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Exposure discrepancy between video modes and 40 fps burst mode
  • Using the original firmware, I'm noticing (sometimes very severe) exposure differences between video modes and the 40 fps electronic shutter SH stills burst mode.

    The images below were all shot with the same lens, aperture and (according to the EXIF data) exposure time, with the Driftwood Quantum V5 Beta loaded.

    - SH model upscaled to 1920x1080
    - 24H
    - 40 fps burst mode

    What's happening with the burst mode and how do I fix it (if it can be fixed)?
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  • Does the difference in exposure occur in single-frame mode?
  • that's interesting, it does it on my camera too though not quite as much exposure difference. film modes at 1/50 are equivalent to 1/60 in Burst highspeed mode, singleframe model has the same exposure as film
  • 1/60 is the slowest shutter setting allowed for the burst mode. So it can´t match the 1/50th of your film settings. Maybe it´s just that?
  • no I don't think that is it I just tried at 1/100 at both modes and the high burst still still brighter. I can go as low as 1/40 for high burst
  • Ok, I don´t have my manual here. If it´s 40th or 60th, neither explains your problem.
  • Just tried at shutter 1/40 and 1/100 (dident get lower then 1/40)
    with iso 3200 to 12500
    No problems, all works just fine.
    I have firmware 1.1...........