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BlackMagic URSA Mini, 4.6K sensor, 15 stops DR, 2160p60
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev On an URSA the sensor block including the mount is user upgradeable. Not really meant for switching in and out job to job. More like this situation where a better sensor comes along. Also, internchangeable mounts are very difficult to do if you want precision. Wasn't' the RED Titanium EF mount 2 or 3K ?


  • It's easy to adapt Nikon to EOS with adapters

  • Why not Nikon mount? Is it because Canon has cinema lenses?

    Because all protocols are known. And lenses are electronically controlled.

    Actual best mount is FZ one :-)

    Nikon has issue as you need to implement lever :-)

  • What is it about Canon mounts that camera manufacturers always go for? Why not Nikon mount? Is it because Canon has cinema lenses?

  • Do they all do 4K/60fps? And does the $2995 model do 160fps? It also looks like CFast cards are pretty expensive.

  • Wow... 15DR 4.6K 60fps RAW / ProRes all for $5K... all I'm going to say is BM is a phenominal company, they did it. The form factor the look, and the images out of it are spectacular. The other companies must be really nervous right about now.

  • Oh nice you got an arri amira!!!, Ahh No its a....Ursa mini, Oh a uras mini whats that, Ahh its a 4.6k S35mm camera that shots raw and prores, up to 160 f.p.s, and it costs 5000 dollars, Oh wow where can I get one. Think amira was in BM scope, when designing this.

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  • @ghkqn

    They have almost a year to actually starting shipping them :-)

    Either Shah dies or donkey will die :-)

  • 4 mini models. I do not know if BD will derive sufficient profit gains to offset the added costs in supply chain and manufacturing complexities. Few companies do.

  • Yes it looks insanely awesome. I was a little confused about the 1080p160 mode, is it a 1080 crop, or a full sensor read that is scaled to 1080?

    "Ultra HD windowing of the sensor enables 1080 HD footage to be captured at up to 160fps!"

  • Will wait and see... but this might actually be the camera I've been waiting for BMD to make.

  • I don't think it's available in the mini. It's mentioned as being swappable on the Big Ursa and not mentioned on the mini page. You also can't swap the sensor in the mini.

  • @rockroadpix

    In URSA sensor and mount are swappable as I remember.

  • My only gripe (so far) is that they didn't follow the Red model of easily swappable lens mounts.

  • @jazzroy

    They use FPGA in most cameras, so I think it is many thing that are different, not sensor only.

  • @jazzroy I guess it's no the same sensor: 4k sensor: 12 stops DR 4,6 sensor: 15 stops DR

  • On the specs it looks amazing stuff for incredible price. Killing all Canon, Sony and Panasonic competition. The new sensor looks quite expensive, considering the base model at 3K and the 4.6 model at 5k. that means almost double just for the sensor! But already loving it..

  • There are 4 models. The 4.6k ones are more expensive than the 4k ones

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  • Besides resolution, I think that one of the best "feature" of the original Ursa is the way the camera handles colors, which is very nice and much easier to grade than Pocket Cam or a7s S-log2's footage... I hope that the Mini sensor will give similar colors too, it would be very helpful!