitches or reactions to your patches? I wonder because of my lack of crashing, monitor statements etc. Different Generations of GH2? Thanks Guys. as we say in the US, your 2 cents would be appreciated.

  • Testing Mysteron Burst Mode so far Great stuff

    Report: got over 45 seconds in 24P with ISO at 640 and 1250 in doors did some test outside in the dark with poor lighting at 640 and 1250 ISO got over 20 seconds but Lighting was poor so i turn up the ISO to 6,400 and 10,000 and 20,000 ISO i got only 6 seconds and 10 seconds

  • Hello everyone! Could someone please tell me whats the latest and best driftwood patch for the 64 gig SDXC card? Im only shooting 20-30 minutes max at a time and am trying to get the most detail out of the camera.

    The naming convention has totally lost me. A good ranking system would be helpful for the end users like me.

    shoutout to @driftwood ! I use your stuff on all my music videos

  • Mysteron Bust Mode quick edit. And if you listen closely you can hear my roommate stating that "there's something wrong with me" in regards to all my firmware testing ;). 90% of the shots were stopped manually, but there was little movement so that's to be expected.

  • @exilenorth Don't know about the GH2 itself, I doubt anything has changed in design since the originals off the conveyor belt. Nothing has changed inside from what I can see. The matrices are certainly more go get 'em than the stock stuff. As to lengthy recordings, well, personally, I don't hardly ever care for spanning in filmic conditions. I stop when the scene cuts - and I havent done many longer than 4 minutes myself. If its docu making then fair enough - some people do require hi quality with spanning... The best sd cards tend to work ok. Mysteron Burst is the highest peaking i frames under INTRA to date though... well, as a release for all...

  • @driftwood Nick! HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH you Nigel Tufnel fan! But seriously... What's the tech advantage of bust mode, please enlighten me, I can't see the greater picture in here...

  • Very Nice

  • @terry2 You mean Burst mode? Just to achieve the highest possible i frame size under Intra in Mysteron... generally Burst mode version of mysteron is yielding 30M bigger data rates than the current settings coming in at around 170M for 5 seconds at peak detail. Lower detail will use less memory space, thus record longer, and work like a VBR as it should do. Remember, bitrate in the end, IS king.

    Mysteron has been my fun and experimental setting ever since I released it. It also has a slightly higher matrix detail in Q settings targetting the low freqs than Sedna. A lot of the detail in the shadows you cant see (and I refer to the Human Visual System of perception) until you go to grading. :-)

  • @driftwood Any hope for ClusterV2?

  • Soon. New matrix for Cluster v2 - I binned 4 others I liked but wasnt totally happy with - so Im doing measured visual tests before Im happy to release.

  • @driftwood yes Burst. Why, what's the normal frame size? Why is the limitation 5 seconds? Hardware? Card? Overheating? Is this a pre Canis or just a lil experimental playing around to push the camera?

  • @terry2 if you follow these threads or the low gop threads long enough you'll understand the GH2 will puff out somewhere. We're already way beyond Intra 100 camera bitrates costings thousands more... the only let down is the 8 bit codec.

  • @Driftwood I agree with your view of spanning in most cases. But sometimes it's best to just let it run and see what happens when shooting events. That said I love the 720-60 in Mysteron. I figured the low bitrate was going to mean it was hind tit again, but it works well and I shot all day today on one 64 Gig Card.

    Not a single glitch with this patch, Thanks!

    Just a quick look at today's protest.

  • Mysteron Burst setting includes all the same settings HBR, 720p60, 60i, 50 modes etc.. as before in Mysteron non Burst. 720p60 and HBR modes work very well when the detail gets tough and heavy!

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