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Nikon D4. The new king with uncompressed HDMI output.
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  • "Character Assassination'? Are you fucking kidding me? You only need to see the attack on LPowell on this site, or the attack on Koo from NoFilmSchool. How can you even take this guy even remotely seriously?

    Getting back to the D4 - reserve judgement until it's in your hands - even my Nikon fanboism doesn't get away from that fact.

  • Emotions, emotions.

    Just live with fact that Andrew is just who he is. Don't like his blog or posts, ignore them. It is easy thing to do.

    And it had been my error to suggest Andrew to post in this topic instead of separate one.

  • My Nikon D4 hands-on CES coverage was by Illya Friedman and can be found here:

    I know some of you have a problem with speculation but when Nikon aren't providing the information we need in its entirety (and responding to questions about downscaling with 'that is classified' statements), you have to look a bit harder for the truth. I believe I have found it. It is fine that some of you disagree. I have no problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is the sheer nastiness and defaming way in which some of you express your opinions. It isn't acceptable. It smacks of an underhand agenda to discredit someone and is political.

    "Andrew has yet to misrepresent anything... It is all opinion and people went on personal attacks."

    Indeed I am analysing the sample footage in a honest way, I believe, not misrepresenting the sample footage, the faults are there for everyone to see and base their pre-ordering decisions on. Marketing fail or camera fail? I believe both, again the haters don't have to take this as fact as they are doing, it was never any more than MY OPINION.

    "The only morons here are the one taking eoshd opinion as fact"

    I couldn't agree more with this. I am really sick of people taking my opinion as fact, and I am not going to start adding disclaimers everywhere on my blog or sticking 'in my opinion' after every sentence I write.

    "He is passionate and that's a good thing for all of us"

    People mistake my passion for emotions. Anyone who thinks that emotions and passion are a bad thing, really should consider seeing a psychologist.

    "And it had been my error to suggest Andrew to post in this topic instead of separate one."

    In my opinion Vitaliy, your error is to allow the kind of character assassination going on here, not my honest analysis of a few sample videos.

  • @brianluce

    In December you said "I told you ETC helps eliminate jellovision, which you say is your #1 problem. Perhaps you think jellovision and aliasing are the same. Any way, it's poor form to make snarky comments to people merely trying to help you out with a simple suggestion. Good luck!"

    I said jello is my number 1 peeve with cameras. I said -I- get aliasing when -looking- (do you look with your camera or eyes? seriously.) at lines on an escalator crossing over each other, or power lines drooping over high contrast horizontal lines going past on a train etc.

    Obviously I wasn't talking about my camera if I was talking about my eyes, and referring to aliasing (which I only talked in context about in human vision, not with my camera, my camera was only mentioned with jello).

    This was in response to "Even my eyes have moire, when i look at my curtain."

    As in, some things are unavoidable, even with a perfect (or as good as one can physically have) pickup device, such as the eye.

    At which point I then stopped talking about my eyes, and about my GH2, that it gets moire -only- on preview playback, and never looking at 100% (meaning it's not there on the GH2, that is basically free of moire except in those optically unavoidable situations, such as what I described).

    Then you said to use ETC mode, which I responded, my eyes do not have ETC.

    Then talked about the thing I'd like to be free of next - jello.

    You suggested to use ETC, which I said my eyes do not have ETC, as you could be replying to anything I as opened with talking about aliasing. Obviously you didn't get it. You seemed to confused jello and aliasing yourself, not I, as you stated you never heard of anyone with jello in their eyes.

    You didn't say ETC helps eliminated jellovision, all you said was "Try ETC mode -- it gets rid of a lot of it."

  • @Athiril

    What this post is doing in D4 topic?

  • To summarize it all,

    Andrew canceled his preorder. Nikon just lost virtual £4 grand. Moral of story is that Andrew is not an android. Or if he is an android indeed, we must be experiencing the Uncanny Valley effect.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Replying from page 1

  • @Athiril Sorry, I reformat my brain every 48 hours. I have no idea or recollection of that conversation. Did it have something to do with Cheeseburgers?

  • Motu has a HDI-SDI HDMI input output thunderbolt 10 bit 4:2:2 interface coming out for under $1000. So you D4 owners can get that footage into your macbook pro's for a great pricepoint. "With the plug-and-play ease offered by Thunderbolt Technology connectivity, users can connect any video source to their computer via the HDX-SDI, from SD camcorders to today’s latest HD cameras, then log and capture clips directly into their video editing software, including Final Cut Pro, Media Composer 6, and Premiere Pro. The HDX-SDI supports all standard SD and HD video formats up to and including 1080p30 (720p, 1080i, 1080p & 1080PsF). For the best-possible image quality, users can capture uncompressed pixel-for-pixel HD video input via HD-SDI or HDMI with 4:2:2 10-bit color depth and full-raster 1920 x 1080 resolution. For compressed workflows, users can choose ProRes, ProRes HQ, Avid DNxHD, or the codec of their choice. Advanced features include ASC CDL color grading, RS-422 (SONY 9-pin) machine control, bi-level and tri-level video ref sync, time code in/out with front-panel time code display, 16 channels of simultaneous audio input and output, multi-stem 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound capturing/monitoring, 8-channel analog audio I/O on quarter-inch TRS connectors, 8-channel AES/EBU digital audio I/O, 8-channel SDI and HDMI audio with embedding/de-embedding, and more. Time code support includes LTC, VITC (SD analog), D-VITC (SD-SDI) and embedded (SD/HD-SDI). The HDX-SDI is housed in a rugged, one rack-space cast metal enclosure with removable brackets for convenient desktop operation." this from Motu and its AVID Certified! Just thought you'd like to see this.

  • @TommyHollister They discuss that briefly in the Personal-View video coverage.

    Unfortunately the sound was recorded with the onboard mic and is almost unintelligible because the shotgun mic mount broke and my schedule was too full to do anything about it. Next year it will go more smoothly.

  • Latest Nikon D4 video.

  • Filippo, this is really a lovely piece.

  • I don't know what to make about this video technically because of no 1080p version of screen grab. At 720p it seems quite nice.

  • Here is a video that someone made using a Nikon D4 under available light. I don't see any mention of HDMI recording so it seems to be all internal codec. I actually like the look of it. It's a different look than the typical Canon look many are used to, but it still looks good to me for an internal codec.

  • Tons of videos now popping up on youtube and vimeo from buyers - none are thrilled with the D4 video performance. Mushy, flat color, harsh DR roll off, and moire galore.

    Maybe someone will really test the HDMI out and maybe it will help but even then it will only "just" get to the level of a GH2 or C300.

    Not looking good for Nikon's video future atm.

    What worries me is the poor skin tone I see in D800 and D4 videos. Seems grey and waxy. I know Canon oversaturate their reds a bit but Nikon is going the opposite direction. What DSLR video needs is a company to handle Cyan correctly. Where is my FOVEON sensor for video? (would it be good?)

    Nothing conclusive yet but we will know in the next few weeks.


  • 'Tons of videos now popping up on youtube and vimeo from buyers - none are thrilled with the D4 video performance. Mushy, flat color, harsh DR roll off, and moire galore.'


  • a quick test of different scenes on D4 and GH2

  • lents,gh2 d4 ?etc

  • GH2 only Olympus 12mm, 45mm Nikon D4, 35, 50, 135mm

  • thank you

  • I heard Philip Bloom speak at the weekend in New York. His core message: if you're thinking of buying a new DSLR for video, the Canon 5D Mk III and Nikon D800 are both great choices, and you should choose based on the glass you already have. But he says the Nikon D4 is far too soft for video, and does NOT recommend buying it for that purpose.

    Meanwhile, let's look at a great (if funny) shootout: a Nikon D4 vs and iPhone 4GS.

  • Just got back from the Canon C500 even tonight on Sunset. After the presentation, showings and Q & A, I had a chance to spend some time with a C500 and ask questions about the 1D X. One question was whether the 1D X would allow D3s level ISOs when shooting video or possibly even hit ISO 204,800?

    I`m sorry to report that video mode for the 1D X, Cinema 1D and 5DMkIII will all top out at ISO 25,600 which is very disappointing (though still an improvement from ISO 20,000 on the C300 and C500).

    Will someone please confirm the maximum video ISO for the D4? Does it meet or exceed the D3s limit, offering 6 digit ISOs at 1080P? Or is it more conservative?

  • Nikon d4 + ninja prores 422 hq = professional digital film making ...... But it's better to invest in black magic cinema camera 2.5 k raw possible

  • @rajamalik very different beasts considering the difference in size of sensor though.