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Converter avchd to image sequence
  • Hello, i have spend a couple of days looking for a freeware or opensource software that can convert avchd to image sequence,

    tiff, targa or png

    does anyones knows a software that can make this??

    i´m looking for a software like the one mentioned because i want to use cinepaint on ubuntu, and also to avoid the red banding on the adobe suit

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  • does DPX... I believe that Cinepaint will also read DPX:

    Cinepaint website:
    High fidelity image file types such as DPX, OpenEXR and 16-bit TIFF. These files can’t be opened in ordinary 8-bit image applications without crushing them

    However 5DTORGB is currently Mac only. YMMV.
  • thank you @alcomposer for answering but i need the software either for linux or for windows, i cant access any mac, and the 5DtoRGB windows version doesnt work properly with avchd, and seems like it doesnt hav dpx

    any other alternative??
    because i dont want to end up converting the files on the adobe suit because i will end up having the red banding issue
  • Maybe MPEG Streamclip can work-

    I'm able to export a TIFF image sequence with MPEG Streamclip, although I do have the Mac version and various QuickTime components, so can't say for sure if the Windows version will work for you. But give it a try nonetheless.
  • Google is your friend.

    FFmpeg will do the job: ffmpeg -i foo.mts foo%d.png
  • thank you for your answers but i was in a hurry and end up asking a friend to render me the vids on vegas, i´ll try the suggested programs for the future anyway, so, thanks!
  • If someone use sony vegas pro.
    Here is a script that Render a Image Sequence.
    after download unrar to your sony vegas pro script folder.

    Render Image