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GH2 v1.1 new firmware with 25p discussion topic
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  • Or shoot 24p and speed it up, like they did with film for European TV for nearly a century.

  • As far as i know, if it was already digitzed material and not lightsound on film, that has allway been done with a reference timecode. To get external sound with 44/96 KHz in sync with a 23,98 fps sound that was speed up to 25 frames, smtp code is needed. Not possible with GH2. I dont know if PluralEyes will work with different framerates. I dont want timebase corrector smtp-clapper and all those timecode stuff and problems again.

  • @Gerald - PluralEyes Plugin for Sony Vegas works well with different framerates. Tested with 3 tracks @23,98+50p+50i...

  • @mozes, @nomad - there's lots of us whose workflow depends on 25p and are very much hoping VK and Nick Driftwood can work the same kind of wonders again with v1.1 - no speeding up and no de-interlacing, thanks!

  • In v1.1 and 25p you stil have to do some de-interlacing, there is no time winning, ad least not with sony vegas.
    i use in final rendering also 25p But i am also waiting on the v1.1 hack/patch, there are more improvements i like.

  • Anyone think there's less noise at high ISOs with v1.1 vs the stock 1.0?

  • I think with 1.1 more noise, but always more detail

  • @mozes - no de-interlacing required in avid

  • @Vitaliy

    Just chiming in to say keep up the good work. Take your time. Thank you for all you've done.

  • GH2 Pancake 20mm in a extreme low light situation, fimware 1.1, HBR Mode, 3200 iso, 1.7/25ms, color -2.

  • @Pop24 Fantastic quality. Did you use any noise reduction in post? Neat video?

  • @Gerald:

    "To get external sound with 44/96 KHz in sync with a 23,98 fps sound that was speed up to 25 frames, smtp code is needed."

    Or just do some quick math equations and use an audio editor with a good time stretch algorithm and pitch preserve. Then mux it. :)

  • Or do all the syncing in 23,98 and speed it up afterwards.

  • This has been done to death. If you don't work with or need 25p, then why bother contributing to this thread? All these 'speeding up' solutions are workarounds at best - go to the 'don't cry for me argentina' thread and read up why.

  • i have just donated 10$ to better hack our gh2 with 1.1 firmware:) thanks for all the great work

  • @paglez no there is no noise reduction on it, this is the original material from the camera. no color correction or something

  • the noise reduction is much better with firmware 1.1 you can see it in the pumavideo i made with 3200 iso

  • @pop24 what was NR set to?

  • NR=0 color=-2

  • @pop24, great quality, please what was the mode ? cinema, standard ... ?

  • Pretty good noise in this too - shot with firmware 1.1 in NTSC HBR mode - all at 3200 or 1600 ISO with 20mm pancake, standard film mode.

  • @feha @arvidtp

    Please use proper topic.

  • Hello to all members of this forum, I am a newbie of GH2 hack so I have the following question: is possible "only" remove the 30 min video limit on GH2 FW 1.1? Thanks in advance

  • @majtrap

    Do not worry, it'll be possible in new Ptool.