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Canon G7 X Mark III, made for... vertical videos
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  • @MarcioK

    Issue with fake polls is that rumors sites are in horrible shape due to slowing down of market. So they think about anything that can bring attention. Like with this renders they started to tell that it is renders with big delays and finally started going in circles.

  • New vlogger king?

    1" sensor + selfie screen + mic jack input

    That would be a first for any P&S camera! And would make it perfect for vlogging with, I'd be very super keen on it (although, not right away. Being the Scrooge McDuck I am, I'd first wait for secondhand units to pop up at a substantial price discount).

  • Most fun thing is that rumor sites picked up finally on that it is renders.

    For me it seems like first unusual Canon PR move. Publish renders and look at reaction.

  • This looks neat !

  • I guess this is in line with what some canon representative says 'Our primary management goal this year is to raise our antennas high toward cutting-edge technology. It is on this point where we lag behind other companies, I have the sony a6000 and panasonic gh5 but being only a hobbyist I'll happily downgrade to this if it has the 4k 50p and dual pixel just for the sake of having it always in my pocket.

  • @DrDave

    I may be they lost half of their LSI design crew few years ago and recently found them in distant dark cold room eating rats all this time. And just told them that it is Panasonic to blame for this. ;-)

  • Bet they had to ask someone how to spell "4K."
    Something about this camera looks weird, but maybe it is a new design.

  • New vlogger king?