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GH1, GF1, G2: Reliable In-Camera Playback Settings- Version 2
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  • @Lpowell, thansks for this patch, my camera just kick ass now ...

    here is my last edit

    i made a special thanks for this community .. i'm not activ as i d'ont know nothing about patches .. but i follow you as my best advice on the web ... keep going !

  • @LPowell thanks for the patches!

  • I have a problem. I've tried lots of settings but I still can't change default bitrate in AVCHD. I change value to 40000000, install it on a GF1, but videos are always at ~11500000. Mjpeg settings works perfect, only AVCHD is a problem.

  • @Kozbi

    You need to use patches from the first post.

  • It changes nothing. SH videos have still about 13500000.

  • @Kozbi Try some test videos of dense shrubbery and see if bitrate doesn't increase. The GH2's AVCHD encoder will produce high bitrates only on well-lit, highly detailed, sharp-focus subjects.

  • @LPowell

    You meant GF1 :-) Not GH2.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Good catch, I fixed it. Guess you can see what I've been obsessed with lately!

  • I'll try tomorrow in daylight (now it's night in here :P). I'm a little bit confused because GF1 produces lots noise even on ISO400, so I thought that it's bitrate problem.

  • Unfortunately bitrate is still low even on highly detailed scenes. What is interesting, maximum overall bitrate is 54Mbps.

  • Any ideas what's going on?

  • I don't get it. I've read a lot of good opinions that GF1 records pretty nice after hack. But what I see is a piece of crap (sorry). Up: image, down: video, ISO:1250, MJPEG, 45Mbps. What can I do to improve quality? I thought GF1 (after hack ofc) is only slightly worse than Canon 550D on 720p. But the difference is huge.

  • Try AVCHD

  • I've just discovered that GF1 records pretty well on ISO <=640. Above it, there are lots noise. But I still don't know why all my videos have <16Mbps bitrate in AVCHD. The same scene in MJPEG has full 45Mbps, Canon 550D also similar.

  • AVCHD and MJPEG have little to do with one another. AVCHD is the latest generation of inter frame video compression while MJPEG is a codec based on a photo compression codec that is almost 20 years old. That's why AVCHD can do much better than MJPEG while at the same time getting bitrates that are orders of magnitude smaller.

  • Does this mean with this hack the GF1 can do 1080/24P (or 25p) @ 40mbps ?

    Or some modes from the hack are GH1 only?

  • what does it mean "all compatible batteries supported" ? can display the juice remaining of 3rd party batteries?

  • just re the batteries, I'm asking because here ( it sounds like the GF2 is more fussy than newer G3 about 3rd party batteries and wonder if that's what the description of the patch refers to.

  • @Anentropic Sorry, the hack can't make the GF1 do what GF1's can't do.

  • Here is an verry good patch by LPowell working on GF1 :

    108 Mb/s en avchd!

    Don't forget check "manual movie modes"

    Thanks LPowell!

  • I just discovered that if you use the Reliable In-Camera Playback in a GH1 then run the footage through Neoscene to convert it to 4:2:2 the audio is not in the resulting .avi file. The audio is present before processing with Neoscene and plays back in the camera. With a stock GH1 the audio is present in after processing with Neoscene. Do you think a setting can be changed in Ptool to allow the audio to work after Neoscene?

  • @LPowell: First of all thank you for your work. Are there any differences between the first version of the Reliable In-Camera Playback Patch and Version 2? Which are the differences? Is it useful to update? Was version 1 native 25? I am using Pal. Thank you

  • Hello,

    i want to thank Lpowell for your patch.

    But i got some issues.

    i can't see AVCHD FHD option in my GF1. I have only SH, H and L.

    i can see in your first post description:

    • In-camera playback available in all video modes.

    • 40Mbps FHD mode - AVCHD 1920x1080 24p/25p video (interlaced)

    • 40Mbps SH mode - AVCHD 1280x720 50p/60p video (progressive)

    This patch should add AVCHD FHD mode. I can't see it in my quick menu or menu option both of my GF1. Why?

    And i would like to make some slow motion video. WHat's better? this Reliable In-Camera v2 or Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch. And what video mode should i use for that? i heard 720p60 if that 's possible (only with Reliable In-Camera because of doubles frames?)

    Thanks in advance


  • @krixoff Unlike the GH1, the GF1 lacks 1080p24 FHD mode and only records at 30fps in 720p60 SH mode. No hack can give the GF1 these capabilities. It's still a very capable camera, however, and I recommend using it with my Fast Action 3-Frame GOP patch:

  • thanks for your fast reply Lpowell.

    In fact, i have 3 GF1. 2 are hacked (both Reliable v2 and gop3 v2, and the last is not hacked).