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24mm F1.4 T1.5 Samyang Rokinon official topic
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  • Gotta be honest was looking forward to this but kinda disappointed by the high price. M4/3rd users already have the Leica 25mm f1.4 at a cheaper price in europe..with AF and more compact design. Should be great for Nikon/Canon/Sony/Pentax DSLR owners though.

  • I think/hope it will be priced the same as the Samyang/Roknon 35mm when it gets to the states. Maybe a little premium since it is new. It does make me wonder if I should keep my 35mm or sell it for this? Heck no - you can never have too many good primes! ;-)

  • I think price will remain high. And this lens is really aimed to FF, as I understand. So, our Leica option is just for m43.

  • With this price point most photographers will consider Canon 24 L as it is superior + have AF... I would guess most Samyang lenses are used by videographers .... as not many guys are taking photos without autofocus these days... and if Samyang will start to produce those cinema lenses they promise... it will be interesting... At some point I would guess that the price would drop to similar as 35mm...

  • (In my opinion) @Vitaliy_Kiselev is right. This is a bargain for 5D Mark II users. Not so much GH2 owners. Get the Leica or Voigtlander Nokton 25mm.

  • @Alfi666 would you have more info about those "cinema lenses" samyang has promised? I couldn't find anything. (Not that I doubt what you are saying, I'm genuinely interested!)

  • fetzu Samyang has hinted in a few emails that they are planning on a 35mm lens with gears...

    However I have to throw my hat in the ring and remind everyone that the 35mm & 85mm are astonishing pieces of glass... and I would say that so would the 24. Obviously they are made FF- (so at least it gives you future proofing etc.

    Have been using my 35 a bit to much in my opinion,.. looks like tomorrow I am going to try to 'curb' my habit!

    Will wait for the final $ tag to come out before I comment on the price. Whatever happens though- the 24 is going to be one nice bit of glass.

    (fixed 36&75 issues... tired here on my end)

  • 36mm & 75mm

    35mm and 85mm :-)

  • @fetzu I've read it on some blog I believe (maybe even here) but can't remember where exactly.

    Anyway, I have to agree that for 5D videographers this is a good choice, as they don't need AF anyway, but imho serious photographers would go for Canon if Samyang keeps the price range...

  • now has his Samyang 24mm 1.4 review online. Over all its not that awesome like the 35mm 1.4. Low aberration and coma are very welcome for a non video look. Softness wide open is not that much of an issue for filming. "slackened manual focus ring" sounds bad!. Read your self:


    • very good image quality on stopping down the lens by 1.5 EV,
    • chromatic aberration well-controlled,
    • decent work against bright light,
    • well-corrected coma on APS-C/DX and smaller detectors.


    • real aperture of the lens is much closer to f/1.8 than to f/1.4 or/and wrong conctruction of the diaphragm,
    • distortion level higher than in the case of its competitors,
    • slackened manual focus ring,
    • very high vignetting on full frame,
    • no contacts in the Canon mount version,
    • weak image quality by f/1.4 and f/2.0.
  • @Alex

    Thanks for reference. Very interesting.

    One thing that we need to remember that it is much more easy to make evry good 24mm lens for m43. All shortcomings are due to full frame coverage.

  • The ring in itself has a lot of slack and additionally it becomes irritatingly loose when you change the direction of turning. Turn it one way and you feel a slight resistance and movement of elements. When you stop and you want to turn it in the opposite direction firstly there is no result whatsoever – you can turn it through 10 degrees or so and it the elements don’t budge. Only after a while something clink into place and the elements start moving.

    Looks horrible if you use FF

  • I just got mine and I don't see any issues with the ring. Feels the same as 35mm

  • @VK

    One thing that we need to remember that it is much more easy to make evry good 24mm lens for m43. All shortcomings are due to full frame coverage.

    Good information!

  • Hello, @whover asked about the cinema lenses,Samyang has been making and selling what they call"video lenses" or "video optimized" versionsof the 35mm and 85mm. There are no gearson these lenses,they look exactely the same, but they do have a stepples aperture which is nice.

  • Correction to my post above, focus ring feels slightly loose compared to 35mm (I also have all Samyangs from 8mm to 85mm)

  • @sampledi

    Can you make some test photos and also test this theory about F1.8 actual aperture?

  • @sampledi Please test the breathing, too. Thanks.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @stonebat I will, as soon f%^&&* blizzard slow down a bit, so that I can reach the office.

  • Two fast images straight from the door ... 24mm @ 1.4

    35mm @ 1.4, same settings. I've tried also quickly to match FOV, W/O success.

    I know this is dumb test, but as soon I finish some work, we'll think up something better. And yes, focus ring is a bit loose compared to 35mm

  • Samyang 24 1.4 seems to be an alternative for Nokton 25mm for price and for usability on 5DmkII full frame. But I want know if people selected Nokton for best bokeh really can find difference with Samyang 24 1.4? I already own Panasonic-Leica 25mm lens but unfortunately I almost don't use it I use 20 1.7, 45 1.8, 12 2.0, 35 1.4, 85 1.4, 7-14mm (in order of usability for events) but not 25mm... But on 5DmkII cheap 50 1.8 is a best fast prime for me, after 24-105mm, 17-35,70-200 zooms Maybe I need really nice bokeh for begin use 25mm. I can't find any compares Nokton 25mm vs Samyang 24mm. It can really help me if somebody find examples for compares.

  • @jasonp just look up their EU distributor on ebay (lens-tip). Now they also have the 24mm video version, as well as the legendary 35mm. I just wish they would make a brutal 50mm to compliment their lineup, but in any case, samyang has some serious, modern, fully manual FF glass that is built like a tank and makes my FD set looks like a caveman product. (if you want the modern look only) Anyone making product videos and advertisements should use this as it's sharp and clean and, let's face it, huge and intimidating. Put that 35 on your GH2 with a Cinematics mattebox (used as a hood 99% of the time) and the clients will be having orgasms... I wish I had both FD and Samyang sets but hey....

  • @stonebat I know you mentioned breathing several times before, and you even returned the 35 because of it. Were you referring to the actual "breathing" where focus influences zoom or just mechanical fit and feel? I do not see it as a defect, more as a creative tool, especially with digital... God save me from line binning and skipping, moire and blocking, but bring on the breathing, coma, flare and anything non digital really.

  • I returned it because I had a bad copy.