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Official Low GOP topic, series 2
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  • @driftwood
    Ok, i thought my sandisk card was the top and it isn't, so i will buy a 45mbit, thanx. Only an answer: Is it possible with the hack to have a 720p25 frames for pal users? Don't you think this kind you could get extraordinary mbit and GOP1 together? Maybe you've already thought this and maybe it can't work, but i live in Pal land and I still hope ;)
  • @bardamu Getting 60 i frames or 50 i frames with GOP1 stable is diffficult already! Much harder than 1080p24. Vitaliy has a setting that switches 50 frames to 25 and 60 to 30 which you can check/try out with the 50/60 patches - see AVCHD FPS in patches for end users and give it a go with the current setttings.
  • ok, thanx, i will do
  • @bkmcwd Yep, its solid at AQ1 definitely. But in lowlight AQ1 is falling off a bit too much for me considering its high bitrate, maybe run it at AQ1 and for those lowlight scenes use it at AQ2. We need an AQ1.5 ;) Maybe @driftwood knows what the QP would be for that roughly then we could manually set it instead of using the AQ settings.

    What I'd like to see is any setting, any at all that records a stream for a good length (about 1-2 minutes) that averages around or above 170Mbps just to make sure that its a card speed issue and not the camera. I'm pretty sure that if the camera can do it then someone here will have a shot thats done it, if it can be done. A static shot won't really prove it though, there has to be motion in the shot.
  • @driftwood , Does iDynamic work with QuantMeBaby
  • @PerryWilson Havennt had time to try it out :-)
  • I cant try it either because it chooses to do it whenever it wants... so IDK i guess it doesnt like low light... and thats all I every get to test after a work day
  • @Driftwood, Nick testing your last GOP1 720p50 and for now no crash with Sandisk 45MB/s. card but i don't like the motion in panning situation, is not so fluId on camera playback, tomorrow i want to test on mac.
  • **NEW SETTING** 'Driftwood 'GOPStoppa' ver 1.
    For PAL& NTSC Land. Includes;-

    1. GOP1 INTRA 1080p24 176M,
    2. GOP1 1080/25pW (50i Wrapper) 128M,
    3. GOP1 720p50 128M,
    4. GOP1 1080/24pW (60i Wrapper)128M (WiP),
    5. GOP3 720p60* 128M (Work in Progress).

    *Yep, its GOP3 for now on 720p60.
    Expect bitrate lowering & higher i frames on the 60FSH/SH settings soon!
    Driftwood 'GOPStoppa' GOP1 INTRA All settings except GOP3 720p60 -
  • @Ulisse Its tough trying to keep all settings working in one patch... believe. Let me know how you get on on the Mac - seems ok for me.
  • Thank you.
  • Yes i know your hard work Nick, only want report what i see.;)
  • @Ulisse Also see the quick 720/50p vimeo test on the other page to see what you think.
  • @Driftwood, give me the direct link pls, i'm in hotel on ipad and can't see the linked page.
  • @driftwood is there any difference in the 1080 24p setting in QuantMeBaby and the new GOPstoppa?
  • @PerryWilson not yet - havent played with some new ideas but will do this week. Just wanted to get a base lowest GOP complete patch and work from there - hence GOPStoppa.
  • Right gotta split, filming in London tomoz so need some rest :-)
  • ok just checking... I dont want my QuantMeBaby to go away so if its the same in this new download Im cool to update to this
  • STOP PRESS!: Quick change for anyone trying 720p - Ive found analysing on Elecard Streameye you get better QP / Macroblocking results the higher you push 'Encoder Setting 4 720' (probs the same for the other modes on setting 4 too) @Vitaliy_Kiselev probably already knows this ? Night!

    Tip: On my latest GOPStoppa patch try changing 'Encoder Setting 4 720' to = 14 or higher
    The above as an example gives much better results than the default. Do it.
  • @Driftwood, ok thx i see it and is really impressive but what i mean is panning left and right on front of a vertical line like wall or something like this.
  • @driftwood don't burn yourself man get some rest, the 176mb/s GOP1 v3 still is king IMO. To everybody reading this let's go out and do some real shooting with those settings cause they have already surpassed our expectations goodnight.
  • @PerryWilson your right that "QuantMeBaby" patch is the ish..
  • SOOOOO 720 60p isnt able to be recorded when using an external monitor? WTF GAY!!!
  • @driftwood "GOP1 1080/25pW (50i Wrapper) 128M "

    I flashed your new GOPStoppa setting to see if finally 1080i and 720p could compete anyhow with wonderful 24p.
    Now i recognized that when I set to 1080i the files that come out still contain two fields - so its still 1080i.
    Did I oversee something? 25p at reasonable quality would be so great in PAL land. Terrible flicker from all the neon and LED´s around.
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