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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @jjj_ri_usa, I don't have anything 4k but my GH4. I recently bought an HD projector for my living room... so, 4k viewing experience? Not in a near future.

    The point is to shoot everything with the best quality I can afford and time and memories of my life will pay me back.

    ps - in your case, shooting everything at 96fps could also be an option - great slow motions with water!

  • @jjj_ri_usa - set your shutter to 180degrees. that way you'll keep a proper shutter relationship whatever speed you use

  • Yes, you can test if 24p with 1/200th will work for you with your GH3. Obviously the 4K would just be higher res (and with a bit more rolling shutter, and a 2.3x crop instead of 2x). The video will definitely be stuttery/strobey though, and my guess would be that the stills will still be too blurry. You could try adding motion blur in AE to simulate a slower shutter but with such complex motion (water splashing), I doubt the results will be satisfactory.

  • Thanks to all for GH4 advice. I'm agreeing with all of it. :-) I agree 1/200 is not going to be fast enough for the stills. I agree it is a good idea to shoot with the highest res now, just to capture at the best res and make the captured clips as future proof as possible. I'm beginning to wonder if it is really possible to use the GH4 for video with fast action and also pull any worthwhile stills? It seems you would either have to set the shutter speed so fast that the video would be stuttery (but the stills might freeze motion), or, get a good cadence in the video but have blurry stills, especially shooting 4K at 24 fps!

    I always shoot my stills in RAW. So, if my wife will agree to this plan, I think we will also rent the Oly 75mm f1.8, and put that on the GH3, and my wife will shoot all the stills with the highest shutter speed we can use without pushing ISO 'too high'. The f1.8 aperture will help out a lot. Our fastest lens that has any reach is the 35-100 f2.8. This will be an indoor meet at MIT's Zesiger Aquatic Center, so, we need the fastest aperture we can get. The Oly 75 is not stabilized, but...if we can make the SS fast enough, maybe my wife can get some good stills?

    I will use the GH4 with the 35-100 and shoot 4k video at a SS=1/60. I will miss the ability to do Slow Motion, but...shooting at 4K, there just doesn't seem to be any options. I may use the 96fps suggested by @jopereira (but I've heard it has poor, 720p like resolution?). So, I may fall back and use the GH4 at 1080p 60fps for some clips, like maybe the warm-up Sprints to capture the practice starts? But, I wonder if the GH4 at 1080p/60 is really that much better than the GH3 at 1080p/60? I guess we'll find out in about a month. :-)

  • I used 480s shutter on my GH4 to video a Grand Prix Equestrian Event. There were no ill effects at all but it was so sunny that I also had to also use f/8 on my 35-100 lens. Use your LCD to monitor the result, then adjust for available light.

    The 96fps option is very limited in duration. It is much better to just play back in slow motion with VLC Media Player.

  • I was able to capture a timelapse of a winter storm we had in WV with my gh4

  • @jjj_ri_usa. You may want to use the GH4 4K photo mode to take video and pull stills from that. works real well.

  • Been out in the cold the past couple of days with my GH4 and put this together.

  • @natureflixs WOW !!!

    We could trade. I've been wearing shorts in 55 - 65 degress here in SLC when we should be snowboarding.

    Great images there Mark

    Cheers, Pete

  • I have a question about mapping fn button shortcuts. If there's a function that I'd like as a shortcut but that doesn't appear in the list when you access the mapping menu, can I assume I won't be able to program that as a short cut? What I'd like to do is to be able to turn on/off hdmi overlays with a single button - I have a ninja blade that I'd like to use the Gh4 thirds overlay on for composition, but then turn off before shooting.

  • mrbill The overlays will show up on an external monitor unless you turn them off on the camera with the info button. They do not show up on the recording.

  • Thanks - another way to do it!

  • some GH4 anamorphic footage:

  • Some GH4 skateboarding

  • Shot this with a comination of gh4, gh2, 20mm pancake and canon fd 50mm.

  • GH4 with some green screen works

  • @Donzo Nice private video we can't see!

  • sorry guys I changed from private

  • Hey guys,

    Andrew Reid over at EOSHD keeps dropping hints about a "major" firmware upgrade for the GH4. Knowing his tendency to inflate things my guess is that this will just be V-LOG, but there were also murmurs of RAW video output to external recorder for the GH4 from Panasonic at one point.

    Anyone heard any rumours about firmware v3?

    If it were RAW output, how would that work? Can HDMI even handle RAW or would it need the YAGH?

    I'm inclined to believe something good is on the way as I know Reid has contacts at Panasonic, but what it is I have no idea ...

  • Andrew Reid over at EOSHD keeps dropping hints about a "major" firmware upgrade for the GH4.

    Get my good advice - just ignore him. Saves time and nerves.

    As for firmware update - rumors will surface as it'll be near completion, if anything serious is planned (and I have big doubts here).

  • @nosignal which angle is which camera?

  • @discomandavis Let me guess; wide is GH4 & closeup is GH2. I own both and the wide shot has that slightly cleaner look with lighter skin tones.

  • Forgive me if this has come up already, but when i switch into any 24p mode, i lose AF. same for 24.00 & 59.97 glitch? or some conflicting setting?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Agree with your statements in part. But very recently Illya Friedman from Hotrod Cameras made some posts about this. Below

    Can't see what shooting V-log on the GH4 will get you other than destroying the color data and a lot of extra work in post. But hey seems like everyone is screaming for it so to each their own.

    Illya Friedman:
    You'll see, and I have a feeling you will be a big proponent for the benefits of V-log after you see the results for yourself.
    The release date rumor from a couple pages back is false. (about the GH4)

    Do you have a vague idea what the release date is then?

    Illya Friedman:
    I do. But I'm not saying.

    So I dont think its an unfounded rumour, I dont think they are both speculating, plus Andrew Reid has been right about a few upcoming products.

    At the end of the day tho, I am not holding my breath. Just my "Personal View" but I think they should open up at least part of the code so people can write apps or make adjustments to the internal functions.

    I really feel if they continue to keep everything inhouse, they will eventually get eaten alive by Samsung. Just my view...probably wont least anytime soon.

    But they might do well to move more into the Computer/Tablet age...encourage 3rd party development etc... after all the hack kept the GH2 interest up for several years.

  • @Astro

    It is long known and open that Panasonic wanted to add V-log, as far as I remember it was said by recorders developers. But I do not see here any new rumors or speculations.

    I really feel if they continue to keep everything inhouse, they will eventually get eaten alive by Samsung. Just my view...probably wont least anytime soon.

    It big and good hope. I mean about Panasonic impotent management being eaten by Samsung alive.