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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @L1N3ARX Though, do not let the desire to compare that motion interfere with D800 comparison you mentioned. I think most would find that more important. :)

  • @thepalalias, Are you shooting HBR 25p? I think you can see what I am talking about in L1N3ARX's vimeo clip posted above.

  • @edgenumbers The "problems" you see, aren't these just because you're shooting 24 fps? With the stock firmware you get the same effect when panning.

  • @AmandaNL, Sorry. Yes, you are right. The stock firmware shows the same issue. This is not a complaint about the excellent work done by people like Vitaliy_Kiselev, driftwood, bkmcwd and more. :)

  • For me atleast, somehow Vimeo always shows video a bit stuttery. Don't know why this is. Youtube doesn't.

  • Please tell me Where is Cluster v2?

  • Patience.

  • He isn't gonna post it until he's happy with it...Thankfully!

  • I have been following for a while. Has anyone else experienced shorter record cycles when using an external monitor such as a SmallHd. I've been testing the most current version of Orion 4d (black matter). All is well until the external monitor is plugged up. 24P H record times go from a usable time (4 minutes and going) to less than a minute which makes this update unusable for me. :(. Keep in mind I'm using 32gb transcend class 10 cards. I'm sure this doesn't help. I'm open to an feedback or suggestions.

  • I am using Sedna C Q20, All is good in camera, I can watch and play the clips fine, when I transcode to prores 422 using 5dtoRGB, I play the QT files and I get a jumpy image around the 8 seconds (sometimes more) into the clip, when I use the file in FCX my sound goes in and out constantly during the clip. Anyone experiencing this? Any suggestions? Please some help!!! thank very much for any solutions.

  • @adcockstudios I haven't tried it. I've been having a ball with this little camera and no rig. It wouldn't surprise me to have that problem, especially with Transcend cards. Some of the settings have caused issues with HDMI. There is a limited amount of processing power in the camera and I can see whee the added strain of hooking a field monitor could fill the buffers early.

    Just to see, try a different card. That solves a lot of problems I've had.

  • The motion is fine and is actually improved with driftwoods settings since they are all i-frames. There are no motion vector frames to cause perceived smearing.

  • @xavieramelio Could be that the kBts/s of the files are more than your hard-disk speed?

  • @adcockstudios Since 24p is always output in some strange pulldown sequence via HDMI, I'm sure it's imposing additional load on the processor. Settings like Sedna are carefully tuned to push the envelope and this extra load may drive it over the edge.

  • @xavieramelio There is something wrong with the Prores files exported with 5DtoRGB. I don't know what but, for example when you try to conform a file with CinemaTools, the application can't do it. It says that the file contents "Temporal compression", so basically that the codec is not Intraframe. That makes no sense.

    I asked the people at 5DtoRGB and they recognized the problem but were unable of giving an explanation.

  • @edgenumbers No problems with camera movements.

    Few cameras/codecs can take this (sorry for post it twice):

  • Thanks for the feedback. I tried an alternative card; same issue (scandisk 16 gig 30mb extreme). However, it's not the recommended high performance 95mb card. This is why I didn't even try Sedna Q. So... I'm back tracking to QUANTUM v9c. It seems to be doing better with the external hdmi monitor so far. What is the consensus for a generally good performer on these lame transcend (32 gig class 10) cards. I have like 8 of them.. So..

  • Howdy everyone! As there is no 'New User' Topic i thought I could aswell post inhere. Just wanted to thank Driftwood and Vitaly for all their hard word.

    Was testing v4d Orion 'Dark Matter v3' today with a Helios 44m/2 and Samyang 35mm/1.4 and WOW, absolutely love the look.

  • @adcockstudios I use several of those, too. A lot of people make modifications to these patches to improve stabilty on the Transcend cards, but my memory from a while back was the Rocket worked fine without them (as did SpanMyBU v1 and it is possible V2 may, too) and so did Sanity 3, of course. Sanity 4 may as well. I never rely on them for the highest performance patches, though. Feel free to check the settings others have used in this thread to make the Transcend cards work with Orion and Sedna.

  • @Kihlian, I am not sure of that, my harddrives in the computer and an external one I use with firewire are 7200 rpm, is that sufficient speed?

  • @Rafa, thank you. I though it was something wrong in that end, because I also transcoded files with the original firmware and they had the same problem...

  • @rafa So what 5DtoRGB codec are you currently using for FCP instead?

  • @xavieramelio, I've had that same issue with GH2 -> 5DtoRGB -> CinemaTools. It was using ProRes HQ. I had some 60p shots that wouldn't conform to 23.98 in CinemaTools.

    What I ended up doing as a workaround was to take them all into After Effects and conform them to 23.976 there, then export out again as ProRes HQ. Not optimal but it got the job done.

  • I have a Transcend Extreme Card that's 16gb and I have major problems with the writing to the card. I receive an error every 2 seconds.

  • @Oedipax Or, you can use version 1.5.3b + script

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