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Panasonic EVA1, like in WALL-E, S35 Camera
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  • I see maybe up too 600mbs and uncompresed video also at 180fps on 8bit FHD.

    the real only hope i have here is if its real all intra h265 at 400mbsp or IPB H264 at 400mbps. That is a key factor for quality. Since all intra at 400mbps at 10bit 4:2:2 is not that grate in h264.

    Since 10bit is the new fashion put your wishes on proper codec implementation rader than fps. since we have those dual gain sensors the basic problem for my personal view is how gh5 LSI will handel the higher raw dataoutput of the better sensor. But cutting down some extra data would make it.

    Maybe and this is maybe, yields on the lythography process are low and dual gain cant be achived on those "bad sensors" andthat can be handeled by GH5 LSI.

    eithet way it is shure a move to sell all those waffers that where on contract by the fab to panafriend. So to sell and to sell well panny.

    Onother thing. Expect paid software for extra frameratew or quirks like log and more bits.


  • Two independent sources have indicated some sort of multi-mount option with no more details than that. Noticed in the preview video, the one area that wasn't really shown was the lens mount... not holding my breath, but if they do go multi-mount/user-interchangeable lens mount, namely EF - M4/3, they will really have a winner here, as I don't think there's any doubt about decent codecs/framerates, connectivity, NDs, etc. @alcomposer - that is an interesting thought in regards to could be a whole new 0mm flange mount and then you just attach the necessary end mount with electronic contacts and all, be it M4/3, EF, Nik, etc. Though thinking more about it, the NDs take up probably at least 5mm so couldnt really be 0mm. Would be crazy to think that maybe the sensor can be moved fore and aft, if even a few mm - essentially allowing a variable flange distance to accommodate different lens/mount combinations.

  • @bannedindv

    Issue can be only hardware decoders that are still tailored for 420. All else is ready.

    Most probably this year GPUs will also add 422 and more support for encoders and decoders.

  • @vitaliy HEVC intra could be interesting. Depends on ease of use In all the old NLEs many post production shops refuse to upgrade

  • If it's GH5 LSI then it's going to be H265 & H264. 10 bit h265 422 would be fantastic! (Most probably 400 Mbps)

  • Also, i see here H265. Im with vitaly on this.

  • they are not selling well those varicams sooo.....

    as i told before, they are using those expensive sensors, and GH5 LSI and some FPGA for extra conectivity.

    Good aproach for grate profit.

    Well done ¨Panafriend¨

    I see all Black magic sells, going down the road if this little monster gives us a good codec implmentation. Canon and Sony have their hardcore fans.

    Wont be easy for panasonic, but, those dual gain sensors are something special. Only FS7 can maybe compete on that. But as allways Panafriend knows how to fuck things up and give us something wrong like crap codec.

    LETS BE REAL. RAW IS A PAIN IN THE ASS. A good codec not only gives low space, gives you grate color correction and easy workflow.

  • @bannedindv

    Why it must be prores? Why not HEVC intra?

  • Still wish it had a exchangeable mount- now that would be really exciting! Panasonic could have come up with a new mount system- start off with adaptors- then slowly introduce lenses. These days a 0mm flange distance seems like a good idea.

  • If it has prores, it can be successful.

  • Varicam sensor for $6500 USD? You have my attention! Especially considering the great Samyang primes available.

    • S35 sensor (from the Varicam LT)
    • EF-mount
    • 14+ stops of DR
    • 4k/1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 recording
    • Possible Prores recording
    • Two XLR inputs
    • SDI/HDMI output
    • Dual SDXC slots
    • Detachable sidegrip and top handle
    • Price: $6500

    43rumors specs

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb I don't know if they would sell a boat-load, but it would be nice to get a serious MFT camera in their lineup (greater dynamic range- better high speed - higher quality incamera recording).

    At the very least it would be a sign that they are standing by MFT. Which I am not so sure about.

    Or maybe the GH5 "is" the AF100 successor. At least it takes photos too! ;-)

  • Agree. If it's EF only, they are going to have to pull customers away from Canon and Sony to really sell a lot of these, which knowing how loyal Canon people are, I see this as a difficult thing to do even if the specs are great. Would have been more of a sure thing If this was announced pre Fs7/5 and pre C300II. But now those cameras have solid track records - so Panasonic has to compete not only with specs, but with cameras that are well established in the industry. If it's EF mount and swappable to M4/3 then they will also get a lot of customers who have been waiting for the AF100 successor and all those using GH series who might want the larger form factor, built in NDs, etc. Who knows could just be EF mount at a crazy low price with 4k 10 bit 422 for under $6 and they'll sell a boatload, just no where near what they would sell if there was lens mount options.

  • Would be great if they had lens mount options.