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Canon G7 X Mark III, made for... vertical videos
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  • From Canon: PowerShot G7X Mark III Video Creator Kit – For the Vlogging Enthusiast - Kit Includes: PowerShot G7 X Mark III kit, Tripod Grip HG-100TBR, additional NB-13L battery, 32GB SD Card - Pricing: $899.99 (MSRP) - Availability: Late November 2019

  • And - the new AF firmware!

    Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following enhancement:

    • A new mode for Movie Servo AF has been added.
    • Autofocus characteristics for Movie Servo AF can be set to [Mode 1], [Mode 2] or [Disable].
      • Mode 1 (newly added, with firmware version 1.1.0): This mode supports quick and responsive autofocus. Use this autofocus mode when you want the camera to be sensitive to tracking the subject, and for situations when the photographer is moving (such as shooting while walking).
      • Mode 2 ((current, with firmware version 1.0.1): This mode supports smooth and natural autofocus when shooting movies. Use this mode when shooting landscapes or subjects with little or no movement.
        "If you prefer the previous AF characteristics, please select Mode 2 after the firmware update."
  • @markr041 looks like 24p will be added....what are your thoughts now that the camera is a little farther along?
    From the samples I have seen, the Sony 100 VII has a slightly sharper video picture, perhaps not as great color, and an internal setting that allows one to show 4K for at least an hour, depending on the temperature. Video samples look between the GH5 and the a6400.

  • @DrDave I agree that the Canon produces slightly softer 4K than the Sony 100 V's. What makes the Canon G 7X iii a better camera is that you get this trio: a fast lens, a long lens (up to 100mm), and built-in ND filters. The Sony RX100 V series offers no ND anymore, and you have to choose between a long lens and a fast lens.

    I am having fun exploring the picture profiles that offer a log gamma - Technicolor Cinestyle and Clog3 (offered by Steve Miller).

    But, overheating in 4K is a real problem.

  • It’s almost impossible to scroll through your social feeds or visit a website and not encounter a video catching your eye – some online video platforms can see 500 hours of video uploaded every minute1. With so many platforms for innovative vloggers and content creators to share their work, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is making it easier for them to produce and distribute quality content with the introduction of creator kits for three of the Company’s newest cameras – EOS 90D, PowerShot G7X Mark III and EOS M200.

    Included in each creator kit is a new Canon accessory. Small and mighty, the new Stereo Microphone DM-E100 doesn’t require a battery as it is powered when it’s plugged directly into the microphone jack of the EOS 90D. The new Tripod Grip HG-100TBR includes Wireless Remote BR-E1 that snaps directly into the tripod, providing the ability to release the shutter and start/stop recording video remotely. The grip can rotate 360 degrees for selfies as well as 90 degrees making it ideal for vertical video with both the PowerShot G7 X Mark III and EOS M200.

    Details for each content creator kit are as follows:

    PowerShot G7X Mark III Video Creator Kit – For the Vlogging Enthusiast


    800 x 692 - 90K
  • 32gb card hahahahahahahahahaha
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  • Review

    Video captures clearly show that the G5 X II (and thus the G7 X III) simply can't match the Sony RX100 V's detail capture. This is due mostly to how the G7 X III samples its sensor for video, as well as the softness of the camera's lens.

    Enabling the subsequent increasing levels of image stabilization on the Canon soften the footage further, with the 'high' mode looking truly awful. Reducing the resolution to 1080p doesn't look terribly impressive on the Canon, either.