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CAME gimbals
  • Wanted to finally make separate topic.

    Available on deals at

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  • Finally :-)

  • has anybody had any experience with a cane as well a dji ronin? i'm just trying to know the pro/cons of each. I know weight would probably be #1 on the list. Could the came 8000 or 7800 hold as wide of range of cameras as the ronin, instead of just the bigger cams (red, bmcc) (i'm more specifically asking about the 8000, but the details may not be known yet)

  • I have birdycam. These Came gimbals are just not as well engineered as the birdy, which is pretty much toolless and way easier to balance. Birdy has a few issues and while not as heavy or strong as a ronin, it is pretty robust. I will be using it with a bmcc and tokina 11-16 lens as well as a gh2 with pancake. The bmcc with a big lens is right at the edge of what it can handle.

    I'm still finetuning the basecamp pid settings, and I'm close to the flight I want. The birdy does work out of the box with a middle weight dslr. You can be up and flying in minutes and be 90% of the way there. The tuning takes time.

    I'll be doing a huge review of all this in the near future

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I see the CAME gimbals are on the Personal View deals right now, will they be a regular thing (once every few weeks/months, like the other products are)?

  • will they be a regular thing (once every few weeks/months, like the other products are)?

    Do not know. Hope so if it'll be some demand.

  • So are there any new experiences the CAME 7800? I'm thinking about buying it in the next 2 months or so

  • Same here..... would love to hear what experinces people were having with it. I would also like to know more about the differences between 7800 and 7500. Is it worth the extra?

  • I'm actually interested in the CAME 8000, too, since that can be more rentable since it can accommodate BMCC and RED

  • Alright, looks like there are some new videos for the CAME 8000!


    In use with and without the CAME Steadicam vest:

  • Came-Mini for GH4/A7s mirrorless camera

    Work with small camera just like GH4, A7S and smaller Cameras.

    Price around $880



    747 x 617 - 47K
    739 x 710 - 51K
  • O dear.... I just bought. The price quickly rises in the next few days and it comes with case and stand for 899. I will update topic with how I get on but it won't be delivered until after the 16th of February

  • Such bad timing! As the production I'm on just purchased a CAME 7500 for the feature film I'm the DoP on. I think this might have been a better deal?

    What is the max payload?

    Is it 32 bit?

    Kinda tempted to get the CAME-MINI anyway just for myself.

  • Interesting.... seems they originally called it "CAME-SMART" then changed their mind to "CAME-MINI":

  • Comparison of the CAME-TV 7800 to the Movi M5:

  • The mini looks cool. But what's the deal with that plate / bar in front of the camera? It looks like it goes around the lens...?

  • Crap I was very late, but also ordered the Came-Mini.

  • Any experience with came mini vs nebula 4000?

  • it will not ship until the 16th of FEB

  • Ok thanks!!

  • Orders delayed til after 3rd of March now.

  • Final version looking good

    1080 x 1920 - 528K