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Looking for high dynamic range content for HDR experiments
  • Hi, I am looking for some sample video material which I could use to experiment with generating HDR videos compatible with contemporary TVs.

    At one can find only two commercial samples, that's all I could find anywhere.

    I have been able to generate videos which my 4k OLED TV recognizes as "HDR" by using:

    x265 --preset ultrafast --output-depth 10 --transfer smpte-st-2084 \ --master-display 'G(13200,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(10000000,1)' \ --max-cll '10000,400' input.y4m output.hevc

    ffmpeg -i output.hevc -c copy final.mp4

    When replaying "final.mp4", the TV switches into HDR mode, and the content is displayed with what appears to be very high contrast.

    I haven't experimented much with the master-display and max-cll settings yet, but this wouldn't make much sense with the input videos that I currently have at hand, which simply are of "low dynamic range", and are only of 8bit per channel accuracy.

    If you have some sample video material with a very high dynamic range (like shots of scenery with surfaces emitting 400 or more cd/m^2, like a mixed shot of dimly lit indoor stuff in one place and some brightly sunlit plants visible through a window outside), you could make me happy by making it available (in a format conveying at least 10 bits per color channel).

    Actually, anyone with a Magic Lantern patched full frame camera (or an Arri Amira) at hand should easily be able to create such a sample shot.

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  • Look for HDRx demos from RED.

  • @nomad: Thanks for the hint, found one, but the .r3d file is of a format that ffmpeg does not recognize yet (bugreport on this).

  • There is a free software called RedCine-X for both Mac and PC.