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Official GH1 "Lenin" Hack Project Discussion
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  • @Blackout PD has no more GH1. Not sure if it's been officially out of production.
  • >probably some cameras have better noise performance but I think this is due to random unit variations during the production and nothing to do if they where manufactured in 2011.

    Generally, sensor production improves other time (this is true for almost any chips), especially this is true for Panasonic MOS. I do not mean here dramatic improvements, as this is same sensor, but engineers normally learn to make better products using same technology with time.
  • +1. I tried 09 June and 10 Dec units. The latter had less FPN issue. I will try out 11 Apr unit soon.

    The silent sensor improvement happened on GH2, too.
  • Just got my GH1 from B&H. Serial WE1CA. Is this a 2011 model?
  • The third digit references the year. "0" = 2010, "1" = "2011". WE"1"CA means yes, it is 2011.
  • GH1 arrived from B&H today, it is a 2011. WE1CA Bodies still in stock $399.00... Hope this is not too off topic. Best to all.
  • So every single GH1 from Adorama is a 2011 model?

    This is the link?
  • My GH1 from B&H arrived two weeks ago; it's a WE1AA serial number. It accepted the hack just fine; huge difference in video image quality! I've got another GH1 en route from Adorama, so I'll report on whether the hack works on that one too. Thanks to Vitaliy! I donated!
  • Pany discontinued Gh1 so ebay prices are going to explode get while you can:)
  • Just out of interest, how does GH1& GH2 CPU compare? I think GH2 has triple-core. Therefore if GH1 doesn't, might hacked GH2 potentially have better video quality than GH1?
  • GH13 > GH2 > GH1

    GH23? We don't know yet. I'm more interested in installing multiple patches and picking one on the fly. :)
  • Are ebay prices really going to "explode"? I feel like the new hack is going to lower prices.
  • Can somebody help me? Tried to patch up my GH1 serial number WE0SD001083 made in China and purchased in Amsterdam with the newest Ptool. Did all the advice and tricks from your forum (full battery, combinations with version increment, prevent version and variable combination of numbers, same in save, etc.) I could think of. Keep getting “no valid picture..”. Maybe something to do with a lens firmware update (1.2 to 1.3) I made before? Please do not be offended if I can not react instantly cause I am living in the jungle of the island of Koh Chang in Thailand where I can only be online at internet shops in the tourist areas. Thank you for your attention.
  • @stanislaus....if you're recording in mjpeg, it's possible that your upgrade is to a video format not readable in camera. Try an AVCHD format or try reading the card via your computer instead.
  • my new gh13 is working perfect.
    thank you vitaliy.
  • PTool 3.56d released

    Download page:

    Version history page (contains all changes):

    P.S. All changes concern GF1 and G2 only.
  • Is it safe to download the 1.32 firmware from the Panasonic site?
  • >Is it safe to download the 1.32 firmware from the Panasonic site?

    Of course.
  • Thanks. I will use the latest PTool when I switch to one of lpowell's patches on GH1 although the new version seems to have no change on GH1. I guess the general rule is to use the latest PTool.
  • Just small notice for whose who want to get one of last GH1 bodies.

    In B&H if you purchase the GH1 body ($399) you will get $100 on any Panasonic m43 lens you buy.
    Just click on “Save $100 on Select Panasonic Lenses” to see the deal.
    Same deal is available at Amazon and Adorama.
  • B&H sold out. Adorama sells GH1 + 14-45 at $599.90!!! I ordered it at $650 today. Definitely getting $50 discount tomorrow.

    Edit: Got it. Apply 3% cashback via Net total around $580. Very good deal. The lens itself is $300. GH1 could be sold out everywhere this week. Even today.
  • Hey guys!
    First off just want to thank Vitaliy for opening all these doors for me.
    I just completed Andrew Reids step by step on the gh1 hack and I'm currently running off his Pixelphile NTSC Indy Filmmaker Settings. He says it's native to 24p but that it also offers a 60fps setting. Trouble is I can't find it and I wanted to test out the slow motion shooting.
  • Thanks Vitaliy. Have enjoyed my japanese GF1 in english and with great video for several weeks now. Have contributed a modest amount for future projects. Thanks!