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Personal View 2017 LAING Video Contest
  • Welcome to our new video contest.

    It is good tradition to make winter video contests on PV.


    1. You can submit TWO videos made by you personally or your small team using any camera. Just post it in this topic.
    2. You can submit any video made after contest start or up to 3 months prior of contest start.
    3. Clip must reside on vimeo or youtube video hostings and must have in description "personal-view laing contest" text with link to contest page (for contest time).
    4. Video must be between 2 and 10 minutes in length. if you think that video is very good you can submit longer videos.
    5. Contest duration is until March 17, or as we reach 25 participants.

    Winner selection

    1. In this same topic any PV member registered before contest start date can post names of up to 3 videos that he likes most. Contest participants can also vote for videos if they are not their own.
    2. Members with more than 500 posts can post names of up to 5 videos that they like most.
    3. In the closing day I'll post up to 8 videos list I like most.
    4. Member with video that will get most mentions in lists will be declared winner. Winner will have special status on forum for one year.
    5. In situation where two or more videos get exactly same number of mentions topic will be reopen to allow more members to vote.

    Prize - Laing H5 Steadicam, new 2016 model

    • Work with any camera+ lens combination up to 2.8kg
    • Weight is only 0.67kg, so you can use it with bare hands for prolonged time
    • Very compact
    • Exceptional manufacturing quality Laing is known for
    • No charging required :-)


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  • Very cool. Good contest - very cool prize.

  • Guys, where is your entries?

    The more cameras around - the less contest participants.

    I even remember one so called professional two year ago declared that videos must not have a story or any other restrictions are also prohobitive. And here we are - no restrictions.

  • Thank you Vitaliy for this contest!

    I would like to submit "A call for a monster".

    It's a little video which will be used for promotion for an upcoming album I'm currently producing.

    I'm more experienced in audio and music production, but I enjoy doing video a lot.

    Gear: The cam is a Panasonic G6 - Metabones Speedbooster - Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Three man video team - i was the camera operator.

    The audio (songs) isn't finished yet, because of another project (short film/music video for the same artist but with a lot more people involved which will be released next friday)- so this is with songs in progress. But otherwise I wouldn't be able to participate. And I could make use of this totally awesome price!

    I'd be glad to get some feedback from you guys. BR Arno

  • @Monosapiens

    Thanks for first entry.

  • Hi All, and Thanks Vitaly for this contest, here is my video, call "Love" shot in my GH2 Camera using the Quantum X (v3 Rocket) hope to see more videos for this contest, and Thanks for all the work you do Vitaly

  • personal-view laing contest

    Two magnificent catalpa trees are the first thing that I see when I walk out the front door of my home. They stand like sentinels that frame my views as I sit on my porch--often with my camera.

    I shot images of the trees throughout the year, and edited them to a soundtrack that includes sounds from the natural world, including the internal sound of a tree, solo guitar and piano. The Catalpa's historical significance is presented through the use of archival materials.

  • Thank you so much belfryman, so kind, this was my only video since my GH2 die on me, hopefully I can buy another camera in the future.

  • Here a short contest video where we take a trip with a classic car on the streets of Havanna/Cuba.

  • Hi everyone, here is my first entry:

    Nature video filmed in Aspromonte, a mountainous region in Calabria (southern Italy), to promote hiking tours in the area.
    Aspromonte is little known but offers stunning, wild and untouched natural scenery.
    Equipment used: Panasonic GH2 with Sanity X hack (14-140mm, 100-300mm, Close-up lens), Variable ND filter, Benro Aero 2 tripod and Konova K2 slider.

  • And here is my second entry:

    This video makes you experience a day at Photokina 2016 in a creative and enjoyable way (I hope!).
    Equipment used:
    Panasonic GH2 (Sanity X hack) with 14-140mm, 35-100mm f/2.8, 25mm f/1.4
    Microsoft Lumia 950
    Joby GorillaPod Hybrid

  • Here's my first entry, we're a crew of 3 people, we use one or two GH4's with Ninja Assassin (main recorder) or Video Assist (second camera when used)

  • And my second entry.

  • My participation to the contest with a video-dedication to Sixto Diaz RODRIGUEZ:

    Sony A7S & A7R2, Iscorama pre-36 & 42 anamorphics.

  • Here is one of mine from almost exactly 3 months ago. I have another video currently in the works for this band that is more elaborate, but it just isn't quite finished yet. Shot on a few of my favorite things: Samsung NX1, DJI Ronin-M, Kowa 16-H. Prime lens was a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.4 pancake.

  • 1st entry recorded last night.... GH4 anamorphic 2x nikon 50mm 1.8..... Is only in 480p cause my mac blew out the motherboard it takes 2 days to export in 4K....

  • @chef

    Video must be between 2 and 10 minutes in length

  • Added motivation video to top post, thanks to Dieter.

  • Hi folks, I must have overlooked this contest, but here we go, that is my submission:

  • Here is my submission. A story of two best friends discussing what their futures may hold for them after college.

  • Wonderful inspiring work everybody!

    The one that impressed the most was Call me a Monster. That is such a roller-coaster. It's well lit I think with b&w in mind.

    The other ones that appealed to me were: catalpa trees, and Girlfriends.

    Good stuff keep 'm coming!

  • Hello all.

    This is my entry. It was shot in Alexa XT plus and zeiss distagon t2.1 set from the 90s. All set was.used. All tungsten even on outdoor. I think is like analog.light ( So i call it) is.bettter than HMI or Kinoflow or led i feel those light are digital and inacurate, its my poin of view and short experience.that come to that conclusion. Shot on 24,60,120p on pro res 422 10bit and 444xq

    I like it. Im.making a short film.with.this.material

    The color was made on colorista 2 filmconvert cosmo and old mojo from red giant.

  • Remember to read contest rules and comment on videos you like, it is your opinion that matter.