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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Latest wedding video shot with 90% GH4 and 10% on GH3

    Natural setting on both cameras to match. GH4 was 4k and 1080 mix and GH3 was 1080 obvoiously.

    Graded with Impulz lut tetrachrome

  • Panasonic confirmation of new GH4 firmware and Atomos Shogun compatible HDMI features, but delayed until January 2015.

  • Hello Personal View!

    Just wanted to share with you two pieces we put together utilizing the Panasonic GH4. Take a look!

  • Atomos Shogun tested side by side with internal codec. Original files in description for download to test grade, I'm impressed when I graded the original files but not $2000 impressed.

  • The GH4 needs a hack PERIOD.

    this is color matrix problem.

    hack not for bitrate, we have 10bit output and the bitrate we like with shogun piece of shit hardware cheapo.

    This is intentionally done by panasonic.

    we need the hack for proper intra matrixes not this 8x8 matrix scam. 2x2 4x4 is nice, giving textures with character like gh2 could be achived.

    hack this ? So powerfull panasonic?

  • @endotoxic

    What is all this mix of things having little sense? What is done?

    Do you understand how encoder work and that things you reference mean?

  • Very little difference to my eye between the two.

  • Perhaps because it is meant for heavy post-prod that doesn't lie in the quality of the end result but rather on the quantity of time spent on every shot. Both original and shogun footage will give you almost (I insist on almost) no difference in the end if you do a chromakey green-screen, admitting you know how to make a chromakey, not just by picking a color but by knowing how to rotoscope properly, do a garbage matte, and knowing how keyer works. The actual difference you'll see, is on the time you spent to achieve what you wanted. Same goes for grading with 10bit. It doesn't make you footage look suddenly beautiful, it just give you less headache by having to constantly draw hundreds of masks.

  • Drawing hundreds of masks for 8 bit vs 10 bit colour grading? I have not laughed so hard for years. I think it might be time for some sensible comments in this topic.

  • I've been shooting in low light with my GH4, but see a lot of noise. What techniques do people recommend to minimize noise (apart from obvious ones such as lowering shutter speed to 40 fps, fast lens, adding light, etc.) Is it better to shoot 4K then downsample, or shoot at 1080p to reduce noise?

  • @ahbleza What settings are you using?

  • It sounds obvious but - never underexpose. Always better to raise ISO so that exposure is correct (or between 0 and -2) than underexpose below -3.

  • Typically, I use i.Dynamic Auto, i.Resolution Standard, Photo Style Standard, Rec Format MOV, FHD, 100M, 50p, 40 fps, ISO 3200. I'm attaching a screenshot.

    1926 x 1133 - 461K
  • Ok- for less noise - don't use iDynamic - at all. Unless in very good light. Also - dial down saturation as the red looks clipped hard. I resolution is fine at low settings - in good light only.

  • In my eyes GH4 NR is not good. I use -5 because 0 is muddy and weird looking at high iso. 4k NR -5 looks quite good when downsampled to fullhd, much better than plain 1080p.

  • Anyone know if you can take stills while in creative movie mode with a button press?

  • Thanks everyone! I'll reduce saturation (will check on scopes), then use -5 NR at 4K.

  • gh4 is such a shit cinematic device compared to vitalie's GH13. I mean its good on video end but sorry 200iso is no help to pro work.

  • @waqarch - what do you mean by 200iso 'is no help to pro work'?

  • Ahhh, the comedy begins!

  • So is it possible to output 1080i on hdmi connector? I need that, because my switcher only supports i resolutions. :(

  • ... rod is designed to fish...

  • Atleast the Shogun GH4 combo delivers what you'd expect. The color resolution is significantly improved, you only notice on original files at 100% though. Prores native capture is a big plus too. Still not $2000 justifiable, I'd pay 600 for a 4k recorder with no screen. Just me?

  • Where can I find 4k .mov clips straight from the GH4 for downloading? I do not have a GH4 and I would like to see how my pc and my video editing program handle this files.

  • You are welcome to download this 4k .mov clip which is straight from the camera. You will have to follow the link to the Vimeo site. The password is gh4test.