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BlackMagic URSA Mini, 4.6K sensor, 15 stops DR, 2160p60
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  • Finally, is this camera recommendable? I asked to a cinematographer and two camera assistants and they have spoken very bad of it: poor ISO, noisy, magenta tendency, bad ergonomic and more problems, but I dont know if BM have improved something via upgrade or firmware.

  • We have had it for 6 moths now ,over all image has improved with firmware updates .. at the price range it's hard to beat the image ..and codecs it offers .. is it a low light camera ,no.. is it useable in low light ,yes .. dr is a step below alexa (if alexa is 14.5 stops ,the 4.6k would be about 12.8 stops for me) .. the main thing is shadows I don't like on it ,and colors come out bad when in low light .. over all I find the new color science to be ok ,im not big fan of it ,I find it to be very vibrant and not filmic .. motion I don't like too much ,it does not have the cinema motion that reds or alexa has nd filter ,which is bad in pro camera in my opinion .. over all it's not the perfect camera ,but for 5-6 thousand it's one of the best image you can have .. now a dream for next generation of blackmagic cameras would be ,an extra stop of dynamic range with the motion and color of the original cinema camera with build in nd .. oh yea 120fps mode is very noisy .. other than that mode if you have ok light noise is not too much of an issue with this camera it's rather the lack of color detail