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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @tylerknight What happened to you first hand experience text? ;-)

  • You'll see it in 5 minutes :)

  • No details in presentation. Need press text! ;)

  • Its on B&H now HD only 50p

  • So now that it has been announced I can talk about my experience with the camera!

    I was invited to a pre-production release to demo the camera and check out the features with two Panasonic reps from US.

    Right away I noticed how solid it felt, the body is about 10% larger and heavier but it doesn't feel too big. It feels absolutely perfect in the hands and is what I have personally been waiting for!

    The stabilization is absolutely incredible, I tested with the 12-60 Leica panny lens and it was better than the g85 and gx85 from what I saw.

    There is no crop in 4K!!!! This is what everyone has been waiting for.

    The list of video modes is absolutely insane and something no other camera can come close to offering!

    180fps slow motion in 1080, we weren't able to test the camera with sd cards as it was a pre-production unit.

    Something I can confirm for everyone though... something big.... AUTO ISO IN MANUAL VIDEO MODE!! It works and it works well :) you asked, they listened.

    You'll see more features announced soon, but if anyone has any questions I can try and answer what I can.

  • @konjow I can assure you HD is 180fps

  • So Basically no word on Anamorphic mode, and Dynamic Range Improvement over GH4 if any

  • AUTO ISO IN MANUAL VIDEO MODE!! It works and it works well..

    But does it have EV comp too?

  • Panasonic GH5 page is up:

    Some specs: Cinelike D / Cinelike V / Like709* / V-LogL*/**/*When Creative Video Mode is selected. **Upgrade Software Key DMW-SFU1 (sold separately) is required.

    LUT Monitor Display / LUT HDMI Display *Upgrade Software Key DMW-SFU1 (sold separately) is required.

    Wave form monitor / Vectorscope

    6K PHOTO: MP4 (H.265/HEVC, Audio format: AAC (2ch))

    But no HEVC for normal 4K video, but this means that the GH5 is capable of H.265, could they possibly bring H.265 for 4K video as well in a future firmware update?

  • @vesku

    You bet ! I asked for you at the demo and tried it out! You can use exp comp to adjust exposure using ISO

  • @sammy there is definitely anamorphic :)

    I wasn't able to test footage so can't give feedback on dynamic range but it will certainly be better! The ISO is much better too!

  • Also, Bluetooth has been implemented for smart phone connection! With switch to wifi for transfer of media !

  • Image sensor size 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio)

    Pixel width is the same in all aspect ratios. No MAR it seems.

  • @tylerknight, did they implemented the anamorphic desqueeze on the GH5?

  • This article will also help answer a good deal of questions -

    Apparently a hybrid Log gamma will also provide instant HDR to supported TVs (I predicted this a while back but figured it was a long shot feature).

  • @hilltop1 I wasn't able to test that but can Inquire and get back to you!

  • @tylerknight, yes do. I will assume it already does but with a 6k anamorphic coming in the summer firmware upgrade, I would think it will an added feature.

  • Like many other recent cameras the GH5 also has a built in stereo mic. What’s different is that it has an extra little internal mic that acts as a reference to cancel and reduce noise.

    Is this a counter noise tech for IBIS hissing?

    Same battery as GH4. Good. I have 6.

  • @vesku Yes this microphone is for noise removeal of stabilizer sound and works great!

  • Can anybody clarify how actually the 6K photo mode works? Is it only a burst still mode or is it storing the images into a video format like 4K photo mode in Gh4?

  • Is that a built in HDMI lock I see? That would be nice

    1266 x 668 - 186K
  • Does the 6k photo have sound?

  • @smoke23 Its included in the box.