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Automated color grading
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  • @lachmoore I sent you a personal message on the 16th. Did you get it? @all Thanks for your comments: I'm trying to get a better color consistency for video and will post the result when ready.

  • wow, just checked the paper on the subject and you must be some kind of genius to make sense of all the algorithms and turn it into something. Would love to try it out. I'd definately put down money towards a plugin.

  • This is my second attempt to color graded video clips, taking into account the comments by joesiv and others.

    Color consistency is now insured throughout the clip by a unique transform applying to each frame. The transform is built with several reference frames taken from the clip to grade as well as a unique source image for the color transfer.

    I have found a way apply the method in After Effects (CS5) by automatically generating a Pixel Bender effect file containing the color transform.

    The color transform is mainly a kind of procedural RGB look-up table built to try to keep skins colors acceptable as well as neutral colors in highlights.

    So for those using AE, below is a link of a file containing the original clip (fairly noisy) and 6 color transform files prepared for it. Inside the archive is a read me file explaining the simple install procedure.

    It is doubtful that the color transforms can be applied to other clips as they were specifically devised for one target clip.

    Feel free to comment and suggest improvements.

  • @pwc - that link doesn't seem to be working atm.

  • @csync It was the first time I used Sendoid. Here is a new link that works :

  • Another sample batch of grading filters for AE (see above). This time for the Andrew Reid's footage "Tokyo Storm".

    You'll have to download the clip on Vimeo here:

    Attached a file with the 10 filters and the procedure to install and use them in AE (CS5) : simply rename it TOKYO.rar before decompressing it.

  • @pwc

    Your link does not work

    Thanks man

  • @Braamokiev You have to do it manually, just copy the link in the navigation bar of your browser: I didn't want the Vimeo video window to appear in my message.

  • @PWC seriously...the link does not work. When I clicked on the icon all that comes up is a text file with a lot of junk in it.

  • You have to right click, then "save as" or whatever it's called in your browser. Then change the extention of the saved file from .txt to .rar and unpack it.

  • @pwc

    I did not understand, I'm sorry. Thank you for your dedication to the forum

  • @zigizigi Ok thanks. I didn't know it was an .rar file.

  • @pwc Thanks, these grading filters are really interesting, I can see how flexible the pixel blender could be with the option to create a grading filter based on a given image :)

    Thanks for allowing us to play with these, the Tokyo filters work quite well with other footage as a starting point, are there plans to increase the options within AE?

  • Very interesting technique, does exist any photoshop plugin?

  • @Elenion Not at the moment. If anybody knows how to program a Photoshop plugin feel free to contact me. If you want to try the standalone app that I made send me a personal message I will give you the link to get it.

  • I think this is a really cool idea...I had been using a mac desktop program called camerabag 2 to create looks that worked on images, then running a batch filter to process movie i had saved as tiff images. It can do some really nice stuff, but this would be one more awesome addition to the toolkit!

  • @pwc Can you tell us how you do it??? In After effects?? How to use an image as ref?

  • @AlexManta For the time being the process cannot be entirely done in After Effects: the filter file itself has to be generated outside AE and then you can you use it inside AE to grade your video.

  • I have noticed that it works better using a dark source on a light target. we would love to use this more though, fantastic work!

  • @bullet2 Below is a color stable version of the beach clip above using the concept of the Pixel Bender filter in After Effects.

  • I am also very interested in this technology. Somehow you would need to find a way to get a slider that preserves skin tones and maybe also some for green plants and blue sky. Will test asap.

  • @Meierhans This is exactly my present line of research. I have already included skin tones preservation and did some test with foliage and sky colors. The more you add constraints the less pronounced is the effect though.

  • That's f****** amazing @pwc! Keep up this excelent work. Any plans to release it as a full AE plugin?