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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • The GH2 doesn't support UHS mode, so of course the card is just going to work in HS mode, which has a signaling rate of 25 MB/s.

    UHS Speed Class 3 was only created recently. My guess is that the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s cards with a UHS Speed Class 3 rating are identical to the older cards with a UHS Speed Class 1 rating, and that only the label was changed. The older cards are certainly performing above the level of UHS Speed Class 3.

    But the 64 GB one is the best performing one on the GH2, better than the 32 GB one. The 128 GB one could be different. Personally I use the 32 GB one because I don't want to deal with that "file number limit exceeded" issue of the 64 GB cards.

  • @hexagonal I bought one a few months back, so I'll check labeling on that and let you know. It works with hack settings that I was using and they were 80-110 Mb/s, with no problem. Either way you should be able to order from B&H with confidence of ability to return if it doesnt work because SanDisk said it is compatible with GH2.

  • @Manicd

    Thanks for the info. If I could be picky, the Amazon review was in 2012. However, the BH one is recent so I would guess that it should be fine. I'll get a U3 64GB one and see how it goes. Get back to you all when I get it.


    What is the "file number limit exceeded" issue? This is the first time I read about this. I decided to go for 64GB instead of 128GB because of the few repeated mentions that 128GB cards are too fragile to handle.


    Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you on which one you had!

  • Yes I saw the date after I posted. It looks like Amazon combined the older U1 and U3 cards. Which is good sign that product is actually the same hardware, just updated specifications/rating. SD association announced the new U3 class rating for 4k video products in November 2013.

    Amazon has a search option when looking at the reviews on the bottom right side, with option to "search only these reviews". I put in GH2 and found many reviews. I also found many reviews on other random sites just through google.

  • @Manicd @balazer @matt_gh2


    I said earlier that I ordered a U1 card because I wasn't sure whether U3 will work or not. Well, Amazon sent me a U3 card... It works! I haven't recorded much, but on a two run trial I got the stats below from MPC and 4'20" correspond to 4.12GB of storage. I am using moon T7... I noticed something, though. The framerate seems to be variable? sometimes is shows 23.97, then changes to 24, then 24.25 and so on as you can see on the screenshot. Haven't noticed this before.

    On the card stuff, though... I guess we can assume that U3 labeled cards are actually the same as the U1 variants HW and FW wise, I imagine. I just put the card in, formatted in camera, started recording.

    Quick question, @frame mentioned that there is a bug of sorts about "file limit number" or something like that with 64GB cards. What did he mean by that?

    64GB U3 bitrate moon T7.jpg
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  • One more thing. I recorded a 7min clip and the card spans well. I got two files, one with the limit ~4.2GB and the second which starts right after that.

  • @hexagonal, the file number limit problem is in the FAQ:

    There was never any question that the U3 card would work in the GH2. UHS cards are all backwards compatible with HS mode. The only question is much more subtle, about the performance of the card for spanning with the highest bit rate hack settings, which only the 64 GB 95 MB/s SanDisk Extreme Pro cards seem to do.

  • There was never any question that the U3 card would work in the GH2.

    Mine didn't. Even at a lowly 50 Mb/s, the Transend U3 card for the GH4 failed miserably on a hacked GH2.

  • We're not talking about Transcend here. Read the context. Sandisk Extreme Pro is what we were talking about. All SanDisk Extreme cards work with the hacked GH2.

  • @balazer

    Thanks for all the help. I'll be ordering a 2nd 64GB if I get some money left from re-booting most of my audio set up (going from single shotgun set up to 2 lavs, field recorder with stereo and shotgun recording simultaneously)

    I attempted to emulate the "file number limit" issue and I managed to create it. So, small file after spanning from now on.

    I'm going to test Moon T5 tomorrow, I think. See if I like it better than T7 for high ISO.

  • Also want to chime in here. I replaced all of my Transcend gold cards (60MB/s Write) with the newer version of Sandisk Extreme 64GB (40MB/s Write). I'm running Cake on 3 GH2s and they all work flawlessly so far, after a number of paid gigs.

  • @LiquidAlpinist Would the Sandisk Extreme you mentioned be these?

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