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GH1, GF1, G2: Reliable In-Camera Playback Settings- Version 2
  • Reliable In-Camera Playback Settings - updated for PTool 3.55d

    As you've no doubt heard, the latest version of PTool 3.55d liberates all previously unhackable versions of GH1 and GF1 cameras. In addition, it provides several new patches that I've been able to incorporate into the Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch, making it more versatile than ever.

    To make use of these new features, download PTool 3.55d from the following link:

    Version 2 of the Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch supports the following features:

    * Works on all Panasonic GH1 and GF1 cameras, both hacked and unhacked.

    * Switchable between NTSC and PAL modes, in all interface languages.

    * No 30-minute AVCHD time limit, all compatible batteries supported.

    * In-camera playback available in all video modes.

    * 40Mbps FHD mode - AVCHD 1920x1080 24p/25p video (interlaced)

    * 40Mbps SH mode - AVCHD 1280x720 50p/60p video (progressive)

    * 35Mbps HD mode - MJPEG 1280x720 30p video in 4:2:2 color

    * 30Mbps VGA mode - MJPEG 960x720 30p video (iPad-compatible)

    Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch Settings File:

    This zipped INI file can be used to apply complete patch settings to firmware loaded into PTool 3.55d. To use, unzip the INI file into the same folder as the PTool application. Launch PTool and load the firmware for GH1 v1.32 or GF1 v1.22. The settings contained in the INI file will automatically be installed in the "J" button at the bottom of the PTool main window.

    Note that with the following PTool Settings File, you may at any time re-install the original Panasonic GH1 v1.32 or GF1 v1.22 firmware into the appropriate camera model. You may also copy each type of patched or original firmware to separate SD cards, and use them to quickly switch between patches as often as you like.
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  • Thanks for this. Just wondering does this have the problem when you go below 1/50th where the picture starts to breakup?

  • Thank you a lot :) Now, if I'm right, you used to recommend the "LPowell: Fast Action 720p30/25" patch as the best one for GF1, even better than the "reliable" one. Are you planning to make V2 of that patch as well, or is this "Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch - Version 2" the best solution for GF1 nowadays? Thanks again :)
  • If you're shooting in PAL SH mode 720p50, setting shutter speed to anything slower than 1/50 second will force the camera to scan the sensor at 25fps and may produce low-quality videos. This is not a side-effect of the hack, it is an inherent property of the camera. To avoid it, make sure to shoot at a shutter speed no slower than your frame rate.
  • The Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch will work on all GH1 and GF1 cameras. However, the GF1 is inherently limited to scanning its sensor at a rate no faster than 30fps. As a result, GF1 SH mode 720p50 and 720p60 videos are actually recorded at 25p and 30p, respectively. These video files contain duplicated frames in order to make them play back at 50p or 60p, as intended.

    The Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch will work on all GH1 and GF1 cameras, but is particularly well-optimized for the GF1. Its SH mode records in native 720p25 and 720p30 formats, without inserting redundant duplicate frames. This patch's 3-frame GOP is also highly useful in recording rapid motion without smeared details. While this patch is currently compatible with PTool 3.55d, I'm working on a GF1-specific Version 2 release that will take advantage of PTool's new features.
  • Great news and thank you for your explanation. I'm mainly interested in photography, but once I installed your Fast Action patch, the video looked so beautiful, that I started to make short movies as well :) Will stay on this patch for now then and will be curious about version 2...thanks again :)
  • Hello, I think the latest firmware is GH1 v1.34. Is this correct? If so, can we reset back to that after hack?
  • >Hello, I think the latest firmware is GH1 v1.34. Is this correct? If so, can we reset back to that after hack?

    This is offtopic here.
    And answer is simple - you can't. And I see no need for this.
  • sorry! :)
    Just afraid I'll do it wrong and won't be able to get it back to the way it was. Newbie paranoia.
  • I was thinking of getting a GF1 because of this hack. But because of the firmware block I had decided not to buy it. Does this hack bypass the GF1 firmware ver1.24 block?
  • @clive77

    Look at this topic title.
    After this go to proper PTool related topic and look at version history page.
  • I've imported this discussion over from dvxuser as Vitaliy prefer all hack discussions here now and i'm cool with that.

    I'm hoping to continue the discussion here.
    Here is the Discussion.

    Rambo Said -
    lpowell, what do you say about reworking the reliable patch with the new ptools, to give 25p on FHD, instead of in an interlaced stream. Surely something that made the V2 Max Lat so reliable would also work on the Reliable patch but keep SH at 50p.

    Thanks R

    lpowell Said -
    It's an intriguing question, Rambo, whether there's a bitrate low enough for Native 25p to work as robustly as the Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch does in non-native mode. I'll see what I can do, though I have a video shoot this weekend and won't be able to take a fresh look at the patch before next week.


    Rambo Said -
    Ok thanks lpowell, i would try it myself only my previous attempt's at modifying your patches have been disastrous. I'm thinking this would complete the range of patches and finally get the interlaced monkey off our back and have a patch that is all progressive based, but 99.99% reliable for those people who just want a mild overclock not a supercharged version like Max Lat V2.

  • in the description it says:

    40Mbps FHD mode - AVCHD 1920x1080 24p/25p video (interlaced) can it be 25p and interlaced?

    2.Can I still film in 50i and unwrap it to 25p?

    3.Do I loose the warranty on the camera using the hack, or can I go back to the original in order to keep the warranty, after testing the hack?

  • @Nic
    In 1080p PAL mode on the GH1, the image sensor is scanned progressively at 25p. However, each 25p frame is then split into a pair of interlaced 50i fields, and encoded into AVCHD. At playback, the file is decoded back into a 50i stream, the player or editor recognizes that the video was originally progressive, and then reconstructs the 50i fields back into a 25p video stream.

    If you simply reinstall Panasonic's original GH1__132.bin firmware back into the GH1, Panasonic will have no way of detecting that the camera was ever hacked.
  • sounds perfect that I can keep my warranty...and still play with the patches :-)

    Regarding my questions regarding 25p and 50i, I love to film nature, with the camera on a tripod with little movement in the picture, and I dont want settings that creates crashes: I read that many of the patches have crash problems exactly under such conditions when shooting 25p native, but not when shooting 50i that then is transformed in 25p in post. thats my reason for asking, in search for a good and stable patch and .ini settings for it. I dont need 100Mbps, 35-40 should do if the reliability is higher
  • @Nic If you are worried about warranty, you probably should stay away from hacking your camera. It is not completely foolproof even though you can go back to original firmware. For example: your camera stops working completely with the hack installed (an unlikely but possible scenario, say you drop it) and you are unable to reload the original firmware, then sending it back to Panasonic can be a problem... Al
  • thx, but I feel contend with the reinstalling option, I was just wondering if it could be done, I plan and hope to be careful :-)
  • @Lpowell says: "At playback, the file is decoded back into a 50i stream, the player or editor recognizes that the video was originally progressive, and then reconstructs the 50i fields back into a 25p video stream."

    I assume this also applies to 24p footage in a 60i wrapper. Given this, I'm curious why folks are so interested in a Native 24p setting. It sounds like it really doesn't matter if the footage is 24p in a 60i wrapper or not. If the 60i wrapper setting is more stable, why not stick with that setting? Can someone please explain to me if there are any advantages to having the "truly" native 24p? Thanks!

  • I video I shot with a GH1 using the reliable hack. The diorama stuff was shot on an Olympus EP-2. The footage is raw from the camera and cut on PowerDirector 9. The setting was AVCHD 60i.

  • i'm now copying this settings in the ptool.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Does this ini files for GF1 and old version of Ptool will work with the latest version ?

    Txs !
  • @lenuisible
    Yes, the GH1 Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch v2 works in all versions of PTool from 3.55d up through the current version.
  • Hey LPowell,

    is there any relevant (IQ-wise) GH1 patch in between the High reliability in-camera playback patch v2 @40Mbit for FullHD AVCHD to the bottom and the Max Lat. Patch on the top?
    I don´t neccesarily need 25p although I wouldn´t mind it. But I have NeoScene and am very happy with that.

    On my Sandisks class10 30MB/s and with the "new codec tests chart PAPPASARTS.jpg" I immediately have issues with my cam hanging. (F5, Iso400). So I´d like to aim a little lower but the next best reliable patch is 60Mbit down? That´s why I´m asking.

    Thanks for your advice!
  • @JackBayer
    If you don't need Native 25p, I'd recommend the 75Mbps GH1 Peak Reliability Patch:

    The next step down in bitrate is the Blackout-Powell Patch, which offers Native 25p:
  • @LPowell
    When reading through various threads here I kind of got the idea, that the 75Mbps was no longer developed or replaced by the MaxLat. patch. Will try it immediately, and also the second one.
    Many thanks!