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Sony A6300 4K 100mbit 14 stops DR little monster, official topic
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  • C-AF looks very good for video, possibly on par with the Canon dual pixel AF. Could be useful for gimbal work or certain kinds of event shooting (equestrian, sports, etc). Video specs look solid and the sensor tech is intriguing. Makes me wonder if BSI could eventually be replaced by the thin copper wire tech... similar light gathering advantages but probably a cheaper fabrication process than BSI. If they had a fast zoom available in e-mount I might consider picking one up.

  • @Tron They just announced a 24-70/2.8 and a 70-200/2.8. I suspect that both will feel a bit front-heavy on the A6300, though.

  • Very promising. I hope the battery life will be sufficient. The a6000 was not the best, so I hope we see an improvement. Any thoughts about if the new image processor etc. will affect this?

  • Seems to be pretty close to the nx-1. If low light performance is much better, i bought the wrong camera.

  • @eatstoomuchjam More interested in an affordable and lighter weight crop sensor zoom. I'm a little surprised Sigma hasn't adapted the 18-35mm F1.8 to e-mount, seems like it would be a killer combo with this camera (or the A6000 that preceded it).

  • this is a beautiful camera...with 2 simple flaws . Why sony didn't put a headphone jack and a touchscreen is beyond me. I can possible guess that they had problems with ibis and possibly this was not added because of the rumored overheating problem...but a jack and a add 50 bucks to the price but it's kinda of ridiculous...really !

  • @kurth I imagine these omissions were very purposefully done so as not to give us everything that the more expensive cameras have. Gotta give their customers what they want but keep them asking for more...

  • Those lenses seem a bit "front heavy" on the purse too…

    Camera could be nice, but the A6000 is frequently overheating in tropical conditions. Let's wait and see.

  • Note also that NONE of the A7 series cameras have a touch screen, which is down right crazy crazy!!

    I suspect Sony has a bizarre belief that: Touch screen = consumer camera (A5100 / RX10 / RX100 series ) Non touch screen = for pros

    Which is a damn pity, as even for manual focusing I love being able to tap to zoom in!

  • I suspect Sony has a bizarre belief that: Touch screen = consumer camera

    I think they do not believe in anything.

    It is just some decisions made by top management and just follow tradition.

  • The RX100 series don't have touch screens either. At least, my RX100 IV doesn't.

  • It is just some decisions made by top management and just follow tradition.

    Well, a tradition is an institucionalized belief. I couldn't care less about touchscreen.

    This is camera, on specs, has all I wanted on the g7, gh4 but with proper stills perspective. Waiting for reviews though- As live and work in brazil, overheating problems could be a bummer

  • for me touch screen isn't important as long you can't use it to set the focus point.

  • @peaceonearth, I love the system of touchscreen of GX8 (I do a lot of still), when I see by the EVF so I can use my fingers for focus in the screen, its very helpful when you are shooting in complicated scenarios because the detection of faces in the GX8 not always is accurate.

  • @Manu4Vendetta ...I agree. To be able to swing out the screen and move the focus point with a finger while using the evf is such a cool feature for pulling focus that I can't believe sony thought of this camera the way they did...i.e as a video tool....and then left that off. @joethepro....yeah...but that would mean there's an a7000 coming !

  • No DCI 4k (4096 x 2160).

  • Yep, so no Hollywood blockbusters gonna be filmed on this (unless minor upscaling is involved).

    Might use it on my upcoming megabucks Netflix production, though. They only require UHD!!!

  • @roly That's really cool. It is just a shame it doesn't give us a DCI 4k option. Does the camera have actual 24fps or is it 23.98 only?

  • It will be plenty sharp enough for a minor crop and upscale to DCI 4k, Im quite sure.

  • Judging from the camerastore's video it's using only 8MP portion for 4K 30fp video(same as NX500), giving 2.3X crop. This is exactly the reason I didn't buy NX500 and no way I would spent almost twice as much(body only) for a6300 with the same limitation. Price is a bit steep relative to a6000 as well, which was launched at 650 and was recently selling for 450 if not 400(if I am not mistaken I've seen the deal around holidays touching 550 for a kit).

  • how does it compare to G7? well... it's a sony...