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Automated color grading
  • A while ago I came across a technique to transfer the look of one photo onto another.

    It was described in the following paper "Automated Colour Grading using Colour Distribution Transfer” by F. Pitié & al.

    Although there already were other similar techniques, none of them seemed as promising as this one because not only was the color palette of the source image transferred to the target image, but also its average luminance and contrast. I decided to give it a try. I programmed the algorithm with of few tweaks of my own and applied it to a bunch of random photos taken from the Internet.

    Below is a Vimeo video showing the results of the experiment:

    • in the first part I applied the look of 70 different source images onto the same target image,
    • in the second part I did the opposite: I applied the look of one unique source image onto 70 different target images,
    • finally in the last part I cross-processed a few pairs of images, exchanging their roles as source or target,
    • all photos were processed with the same standard parameters and the results are raw without any post-processing.

    Bottom line: although the technique doesn’t work every time, it has a high success rate and delivers very convincing results on stills.

    Next step: see if it holds up on real footage.

    Vimeo clip (password: photolook) :


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  • Geee I need microscope glasses ASAP, sorry about the noise, cheers

  • Researchers from Cornell University and Adobe have teamed up and developed algorithm .

  • @Vitaliy I might be wrong but this seems like the Code and data for paper "Deep Photo Style Transfer" from Cornell Uni stuff and not adobe's, BTW powerfull -


  • @pwc,Could please share the matlab code with me...

  • @pwc have you considered contacting the Hitfilm people? They recently turned a lot of their software into AE plugins. They may be interested in this too.

  • @allinthemind Unfortunately nothing is coming for Mac any time soon as I develop in a Windows environment.

    Since the August videos I have made further improvements but I really need someone competent with writing elaborate AE or PSP plugins as I am not. So if anybody in the PV community reads this post and can direct me to someone who is please drop me a PM.

    I will soon (in November) release a Photoshop plugin implementing a more traditional color grading method with a few novelties.

  • Just came across this. All I can say is wow! Is a plugin in the works? Please say yes.. Is there any way I can try it out in AE CC on a Mac? so excited! Thanks!

  • @otcx I have uploaded both videos in a better version just follow any of the links above.

  • waiting for that better version link

  • @leonbeas I uploaded a better version here (11:AM post has also been updated with new link):

  • Yes please upload latest version i will feedback

  • Cheers @pwc.

    First of all thank you, for keeping this project alive.

    One question: Is Pixel Bender Accelerator really mandatory?

    Your second video on Vimeo lacks enough resolution to understand what's going on... :( Do you have a FullHD version available, or can you upload it to Youtube?

  • Hi everyone, I uploaded 2 new videos about Automatic Color Grading on Vimeo:

    The first one explain de method:

    The 2nd one shows a demo of the AE implementation :

  • @duartix Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Sorry to hear that. I still believe that your best chances are targeting a big gun (After Effects).

    They seem to have an extensive API but I guess you'd have to program the parts of the math framework you are using from MathLab.

    They do have great resources here:

    Good luck!

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Done that. No reply from Red Giant. New Blue were interested: I had a few exchanges but now the trail is cold.

  • Have you ever thought about selling your idea to red giant or new blue?

  • Cheers @pwc! Have you tried searching for help in the Adobe forums?

  • Hi to everybody, I stopped maintaining the links on the files on mediafire as this project was a proof of concept. Installing the cumbersome Maltab environment was clearly not a long term solution. Since then I improved the algorithm but failed to find anybody having a good knowledge of plugin development in After Effects or Sony Vegas to help me bring the project to the next level. If you know anybody who does I'd appreciate it.

  • @duartix Great! I would appriciate if you find time to reupload. Thank you already. I didint have time to test this before, but I have a gradeing project now that I would like to test this for. I downloaded the front for this but I guess I didint notice back then that it needs original files too. What are the filenames for original packages? I could recheck my drives first for them.

  • I still have those files with me but not anymore on mediafire. I don't think that @pwc would object to resharing them but it would take some time to get them up again to mediafire as they include the matlab framework and take a lot of space. When I find the time I'll re-upload them.

  • What happened to this project? Are files still downloadable somewhere?

    Does anyone have the first .rar package before AVG_0.7 ?