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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • Driftwood, its amazing. Each time , No Problems

    "Shot 300MM Canon FD Mount, shot at a 50th , Shutter 5.8 ISO 160. Overcast and Fog. Hard light only. No post work on this piece. SEDNA A Settings: Max Detail Q. AQ1 version. Cinema. Water appears like mercury. Sound patch...more directional, less ambient chaos.

  • @driftwood Thank You for your Quantum Series I have Some Qusition. I applied to the Orion version of my GH2. and shooting a moving object but the AF tracking just does not work well than previous firmware version 1.0. this Hack was impact on AF performance of GH2?

  • @onionbrain, I'll echo these results as well. I'm not afraid of 3200 iso with these latest patches

  • Thanks everyone!


    Yes, it's working well. Works on levels adjustments, works with heavy color correction, handles reasonably well in Premiere Pro, and results with noise reduction (Neat Video) have been good.

    In one extreme test I filmed in the near dark at 3200 ISO and then raised the midtones and shadows to an extreme in post and after running Neat Video on it I ended up with something that looked sharper and cleaner than an HVX200 at 0db.

  • thanks @rafe. I'll need an ND filter for my gh2 btw. For those shots i used and diaf of 20 and 22... shutterspeed 1/80. @driftwood, i like it alot! :) thanks for everything.

  • All the clips have been getting better and better with each of @driftwoods patches. Sedna has inspired me and made me bite the bullet (and the budget) I just ordered a 95MB card :)

  • @onionbrain, you are right. Sedna just works. Im pretty and happy with footage that I took over the weekend.

  • @onionbrain Simply beautiful. Great. You convinced me to give another try to Sedna A. I wasn't much pleased with my first tests, but probably was psychological. The subject wasn't much interesting.

  • @conscius Very nice introduction to Orion, hope you like.

    @onionbrain Really nice to see Sedna Q20 working out well with that beautiful lens. :-) Superb combination, thanks Andrew.

    Also, onionbrain's example shows how much better manual lenses and manual focus works sooo much better than leaving Auto Focus on. I find Panasonic's lenses hunt like crazy for focus - so lock 'em down or switch to manual.

  • @concius @dennnnnnnis @otcx Great shots. Thanks for posting clips without any correction.

  • More Sedna A Q20 footage...

    Sorry about the generic flowers thing -- but -- they work on my schedule and they're free.

    Bottom line -- Sedna just works -- on every level.

  • driftwood 4:11PM *** Latest News *** Driftwood is currently hard at work finishing AVCHD wiki and new setting VY Canis Majoris.

    Cant wait, i did make a stupid mistake with my settings.
    I did have a real good hbr setting, but i changed something without writing down what!!!!!!!!!
    Now i don't get it stable again.... really sick off it... and perhaps when i understand it better i can recreate it..

  • @Kihlian, not sure if the new matrix settings will make a difference to the following test/video that was conducted a month or so ago: @JDN makes a summary further down in that thread. ISO 1600 was not specifically mentioned as any sweet spot. Otherwise, sparing use of Neat Video is also an option in post.

  • Series 3 wow that's cool

  • Here my V4b footage. First time i used orion v4b

  • *** Latest News ***

    Driftwood mysteron. Top notch 24pH Intra setting with deblocking. 720p50/60 (GOP3/6) Workling and spanning. HBR / 1080i INTRA Working and should span.

    Try it. If you not like, c'est la vie!

    mysteron 720p60 and spanning.png
    1294 x 682 - 418K
  • Q. Where do I get firmware v1.11 and ptools 3.64d?

    A. All the neccessary links are available here at top of page 1:

    Q. How do I load Quantum settings & firmware v1.11 into ptools 3.64d?

    A. See below - its simple.

    1. simply make a new folder on a pc call it 'Quantum'.

    2. Depending on which camera you own do the following;-

    GH2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GH2 firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    GF2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GF2 firmware v1.11 (GF2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    3. Download latest ptools v3.64d 200212 from the 'ptools 3.64d' thread link ( and copy that into the folder too.

    4. Download the Quantum patches (white looking documents found at the bottom of this section) and unzip them to the Quantum folder.

    5. NOW run ptools, then load the firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin for GH2 users or GF2__V11.bin for GF2 users) when it asks, now you'll see Rocket and Orion settings highlighted in Green (hover mouse over B and G buttons) click on either, whichever you wanna try.

    6. One youve selected your fav' Quantum patch then click on SAVE FIRMWARE button and save the patched firmware to your sdcard naming it higher than the original GH2__V11.bin (GF2__V11.bin for GF2) firmware (makes sense yeah!) for example 'GH2__V12.bin' (GF2__V12.bin for GF2) when asked.

    7. Load the new firmware from the sdcard to your camera by inserting sdcard, switch on camera, press the green-marked triangular 'Play' button once, Answer yes, to update your firmware. Note: Make sure youve got a fully charged battery before doing this update.

    8. Done! Film away! *Please note you WILL NOT see any cosmetic changes in the menu system of the camera - but rest assured, the Quantum settings are all loaded & working hidden, under the bonnet of the camera ;-)

    HOW TO PUT IT BACK TO STOCK SETTINGS AGAIN? You can always go back to stock settings by simply UNCHECKING all the boxes in ptools (or by clicking any unused red button, A to J)and saving the edited firmware back to your sdcard and reupdating. Easy.

    All basic and beginners questions about the hack can be found here

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