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Panasonic GH2 with UHS-I and SDXC
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  • @WRLEO did already tested it after formatting the card inside of your camera? That should solve your problems. You need to have the PASM dial off iA, and then Format is in the last page of the Menu Settings. it should solve a lot of your issues.

  • @anybody - can anybody lol confirm if ther is any spanning on the new 95 megabit 64GB SDXC card for :

    Driftwood Sedna 'Settings' for ptools (SEDNA A Settings Max Detail Q)

    I think of the top my head driftwood said that only rateings up to 100 mega bit will span at the moment.

  • TOSHIBA 64GB SDXC UHS1 CLASS 10 60/35MB/s would this one work with driftwoods latest settings

  • I just bought a SanDisk 128G SDSDRX3-128G-A21 and the exFAT works well on my GH2 with v1.1 firmware, gonna play with it at this weekend

  • @Andcycle please be clear, is it your sdxc card which is working well or your sdxc card formated in exfat? Vitaly said in a former post thats exfat wasn't supported in the gh2. I think your card is in fat32, please check on your computer.

  • @erwan sorry for my english, I will try to be cleared,

    the SanDisk 128G SDSDRX3-128G-A21 is formatted with exFAT, and it works on my GH2 firmware v1.1 without any problem,

    I haven't stressed it out the limit because I am a newbie still trying to figure out how ptool works, so if anyone wanna know it's limitation to what bitrates, please advise me setup which parameter for ptools

  • @AndCycle please update your camera with Sedna Q20 patch and go shoot in a park or something, to check if it does continuously spanning without stopping recording. The camera will make a new file every 4 GB, which is about 6-8 minutes in my experience, so please see if you can record for an hour or more?

    Mine stopped recording after about 9 to 18 minutes (because of spanning problems i think). If yours stops as well, try reformatting it in the camera and please report to us if it is still exFAT after you format it in the camera?

  • @DirkVoorhoeve ok, I grabbed Sedna Q20 patch using seta, recored in NTSC P mode 1080i FSH,

    the recording stop at 9m21s when I shoot still scene, exactly a single 4GB file, tried reformat, doesn't help, indeed looks like it failed to span,

    the card is still exFAT after reformat in camera

  • This card works with gh2 hacks.

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