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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • It seems that it should be a fair replacement. Not better, not less than the (now) old 30MB/s

  • So, (final answer) is the latest offering from SanDisk, SanDisk 32GB SDHC Memory Card Extreme Class 10 45 MB/s available at BH, recommended for the latest Driftwood settings or not?

  • Write 12.1 Mbyte/s on 30Mbyte/s card WTF!!! =================

    I just bought one of these cards from Amazon and it was sold by Amazon - SanDisk Extreme 32GB SDHC Flash Memory Card SDSDX-032G-X46,Black. It appear to be the card everyone is recommending.

    I just ran some speed tests on my Mac with Blackmagic speed test utility and then on windows 7 lappy with H2testw. I get write speed of about 14.2MBytes per second on the PC and about 12 on the Mac. Reading was about 40Mb/s on the mac.

    So what gives - a 30Mb/s card performing at half the advertised capacity or a fake? No wonder I'm getting crashes with some of the 100Mb/s patches no ?????? 12.1Mbytes/s = 96.80 Mbps so this is my problem then???

    Should I send it back?

  • Also I suggest everyone google H2testw and download this program and see what speed your actual card is getting.

    1. Don't buy memory cards from Amazon.
    2. Testing the card outside of the camera really doesn't tell you anything about how the card performs inside the camera.
    3. Testing the card won't easily tell you if the card is fake or defective, because your testing conditions are not controlled.
    4. Some of those 100-Mbps encoder settings aren't stable, on any memory card.

    So, no one can really answer any of your questions. If you want to be sure, get a recommended card and get it from an authorized reseller.


    Since the 30 MB/s HD Video cards are apparently being discontinued, and we have very little experience with the 45 MB/s Extreme and Extreme HD Video cards, now it's looking like the 95 MB/s 32-GB and 64-GB cards are the best choices if you want to be sure. I have the 32-GB card, and it definitely performs better in the GH2 than the old 30 MB/s HD Video cards for some things, like HBR mode. The 64-GB card is apparently even faster than the 32-GB card, but with occasional "file limit exceeded" errors.

  • @AfricaGH2 There are a few numbers on these cards:

    • Class 10: at least 10MB/s write and read speed. This is the only reliable number out there, for minimum write speed. There was no class stated on the Extreme Pro 45 cards, and this might be for the reason that it's minimum write speed could drop below 1MB/s. Minimum write speed is important for spanning, as far as I understand. Please note: 10 MB/s [capitals: MegaByte per second] = 80 mbps [lowercase: megabit per second]

    • 300x or 45MB/s (or 600x or 95MB/s). This is 300x 150kB/s =45MB/s. This is a maximum write speed, as measured by Sandisk itself (Sandisk recommends: Sandisk).

    • UHS-1. This means the card is using a bus speed up to 100Mhz and it is using 4-bit bus. What this means is that the theoretical maximum speed a UHS-1 card can reach will be 100x4/8bits = 50 MB/s. This is: if your device is supporting UHS-1 or 100Mhz and 4-bit bus. There also are higher bus speeds: UHS-104 (up to 104MB/s) and UHS-II (up to 312MB/s). As far as I understand, the GH2 supports the SD specs v.1.10: 4 bit bus with clock speed of 50 MHz = maximum of 200 mbps = 25MB/s.

    • If I understand correctly, the number you are looking for is an avarage write speed of 25MB/s when using it inside of your GH2. This is not stated anywhere. So testing will be the only way to know. As many on this forum are doing right now.

    • Also: formatting will be a factor for speed. SDXC cards are exFAT formatted from factory. Do you guys reformat the expensive 95MB/s cards in your GH2 and if so: will it be FAT32?

  • Has anybody bought the 64GB 95 MB/s Sandisk Extream Pro SDXC Card?

    I also saw on Sandisk Website a 128GB version of the 45 MB/s card - I wonder if it make any difference to driftwoods Orion 4d Patch?

  • @DirkVoorhoeve

    Do you guys reformat the expensive 95MB/s cards in your GH2

    Of course.

    and if so: will it be FAT32?


    The GH2 supports SDXC card and so it can read them and write/format them properly (unlike, say, the GH1).

  • Could you suggest an online authorized sandisk reseller here in Europe?


  • When you say don't buy from Amazon are you talking about third parties on Amazon or Amazon itself? If Amazon ships it from their storage center then surly it's legit.

  • @balazer

    Don't agree with you on the testing part, I think if we all tested these cards then we'd get a good idea of the average read / write speed of the card. I tested the card on both of my macs, and my Windoze 7 machine using 2 different USB interfaces and got similar results. How can I ignore these results. My Panasonic class 10 card came in at about 9Mbytes/s, transcend class 10 about 7Mbps = 56mbps.

    Of course we don't know exactly why the patches are crashing or what speed the camera can write to the card but I think these are good baseline numbers, no?

    I still don't know how they can advertise half of what most people are reporting i.e. 30Mbytes/s vs the 12 /15 I and others are reporting. I think this may give me a good reason to send it back to Amazon for a refund and get the 95/Mbps card :) - I got mine off Amazon FROM Amazon so I'm pretty sure it's not a fake.

  • So please, if anyone has any information about the new Extreme 45MB/s cards, please share it. I should decide within 6 days to return it or not. I would be pleased if it worked and the procedure of returning and buying again could be avoided. Thank You!

  • @AfricaGH2 testing with USB interface might not be the best thing to do. As you are reporting avarage speeds under 10MB/s on class-10 cards (which should be minimum write-speed of 10MB/s), you might want to get yourself a faster cardreader like an expresscard adapter for testing.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve I think my old Lenovo has the SD card reader as part of the express card port and I'm sure the one on the Mac Mini would support the speeds of the new cards as it's a 2011 machine. I actually have a express card SD reader for my old macbook pro so I'll see what numbers I get from that.

  • @AfricaGH2 I guess the mac mini should indeed support the 100MHz and 4-bit bus that is needed for speeds up to 50MB/s (as of official specs May 18, 2010), there also are macs with the cardreader connected using USB instead of PCI-e. You might want to check that to be sure.

  • I tried it myself, the new Extreme 45MB/s card worked well with Driftwood Quantum X (v4b Orion) CBR settings. Recording stopped at 3.99GB/4m05s as expected, but otherwise this card seems to be OK as well.

  • I tried the new 32GB Extreme 45 MB/s SDHC class 10 card (SDSDX-032G-X45, so not to be confused with the Extreme PRO 45 card or the Extreme 45 MB/s HD Video card!) with the Driftwood Sedna B Q20 settings in GH2 camera, HBR 25p mode.

    • Recording: without a problem.
    • Playback: without a problem.
    • Spanning: sometimes not (recording stopped, no need to restart camera), sometimes up to 3 files.
  • @tinbeo sorry no, it's the same as @telefoninomac, @RawB, @Sumo, @Tomee21 and @touviere7 have, so there is NO 'HD Video' on the card. See this post for picture.

    I have a few of them,

    • Product number on all cards: BMI200922025G
    • Product number on all packages: SDSDX-032G-X45 and 80-56-10344-032G
    • Barcode on the packages: 6 19659 06455 6

  • @andyvia68 this item is about SDHC card, not sdxc card

  • hey everybody, i have a doubt here, shall i keep the 45mb/s or shall i change it for the video hd 30mb/s or shall i get the 95mb/s? i think the price is kinda the same

  • and shall i format my card(45mb/s ) in fat or exFat for better performances?

  • @fomalhaut3 be more specific. There are three different types of 45 MB/s Sandisk cards.

    you should format in the camera

  • @DirkVoorhoeve thanks for the help. it's a sandisk extreme like the one posted by @telefoninomac . with this card i can not use sedna aq1 and it seems that also spanning is not constantly working. somehow sedna q20 is working better(but i think that still spanning is not really working)