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Tablet or light laptop for traveling
  • I travel on my motorcycle alot. I would need something very portable that can handle bmpcc files in davinci resolve. Very short and basic edits and grades for instagram etc. Max 400€ budget! What would you suggest?

    Best regards

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  • @jagnje

    Best idea of you travel a lot and few funds can be ditch bmpcc and raw:-)

    Go with H.264 or ProRes route and use any refurbished 4 core notebook with separate Nvidia GPU.

    From new things (not within your budget) -

  • Well, the Im trying to give the bmpcc a new lease in life and it would be perfect for this intended purpuse, small light, small lenses, great image. I dont need raw for this ofcourse I`ll be recording in prores LT most probably.

    The suggested laptop I have already checked out, but it is too big. I have a sports bike, with small side bags and it needs to fit in there so it must be under 13" and even that is cuting it real close. I would use a phone to do this, but I don`t recall any apps being able to edit and grade prores.

  • OK, if it is Prores and H.264 only can look for 8550U based laptops.

    Will be hard to find proper, as you need used or refurbished.

  • How about 13" macs? Older gens, which would work?

  • @jagnje

    Normal Mac usable for editing is 2-3x of same Windows note. At least this was last time I checked.

  • ok... but in the >13" range? I was looking a used mackbooks(1,7Ghz i7, 8gb ram, 128gb ssd) 500€. Prores should work nicely with final cut proxys? What would be better in terms of a windows machine? Thank you for your help! Regards.

  • @jagnje

    You need to check if such Macs are good and will work as you want. I do not see much problem working with ProRes using Windows.