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CAME gimbals
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  • Received the mini gimbal and then the no brand 18650 batteries afterwards. Batteries are 65mm light purple color. before the batteries arrived I tried to setup may gh4 on it, and the rod fell off because no crews was fixed on the position circled red in the photo, so I just screw them and now seems ok, I oso found holes (circled green) underneath but cannot fully screw in so I assume it's ok to leave them?

    Another thing is that I cannot mount GH4 with Pana 12-35mm lens with the front bracket near lens mount coz the bracket size is too tight for the lens to fit in, I tried different ways to compromise but will affect the balancing so I giveup setting up with this lens. So, now I'm setting up with a Oly 9-18mm.

    I tried to auto tune using SimpleBGC GUI but end up with gimbal keep shaking non stop which makes some screws loosen and 1 fell off. So I guess have to check all the screws are tighten from time to time.

    I have no knowledge to tune the PID settings, and the auto tune feature seems failing me, so can some owner of this gimbal share with me the default PID setting?

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  • Thanks for the file sp1inkster

    7hau..could you please photograph the top & bottom of the batteries please? I want to order branded 18650s...but there are so many different types.

    I'll report back when i have batteries to use.

    But Be careful with the batteries... Read up on proper use of unprotected 18650s before you get started.

    Also.. Can you not take the bracket that goes around the front of camera/lens off?

  • Tried to mount the bracket a bit away from lens mount but it still touches the lens zoom rubber ring and oso the height set would oso affect balance of the camera. So I think it's oso quite impossible to add quick release adapter because of the height limit. thus it'll be inconvenient to take out camera and change camera battery.

    About the batteries I read somewhere that IMR batteries are safer than unprotected ICR . just make sure the battery is 65mm.

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  • Thanks for the photo that 65mm plus the button top (nipple) or 65mm total?

    Already wasted £30 on batteries too big!

    I haven't got the 12-35mm to compare if it fits im afraid.

    Ive only tried with the 20mm pancake so far on my gh3.

    I presumed i could turn this on and work with it without having to plug into a computer..

    Sorry i cant report back yet... Had the gimbal for 3weeks now.. And cant use.

    Not seen anyone report favourably yet

  • 65mm is excluding the top button part.

  • @7hau

    please see the default pid settings attached. I tried autotune - it messed everything up, so I went back to default on all 3 profile settings.

    I am using the cheap purple batteries now until I order branded ones. These are the right size, but Im not sure if the discharge rates are different -

    how can I tell??

    Only been playing with it tonight for the first time, think it is almost well balanced, just need some minor tweaks, but the three profiles work pretty well. The simplebgc stuff will take a lot of learning before I can extract some value from it.

    With regards to your missing screws, i thought mine was missing too, but I looked closer and there was the headless alan key screws deep inside the holes. all seems good.

    will keep playing this weekend and report back

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  • Thanks. I dunno the discharge rate of the unbranded batteries but I think the Panasonic battery u posted should be fine. Anyway, maybe this can oso be ur reference- I'm now very sick so I'm gonna play with the gimbal after I get well. Good luck.

  • Finally got batteries and done quick test. In my mind I've got it balanced properly before I switch it on, when I switch it on it leans to the right by about 2 degrees. I press and hold the joystick button and can get it to reset level but it doesn't hold it for long before leaning again. Any ideas?

  • The joystick control is fluid and very responsive and movement while walking is also very smooth

  • Cheesycam got their came-mini, so a review would be up in a few days I think. The instagram video looks fluid.

  • no test Mini Came with Sony A7S 24/70 ?


  • First test. Some minor adjustments to balancing but overall Im very pleased. Technique needs to improve before i'm happy to take this along to paid stuff

  • Thought that was pretty good - pleasing lack of the dreaded 'bounce'

  • nice one! a simple warp in post will make it look smooth even more

  • Yeah left footage raw but it did clean up really well

  • Has anyone successfully ordered batteries (aftermarket, not from Came) that fit and work with the device?

  • Im having trouble with the yaw Axis constantly drifting anti clockwise.

    Anyone know how to fix this issue? Seemed to occur after I tried to invert the gimbal to use upside down.

    It is not the rc, as it continues when rc is disabled..

    Need help please


  • Came mini with GH4 & 7-14 @ 96fps

  • Hallo Has anyone tried this stabilization system with Sony A7S 16-35 lens ? And I want to buy but can not find information about to calibrate, if there are problems with it.I look every day here in the hope that someone will make a presentation, a review this product. is a company that sells in Europe Came-Mini, does anyone know if it is reliable.

    can you give me a recommendation where to buy in europe?

    Is a problem with batteries this product? to her site writes that comes with batteries...must be purchased separately?


  • Regarding batteries, for those that would like to get another set these fit and work great...

    "Efest IMR 18650 2500mAh LiMN Purple Batteries Button Top"

  • Got the Came Mini yesterday. Tried the Gh4 with 12-35 lens, like above posters, not sure how the bracket is supposed to fit. But balanced it and the motors work fine. The camera is not horizontal though. How can I correct that? The gimbal itself is nice, but everything else is so so. Shouldn't be too difficult to produce a stand that can be folded easily, should it? And what's with the awful smell off the foam case? That seems to be toxic material. I got four spare batteries and they were shipped in two flashlights that don't work (???). The instruction manual is really basic. At least the English is understandable. Hope to see some setup videos by the usual suspects, Cheesycam, Tom Antos, Dave Dugdale...

  • I got four spare batteries and they were shipped in two flashlights that don't work (???).

    I think they are hiding the fact that they ship batteries in such way :-)