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CAME gimbals
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  • The only issue I have with my Came-Mini is it has some play in between the yaw motor and the top handle. Does any other here have this issue?

    You can test by holding the yaw motor in place (where it says came-tv) and try to move the top handle side to side.

  • Didn't know that a calibration is needed before using the gimbal in inverted mode. So far I am happy with my new tool. :)

  • Ok so my came mini was working fine for the first day. Now when I switch it on it doesn't go into any mode and continually turns clockwise. You can override this with the joystick control but when you take your finger off that it starts to drift again. Any ideas?

    @adamquesada yes I also have play between those two points which is a problem moving at any speed as it jars the whole gimbal.

    Also got my spare batteries in two broken flash lights - must be to get round shipping issues.

  • @ Hotknees yeah, the spare batteries in flashlights is odd, at least send working ones. Btw, are the lights of the charger supposed to go out when the batteries are fully charged? I charged overnight and the next morning the lights were still on. How long does it take to charge empty batteries, I wonder.

  • Hallo someone tried to put a quick release on Came Mini?

  • @liondor1969 I think that battery will not work due to size, the length needs to be close to 66mm or shorter. If you read back on this thread I posted an 18650 battery that works.

    Regarding the quick release, I am running arca clamp on mine. The added height of the clamp and quick release plate will not allow you to balance. So I end up having to add some bottom weight under the cage to balance. It works for me because I really need to run arca.

  • @hotknees if you figure out a way to tighten the play please let me know. its the only thing upsetting me about this gimbal right now ;/

  • Battery recommendation from Em at CheesyCam:

  • normal this battery is not a standard?? 18650 18 mm 65 mm ??

  • Has anyone experienced what I am experiencing now; that when switched on it just vibrates violently and I can't calibrate it. I've followed the video Came TV pointed me to ( but that hasn't worked.

    This is now beyond infuriating. I would really appreciate any help.

    @adamquesada no solution other than putting a piece of thin card in the gap to stop the movement!

  • @Hotknees I don't know about came but this symptoms when I diyed gimbal 2 years ago (twice) I had to order controller board. I think yours should be on warranty. (cost about $20 if 8bit)

  • @Hotknees...

    Make sure your gimbal pid settings are set to same as my image in page 4. - for all 3 profiles....

    Then to correct the constant movement - it is likely that the joystick isnt calibrated to centre. Goto the RC tab on simbplebgc and play around with the RC Sub-Trim - the auto button might work.

    Hope that helps


    Please be very careful with these batteries -

    use a proper charger like the nitecore d4 or i4

    You risk setting your house on fire with the charger crap they shipped with this product!

    Be sensible pal!

  • @Adamfromabove ok progress!

    The gimbal is balancing itself without a struggle. What happens now though is that when you twist left or right and move up or down the follow mode vibrates against the movement and then the rapid 3 tones sound (error). There is something not quite right; I have entered those settings for each profile and written them.

    Do I need to be on any particular profile? Is this now a motor issue or balance issue with the vibrations?

    Thanks so much, if you could help anymore I truly would appreciate it. I can see light at the end of the tunnel now and maybe just in time for my shoot tomorrow!


  • @hotknees I'm no expert ...only what I have learned since getting he came mini.

    My suggestions are...

    1. select each profile at top, make sure everyone is same pid settings as mine...then click write
    2. batteries could be low.... Get a voltmeter on them... They all should be close to the max of 4,2v..for me the problems arise circa 3.8v... Do not put diff voltage batteries together.
    3. have you performed a camera imu calibration yet?

    What camera and lens are you using?

  • @Adamfromabove using a GH4 with 12-35 lens.

    I haven't changed anything and now when I switch it on it almost levels out then then just plays a rapid tone until you switch it off.

    All my settings are the same as yours on all 5 profiles listed.

    If you leave it on with the rapid tone sounding and pick it off the stand it can't balance any of the axis.

  • Happened to notice that Battery Junction is having a sale on the D4 charger:

    I am thinking of getting one as a 2nd charger for NiMH eneloops.

  • @hotknees

    Did you check your batteries...sounds like a low voltage problem with the noise and shaking.

    Make sure all batteries are at 4.2v

    Also check what alarms you have set in simplebgc .... might be set to low voltage. ..calibration etc etc

  • @adamfromabove I've spoken to came and they want me to send it back to them. They say the problem is my simple BGC GUI is firmware 2.50b and I need to run 2.46 but I don't know that you can donwngrade.

    I can't believe I need to send this back and can't get this sorted this end but it seems the way it's going to be... I can't justify more time on it.

  • @hotknees, that I know of there was no 2.46 (maybe only as a beta version). My came-mini arrived with fw version 2.43 b9. You can get this gui by going to this link... you can also try 2.43 b6.

    I would urge you to try using gui 2.43 b9 before sending it back.

    Also, if you updated the fw to version 2.50b3, that gui will let you downgrade the fw back to 2.43 b9. Then once 2.43 b9 is flashed you can switch to the 2.43 b9 gui.

  • @adamquesada ok will try but I don't see where I can downgrade.

    I have connected to gimbal and gone to upgrade but the drop down menu is blank. Can't see an option from the file list either.

    Could you tell me how to do it step by step please?

  • Have any of you guys software-adjusted the settings of came mini and how? Despite re-calibration my camera always seems to be not perfectly horizontal. Is that normal?