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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • @Tomaso I've been wondering if Panny lenses can be hacked in general as well. Like turning off sharpening but keeping auto focus. @Vitaliy, possible to hack Panny lens?

  • sharpening doesn't happen in the lens - it's digital post-processing in the body.

  • @Hallvalla - i don't know, but I certanly think it would be possible, but someone like @Vitaliy_Kiselev need to inlude the possibility into a Tool like PTool so that we normal users could use it.

  • Vitaliy is man to get the job done. Hope he getting a pay rise lol

  • How lovely and incredible that a little camera box could, with human spirit and endeavour, make so much good shit, hats off!

  • I have a question, could the different generations of the GH2 react differently to the newest of patches? Some seem to have minor problems, yet others do not. Quirk of mass production

  • @exilenorth, while it's possible that there are differences from camera to camera, it's much more likely that the trouble you've encountered is due to differences in what you're shooting and the camera settings you're using. A lot of the encoder settings floating around here are simply not stable under all shooting conditions.

  • I'm really confused...So what is the best of best quality driftwood hack ever? Is it sedna aq1?

  • @cemay all are great, it depends on your taste and the way you want to shoot :-)

  • Ok sorry...

  • Feature request for GH2: Disable Photo choice in EX. TELE CONV. menu (combine like first firmware)

    Background: The point of this request is to make swithing between normal en EX. TELE CONV. mode as fast as possible when filming.

    The problem: I've assigned a FN button for quick access to EX. TELE CONV. menu, to quickly switch between normal and EX. TELE when filming. Since the 1.1 firmware, both video and photo choice is displayed. While I understand the idea of separating them, in real life this is REALLY slowing down operation when filming (and problem is also that the menu is not intiutive about if which of the Photo or video is higlighted, and will be affected before you try - and trying is not a good thing, that means loosing valuable seconds in productions).

    So what I really hope for is the possibility for the old way of affecting both video and photo mode, in other words making swithing between normal en EX tele as FAST as possible. Or at least not displaying the photo choice some way or another (when I'm filming

    Do you think this will be possible?

    PS: To switch normal <-> EX. TELE even faster , could it be possible to do it from the same FN button only? E.G. press the same button two times (within 1 second) will make the switch. That would be awsome!!

    Problem with the GH2 is small buttons, so minimizing need for going between FN button and "selection-buttons" would be great! Thanks again for (already) a great hack :)

  • @evero +1 I used to have it on FN2, and just had double press to switch before recording. Very annoying!

  • I totally do agree. Very annoying when I must choose between photo or video EX. TELE when I am in video mode only. The more so photo EX. TELE is a simple crop that can be done in post, so no need to have it in GH2 menu at all. Vitaliy - any hope..?

  • +1 for this - i did the same thing with Fn2. But i wouldn't be overly optimistic, as changing the interface i imagine is tough. The only thing that does give me hope is that it was there in 1.0 and maybe there is some way Vitaliy could find and diff that section of the binary or disassembly code or whatever it is he works with when he works his magic - and revert it. - ?

  • +1 - a long time ago I suggested that a single press of a FN button could toggle exTele - unless you need a separate entry for stills (I don't as I only shoot RAW which doesn't support it anyway) there's no point going through a menu at all, it just slows you down.

  • Are minor user interface tweaks really the best use of Vitaliy's time? We're talking about one or three extra button pushes.

  • If it can be done, yes! You can easily miss a shot fiddling with ExTele, especially with the dual-menu where it's not even clear whether Photo or Video is highlighted, and you invariably select the wrong one.

  • That menu always starts in photo. It's one push of a button to go down to video. If you can't remember that much, once you push left or right, it's clear whether you're in photo or video.

  • Yeah the point is that in the heat of the moment it's confusing and wastes time (even worse for me as I shoot in 3D and have to match two bodies). And it happens all the time, so a simple push-button-to-toggle would be great. That's what Panny should have done in the 1st place.

  • Here is a great sample of high speed movements with the hack

  • Small update on current status

    We have GX1 dump and I am working on reversing and adding GX1 support to PTool.
    G3 body is on the way to me, but we still need your support here to compensate costs.
    Next PTool release, hope, will add support for both GX1 and G3.
    Manual video modes support for bodies lacking this feature will be next priority.
    Film modes tweaking and may be image processing adjustments are our top general priority and I am slowly working on this using different approaches.

    P.S. Remember to support us regularly, as your small but regular donation will allow project to exist.
    Remember that we have no advertisments, so have no other significant support.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    OK, I will donate soon. :-)

  • OK, I will donate soon. :-)

    Same here.

    Film modes tweaking and may be image processing adjustments are our top general priority

    Really happy to see work on film modes. Custom LUTs can give us the next big boost in image quality & flexibility.

  • Is possible to change the AVCHD video file numbering so that it would not reset to zero for every time the card is changed/formatted?

    It would be helpful if the file number just kept increasing just like it does for the photos. Even better yet if it was possible to diffrentiate two or more cams somehow. For example having one GH2 naming files by starting with letter A and the other with letter B and son on. Or maybe if it was possible to just set the cam to start numbering from some set number such as 10000.mts and the other cam from 20000.mts

    Will donate soon too.