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DJI OSMO Handheld System
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  • wow...that first video is for people with an IQ of 50...or less. I couldn't watch another !

  • Osmo Quick Tips: Action Selfie

    Osmo Quick Tips: Auto Panorama

  • what are those osmo amazing results in panorama mode vertical resolution ??

    'cause even sony hasn't succeeded in more than 2000pixels

    .....and I'm trying to decide if that character is cgi, or that's a real human being ? He kinda of reminds me of early google translations !

  • 1080p@60fps sample, can download original file from Vimeo ...

  • Another in low light with lots of noise.

  • Given DJI's expertise in camera stabilization, it's no surprise I got some great footage with the Osmo. I found it was most effective when I held the gimbal totally still; it was almost as if I had placed the device on a tripod. And thanks to the super-high resolution, a largely motionless video would trick you into thinking it's a still photo, until you spot the subtle moving parts

  • Just got this, great build quality and software seems great and soooooo easy to use but the lens is so wide there's no way I can replace my little nebula lite with it as I'd hoped. Great for property porn, makes our house 10 x the size it is!

  • @belfryman Thinking about getting one of these. How does the 4k footage compare to the GH4? Do you feel the two can be easily matched?

  • @Mckinise I'm now using V log on the GH4 so not with that. I guess it depends on the context as well in terms of the looks of your lenses on the GH4 and the DOF which is super duper deep - mind you I'm just testing it on auto because the lighting in the room is really varied. It is super light and a really nice piece of kit, I think if you could wait till they sell an X5 kit it would be worth the extra money, then you could match lenses.

  • @belfryman After reading your reply I did a little more digging. It seems the Osmo X3 may have a few issues with fan noise and compression artifacts. Supposedly, the 4k has more issues than the 1080p.

    Have you had any of these issues?

  • The software has now been playing up and just discussing the fan noise, don't think I can use this for drama.

  • The dog! You can hear the audio is well ropey. But now I will read instructions! Maybe it can be better. You can add a piece to mount a receiver for a wireless mic and go in via 3.5mm but my worry is I'd need to be fairly close because of the wide angle - though maybe cropping in 4K is the better option - and might pick up the fan noise anyway, will give it a test.

  • It's brilliantly built, the software is awesome, it's as easy as you could wish, downside the little fan noise, dreadful onboard mic and the wide wide angle lens. If it was just a longer lens you'd just get an accessory to attach a mic cos it's such a lovely piece of kit.

  • Nice dog.

    I have a wire fox terrier.

  • They're v nice. Nearly had one. She's a lakeland. Barks a lot, wees wherever she feels like and jumps down the toilet when you flush it. Sorry, slightly off topic!

  • Hahahaha. I guess I derailed the topic. We considered a lakeland, before we got Alvin. Only frustration with him, is that he loves digging holes in the back yard... can dig a trench with minimal effort.

  • hows the low light performance vs GH4?

  • @MRfanny from just mucking about and using them both in similar circumstances it looks better. I'll try and do a side by side over the weekend and try cutting it with some GH4 profiles. I teach screen acting a lot of the time and that's my main reason for getting it so students can capture moving shots easily, think I will keep it just for that, if I can get a wireless receiver mounted I can get guide audio anyway. I can't get over the build quality. @Mcinise biggest problem apart from audio so far has been shooting 4k the camera view on the phone keeps breaking down. Going to see how much of the fan noise gets picked up on the shotgun this weekend.

  • thanks, from what I have seen it does surprisingly well low light. whats the noise structure, grain like GH4 or macro blocking? Considering it to pair with my pilotfly+GH4 combo for ease of use as the size and form factor of this thing is great for run and gun. A side by side low light comparison would be fantastic.

  • @MRfanny The most interesting thing about this 'test' was finding out how shit I am at testing anything! Getting the settings the same everywhere isn't in my nature! The nearest I have to the Osmo's 20mm equivalent is the 12-35 so that's what I used at 12mm which makes it around 28 I guess. What I found was that to properly expose the Osmo manually in the same circumstances as the GH4, both at 2.8, 24p & 4K, the Osmo needed to be at 3200 when the GH4 needed to be at 1600 and the image on the Osmo was noisier either way. When the Osmo was put in auto mode it shifted the ISO to 1600 and dropped the SS to 25 so it looked better than the manual 3200. I think this may have been a bit of what gave the impression it was better in low light - and watching it on the phone - but it looks like it is actually worse. You'll see there is moire going on in the cushions, I got this even with cupboard door edges in the kitchen units in the house but it was fine when dropped down to 1080 or even exported as it was the file would then look OK. The cushions are almost OK when compressed to 1080 but still the odd small freakout. What was very pleasing was that I shot in Standard on the Gh4 as I guessed this would be pretty much a match and it was, so you could cut it together with GH4 footage in Standard. Here are examples of the GH4 then manual then manual at 3200 and then auto at 1600 and SS 25. It's not pretty! The password is osmo