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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • @tosvus Agree 100%. I think it was a good move for Panny to continue developing the GH4 feature set and to offer the option of paying for the feature rather than saving it exclusively for the next model. In the past the Lumix guys might've concluded that not enough Pros or consumers would be interested in the feature and that it wasn't worth the development cost to implement (unless it was added to the next model). The only downside I can see is if the licensing model begins to be exploited for each new feature introduced after a camera's initial firmware release.

  • "After reading most explanations I wish this bunch of LOGs marketing stuff to end as fast as possible. SO we'll have just simple tunable log mode for ones who like them, and proper compressed raw for everyone else".

    Amen to that.

  • So just in case anybody was wondering. I just tried to order the V-log from the Panasonic website. I chatted with a representative and the lady said that the VLOG update can be bought and applied to GH4s even if they were bought from outside the United States. HOWEVER, you cannot buy the VLOG from overseas, even if you have a US mailing address and credit card. The website does not allow purchases made from overseas at all. Here's the transcript of my whole chat.

    Jessica: Hello! I am a Panasonic Product Specialist. How may I assist you today? You: Hello, I'm wondering if i purchased my GH4 when i was in vacation in Asia, am i still able to buy the VLOG update and apply it to my camera here? Jessica: Thank you for visiting Panasonic today! It would be my pleasure to provide you with information about the GH4 Vlog update. Jessica: You can purchase both of them here, since you do not ship to Asia. Jessica: Also, the Vlog may not be available in any stores in Asia, so the best place you can purchase it is here in the website. You: Ok i see. So i should be able to use the code on my camera even though i bought it in asia. You: the camera i mean i bought in asia Jessica: Yes, that would be okay. You: Great! Thank you Jessica: The Vlog update only costs $99.99, before taxes! We provide FREE Shipping if we place the order today, too! Jessica: Let's go ahead and add it to your cart! Do you have any other questions before we proceed with the order process? You: I'm good thank you! I can take things form here! Jessica: To help speed things along, please let me stay with you throughout your purchase, that way we can ensure you complete the order successfully. Jessica: Let me send you the link here in our chat where you can download the online manual for your product. Jessica: You can Click Here to add the VLOG update to your cart. Jessica: In your cart, you’ll see the items added during your visit today. The quantity, price per unit, and total price will be listed, along with the shipping times and any discounts applied to your order. Jessica: When you’re ready to continue, please select the checkout option at the bottom right that you’d prefer. You can check out with PayPayl, or press ‘Checkout’ to continue along the standard checkout process. You: Ok got it Jessica: When you’re ready, you can press ‘Place order’ to complete your purchase. You: oh it said there was a payment processing error Jessica: May I know the exact error message? You: It just said "There was a payment processing error. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-405-0652." Jessica: I am sorry to hear that. May I know from what country are we trying to do the order? You: I'm in thailand right now You: but all my credit card and address are from the states Jessica: You are shipping it to US, right? Is your credit card issued in the US? You: Yes Jessica: Do you have a PayPal account connected to that credit card? You: No not yet Jessica: I am sorry but there seems to be problems when the order is being placed overseas. I would advise that you call in to the number. You: I see ok no problem. I can get my sister in the states to order for me You: Thank you for your help Jessica: Were there any additional questions that I may assist you with today? You: I'm good. thank you again! Jessica: Should you have any questions in the future, please feel free to chat with us again! Jessica: Thank you for visiting

  • Well Looks like Panasonic is starting to copy the German Autobahn Mautsystem. They need the Maut to finance the Collectingsystem without any Benefit for anybody else.

    The updateprice from panny will only be good for Dealers,Paypal,Taxsystem. In the End there will be hundreds of upgraded cameras and thousands of upset GH4 buyers. Very well planned marketing joke. So panny fire the Marketingguy so you dont have to pay him anymore, give the Update to the User for free as usual. This will save you a lot of Money and will give you credibility and longtimeloyalty from the User.

  • i'd pay $99 for a gh3 hack/patch

  • Trying to decide if I should order from BH, or Panasonic...

  • So in Brazil I wont be able to upgrade my camera...nice !!!!

  • Blacks go at 7.3 IRE Middle gray sits at 42 IRE 90% white sits at 61 IRE Absolute clip is at 79 IRE

    If true, that is a ridiculous waste of the camera's 80+ IRE range.

  • ^^^^ there's likely an incredible amount of stretching involved due to the LOG space....It's not wasted just interpreted into the LOG space differently. Linear rules likely do not apply. I'll do tests once I have it running on my cam.

  • I am waiting for a specification of the V-Log L color space, like what Panasonic already provides for V-Log. (opto-electric transfer function and primary chromaticities: )

    Panasonic says "Both V-Log and V-Log L have the same characteristic curve and LUT (Look Up Table) can be utilized in common", but I am quite skeptical of that claim. It doesn't make sense to distinguish V-Log L from V-Log if they are the same.

  • Found this video how to update and activate.

  • Forget the theoretical bollocks above. You're working in 4:2:0 8 bit or 4:2:2 10-bit V Log scaled from its algorithmic 14-bit development of the Varicam35. In laymans terms , thats a good thing. Just remember this, V Log will help you grade better results rather than guess work with Cinelike D. Period.

    Lets remind ourselves how much the GH4 has become the peoples camera. Its fucking cheap, great menus and functionality (way better than Sony or canon), does Cinema 4k as well as UHD & HD, does pretty well at HD with 200mbps All-I, offers goodish slow mo if you sharpen luminance, offers better codec compression than both the Sony A7S and A7RII in daylight, stick a metabones XL 0.64 on for 1.33 stops of DR and S35 and you're competing with the Sonys, offers better codec in camera on the sdcard than A7RII ( & the A7S doesnt use B frames I/P), gives 422 10-bit (Yes it does) out of HDMI, brings anamorphic functionality, 4kphoto modes for the enthusiasts who want to capture shots they may otherwise miss, the list goes on...

    The Panasonic GH4 will be remembered as much as the GH2. Sweet lil' camera. Absolutely NOT epic marketing fail. Maybe they couldve sold more, but you wouldnt want it any other other way. Would you?

  • @driftwood can we only get 422 10bit by recording to something like the atomos shogun?

  • I'll be really curious to see if you gain any usable dynamic range with V Log. The colors, skintones, leaves, grass etc, can be pushed and pulled to whatever you like (within reason) if you shoot with a neutral profile. The only thing I'm curious about is whether shadows have more information, and/or highlights clip the same.

  • The current profiles still bake in the linear display LUT... log is a whole new world. I started color correcting on film which was always log, and trust me, you're in for a treat. You just gotta get the hang of exposing it, cuz that's a whole new set of rules as well.

    Shadows extend down 8 stops from even, highlights clip at 4 stops over

  • I spoke to BH and they said they will get their shipments a few days after the release date from panasonic, so the fastest way to get it is going to be directly from their website.

  • I haven't played with the new V Log footage yet, but somehow I'm pretty darn confident the results after grading will be about 4% better than the normal profiles, give or take. Consistency and working with LUTs will be easier, but adding two REAL stops of dynamic range? I'm not sold till I see some better footage.

  • yeah, fuck it. What do i know?

  • @grierdill check out examples of a7s with/ without LOG. It's like night and day. Suddenly blue skies look - well - blue, as opposed to a vomit shade of grey.

    On another note:

    V-log-L = Varicam-log-lumix?

  • I know I read somewhere that the last L stands for light. Don't know if thats true or not.

  • It's 'lite' - as in reduced fat cheese

  • @grierdill - can you explain your maths behind the 4% assertion?

  • This is interesting...from Illya Freedman (I am not agreeing or disagreeing...just posting) So any points or rebuttals can be argued amongst those that like to debate these things.

    Quote: Here's the thing, and this is absolutely something you won't hear from anyone else, V-Log-L on the GH4 is not the last significant update for the GH4! There's about 3x people outside of Panasonic that actually knows how much power is lurking under that hood.

  • @astro

    We all know what it can do. Look at what black magic can do- and what Sony can do. The question is if Panasonic will LET it happen. Let's put it this way: why did v-log take 18 months???!

    Panasonic should talk to apple and license prores, full stop.