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Panasonic Lumix GH5 Testing Requests
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  • Here's what I'd like to see:

    -Sigma 18-35mm with .64x XL booster vs. .71x Ultra (or first model) booster, with IBIS engaged- does it vignette at any point in the zoom range? Please give the camera a good jiggling/shaking so the IBIS is using its full range of motion. Maybe shoot a plain white wall so we can more easily see any soft or hard vignetting occurring.

    -A rolling shutter test/measurement, using the methodology here:!

    in all modes please- 4K30, 4K60, and 1080p VFR. I'm excited to see what the 1080p measurement is, as the 4K mode is claimed to be ~15ms and that's already pretty great!

    -Aliasing/moire tests- again in all modes. Find some brick buildings, or grates, or mesh chairs, or clothing with a fine pattern, etc.

    -Resolution in 1080p modes- assuming you don't have charts with you, I guess just find a detailed subject and toggle through the modes. Would you happen to have a GH4 or G85 with you that you could also shoot with, and we could compare?

    -GOP sizes in the 4K and VFR codecs (maybe Driftwood or someone else already knows this, or can figure it out from files that have already been posted online).

    -Are there any differences in quality (res, moire, etc) within the VFR mode? Meaning is 180fps softer or jaggier than 120fps, or 96fps, or 72 fps, etc.

    -Battery life, vs. GH4- again if you have a GH4 available. Maybe just point them both at a clock or something?

    -Noise floor with XLR attachment- if you have a silent room to test in, I guess.


  • I wonder if the programmable focus-shift will work smoothly with all the older Panasonic lenses like the 20mm f1.8.

    Looking forward to all your results. Happy Testing!

  • I'm still here! Just trying to sort through all the footage and photos from Mont Tremblant as well as went out today and captured some footage.

    This week is going to be controlled testing as well as using it for some paid gigs ( with a backup with me just in case )

    I used it on an engagement shoot today and it handled amazingly!

    This was shot with the GH5 pre-production camera, with Leica 42.5mm f1.2 JPEG from camera lightly edited in lightroom as the RAW files aren't useable until the software comes out in March and updates everything ( same as every other camera release)

    1875 x 2500 - 780K
  • Can you check, if in camera focus stacking is possible like in the GX85 as seen here:

    Icon and how to do from 12:18

  • @tylerknight

    Can you check if your FW version shows exposure values in ALL video modes (A,S,P and auto iso)?

  • @aked

    I can confirm that you can in fact do those focus stacks!

  • @Vesku Only Manual video mode shows exposure values while recording, other modes show them until you press record.

    Auto ISO works in all modes, but doesn't show what iso is being used. I still (like many others) have no idea what you keep going on about, so please try and explain in detail.

  • @tylerknight

    I think that all he actually wants is to know all parameters camera uses at any moment of time, in any mode, including ISO. Simple and clear.

  • @tylerknight

    ...other modes show them until you press record.

    Are you saying that in S- video mode (via video menu) you can see also aperture before starting recording or in A-video mode you can see shutter speed before starting recording? I am not talking about photo modes in dial.

    I use a lot S and A mode for video (GH4 video menu) and I want to know if my exposure values are reasonable when starting video. It would be nice also to see if the auto iso is reasonable or is it going crazy high...

  • @vitaliy_kislev

    I can confirm that the camera doesn't show them at any time in any mode then. Only manual video mode are all parameters displayed.

    what reason would someone have for wanting to use A, P, or S modes for video out of curiosity?

  • what reason would someone have for wanting to use A, P, or S modes for video out of curiosity?

    I shoot lots of videos when I have no time, skill or need to adjust exposure carefully with manual. GH4 auto exposure works very well and usually nails the exposure better than I can. It is often impossible to see the screen all the time. I still want to avoid some bad exposure combinations by monitoring the auto exposure when I can. Many takes photos with S or A and they want to know the other exposure values and iso too. It is even more important with video. Manual exposure is not the only option for me.

    If using GH5 4k 60P the auto exposure value choices are not so critical so maybe this is not so big issue. I still want to see what exposure the camera is using. Why Panasonic blocks them?

    Anyway I think I will be shooting 30P video with 6k photovideo. It shows exposure values nicely and has better video quality. With GH4 the 4k photovideo has no AFS and has worse NR so I dont like it even when it shows exposure info.

  • @vesku

    Thanks! That explained it for me. I will inquire to Panasonic engineers as to why they don't show it.

  • Some photos with various lighting condition and iso would be great , thank you

  • I think what many people are interested in are skintones and the colors of the GH5

    Great with the focus stacking confirmation

    What SD cards do you use? Can sou use a UHSII in one slot for video and another SD card for example SDXC U3 for photo?

  • Here's a little sample of what I've been shooting with the GH5 the last few days!

    pass: gouweloos

    Was shot in 4K 60P and 1080p 180fps scaled to 4K in a 24p timeline.

    I did some minor colour correction and have a few clips that are a bit warm for my taste to fix still, but wanted to show what this thing can do.

    Everything is 100% handheld. The zoomed shot of the rider hitting the green rail from up above, is shot handheld at 400mm on the 100-400mm lens.

    Everything else was the new 12-35mm f2.8 mkII and the 7-14mm f4 lens on Standard colour profile.

  • whats the main difference between the new 12-35mm f2.8 lens and the old? is it worth the price difference? great shots btw

  • "Testing Requests" any chance for answers ;)

  • When shooting HD does the downscaling improve high ISO performance?

  • @konjow

    They're coming :) just had to take advantage of having a pro snowboarder for a friend first ;)

    All of the the technical shooting will be done over the weekend/next week!

    @arson519 I believe optically they are the same, but seem lighter, better weather proofing, and now freeze resistant

    @philiplipetz As far as I know 4K downscaled in post will always have better noise patterns

  • @tyleknight take your time :) "but seem lighter" sounds intriguingly...would be great if you could do 1 clip competition in controlled light at 2.8f

  • thank you Tyler, but I was asking about in camera downscaling. We shoot events and on most jobs we cannot take the time to downscale in post.

  • @philiplipetz

    sorry could you elaborate on what you mean by that? Is there an option I'm missing for 4K to hd downscaling? Or are you just referring to the way the HD noise is handled when shooting in 1080

  • @tyleknight

    I have a very simple question, is there a crop factor when you use the 4/3 anamorphic mode ? Or does it use the full sensor size ? Don't worry, you don't need an anamorphic lens to chech that out :-)

    Thanks in advance

  • @julien416

    As far as I could tell it uses the full sensor size! It is a much wider field of view than 16:9 but definitely not cropped :)

  • @tylerknight . Yes, 1080 HD is downscaled from the entire sensor since there is not additional crop factor. On some cameras this does the same as downscaling in post and gives one additional stop of low light sensitivity. But this depends on how they derive the HD signal from the 5K sensor of the GH5. Not all cameras so this. So, I was asking you to test this. It would be great to have a run and gun mode that has better low light response.