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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • How could they lock off a firmware update? Doesn't it go floating around the web as soon as the first buyers have been updating?

  • They could tie/sign a firmware build to your serial number, effectively DRM.

  • @rNeil is spot on. Got the same impression from the different companies at NAB.

  • The difference between the "Pro" side of these companies and their "merely amateur" side is something we in the public don't think about. But you better believe everyone in those sections knows the difference. And the none-too-subtle written AND unwritten Rules Of Engagement. Someone producing & selling $15,000 rigs that are totally created for a heavy-duty pro market looks at anyone from the section making sub-$2,000 gear for the "prosumer" market as someone dealing with rank amateurs. And demands as much separation as possible.

    Contamination & "cooties" always being an issue for the Higher Class, you know? Even in the lighting companies at NAB, several had one set of salesfolk that helped you looking at HDMI or 1K units & such but during a conversation, if you ask about say the smaller LED or fluorescent lights ... "um, well ... John over there can help you with those ... " and the guy wanders off. He's totally uninterested in someone who wants ... that stuff ... even though it's another product from his own company.

    And as far as downloading a firmware for a camera you use to make your living ... are people really going to d-l it off some anonymous posting on the net? I'd be rather ... leery ... of that. But that's just me. And if a Major Corporation is charging for it I would expect they'd go after freebie pass-it-on announcements.


  • What Panasonic are really trying to deal with is the diversification of the 'pro' market. All manufactures have been dealing with the downscaling of technology in the 'pro' market ever since computers took over the post-production market in the 1990's. When mini-DV cameras could be used via firewire with FCP or Premiere without any other gear being required, everything changed.

    The harsh reality is that full broadcast, high end cameras and post-production equipment are now a smaller market. You have to understand that all the people in this smaller market (Camera companies & camera operators) are trying to keep their jobs!

    As an editor and post-production operator that used to use million dollar edit suites, I have lived through the change. I now do everything on a computer (owned by me!) that is relatively cheap & shoot on a cheap, amazing camera (GH4). To me a small fee to provide a proper V-Log setting is no issue at all.

    You just have realise that you own the most amazing camera and it's worth investing in to keep up with the changes happening in the industry. I'm 57 years old and refuse to be drawn into the 'old fogey' moaning and bitching that I hear from some of the younger guys I work with.

    Stay young people, and make great images!

  • No idea what's going on, but updating firmware is easy, done it before. But for some reason it won't update. I have a full battery, formatted sd card in camera, placed the bin file in the root file. Turned it on, press play, and nothing. All it says, is no picture file. I already did this like 5 times already.

    Also I dont have a panasonic lens on it since I only have nikon lens, if that matters.

  • @caveport ... you're a young one! I got four years on you. Back in the 90's, there were a couple hundred solid "middle-class income home-in-the-burbs take a cruise or trip to Europe every year/other" portrait studios here in Oregon. Now ... my wife and I are one of what ... 5? 10? Something like that. We've scrabbled through where others went bankrupt. I added video to our mix in order to add something "moving" to the client's eye, and it's turning out to be the way we attract clients ... to buy the wall prints we still make our living by selling.

    I certainly understand the folks with the high-end "pro" cameras worrying about keeping their jobs, and "protecting their turf". Very understandable. But you're right, things are changing constantly. With major networks often using video created from smartphones on their national broadcasts, what is "acceptable" is rather more open for debate. And so that GH4 does pretty decent ... but having seen the big-monitor output from a log-enabled GH4, it's a little bit better. Enough better that it makes the Big Camera section rather nervous, and yes, I understand it. Which is why I posted my comments.

    I look at the upgrade in capability and like you, don't think a bit of a charge would be a problem. $300? That would be ... pricey, for me, and I'd have to think a bit. $79? Woudn't even think about, would snap that right up.

    That's what the delay is about, really ... it's almost "probably" going to cost some, but the bean-counters are trying to quantify infinity as they always do ... what's the price that will get the most takers for maximum income (sales vs price). Which is always just a WAG situation, really.


  • Panasonic should really consider having a pro membership thingy where people heavily invested in their prosumer gear for professional work get professional support be it the option to pay to get these pro features. Just thinking out loud =)

  • @raf702: switch the operator dial to M

  • On Dvxuser Illya Freedman posted that most of the rumors circulating about V-Log are basically crap...there are many rumors such as the Pro Division holding the consumer division back and crippling the V-Log etc.. Then theres the one that it does not add 2 stops of dynamic range cause the sensor cannot do it. He said that it does increase 2 stops, you can see it, and you can measure yeah...not my words, these are his. So since he has seen it and obviously used it, I would be more inclined to believe him...than all the rumors and speculation, speculation can be fun, but at the end of the day thats all it is. So I thought I would post that in case some havent seen his latest post on this.

  • Illya Freedman posted that most of the rumors circulating about V-Log are basically crap...

    What is crap exactly? And why someone deeply related with Panasonic (as he states that he use it) and who want to have good relations with them can say otherwise?

    In last years I saw some people who changed completely being offered money by camera companies or free gear.

  • Could be true...I am not that passionate about wether he is right or wrong really...I guess we will have to wait and see, but if what he says is wrong then people will remember that and that will not help his reputation. Obviously he is related with Panasonic, but his store does stock all the new BM cameras, AJA, Go Pro, Bolex he cant be too biased otherwise he would piss the other manufacturers off I for one would not want to risk that..if I was in his position.

  • I can't get the 2.2 update to work either. Does it not work in the United States? I noticed on the US website there was only a 2.0 update available.

  • @thebmillz working fine here, in the USA, no idea what you could be doing wrong.

  • @raf702 Make sure you only have one firmware file on your card. If it still has the old 2.1 or 2.0 file it will give you the error about "no picture found"

  • @Astro

    Don't know what he's talking about ... the "rumors" I dealt with ... or "feelings" ... I can't attribute to someone publicly, however the sources are not external to the situation being discussed nor second-hand. That's the most direct I can be.

  • Can anyone confirm whether the new 4:3 anamorphic video mode uses the full sensor (as in 4:3 stills), or if it is even more cropped than UHD mode?

    Very tempted to pick up a Letus Anamorphx Pro 1.8 and start shooting anamorphic on my GH4, but that'll depend on the answer to this question...

  • @Sangye,

    I hope this helps somewhat.

  • Here's another one.

  • does anyone know what ISO the V-Log works at? I'm really hoping its at least 3200 or higher for cleaner night shots.

  • @thougts2uk


    Look at this chart and think.

    729 x 382 - 47K
  • VK.... good stuff. Not totally happy with the GH4 in low light, but 2 more stops and V-log and I'm gonna be very happy.

  • I have a feeling V-log will operate like RAW - it won't have an ISO It'll be fixed at 800, and you'll have to light, ND and expose accordingly.