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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • I couldn't grab the files either. It just doesn't work with my browsers security settings, and any site that doesn't work under those conditions, any site that needs me to relax my security settings, is suspect.

  • Sir Driftwood, would you add a 'Space' version based in your newer and smooth Moon T9? Please come back, we all are missing you! Have a nice day.

  • I'm still proud owner of GH2 and can't wait for the next release of the amazing work. Looking forward to the Moon T9.

  • Looking forward for MOOn T9..yessss... but i request to add a lite version of moon t9 as well.. A 100mbps version of the Moon t9 with all I frames... please do reduce the bitrate and increase the quality.. ;)

  • "reduce the bitrate and increase the quality"

    You do realize that using the same codec and sticking to I-frame only, those two goals are largely at cross purposes, yes?

  • All that endless bitrate... The picture, the picture!!! Switch to RETRO mode, disregard the yellowish/sepia tones, look at the shadows and the softness of the details - that's what GH2 needs in Movie mode! And it has it inside, but needs some of its parameters and characteristics to be used in the Movie mode. Why do I think I'll be misunderstood?!?

  • @Gardner Trailer is very good.

  • Agree 100%, EXCELLENT trailer @Gardner!!! Was it all shot with Moon T8?

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks man, it took forever to finish the film! @Tjabo No I shot the majority of the film with Intravenous V2 and Spizz T7 some.

  • @Gardner it looks amazing! what lenses have you used?

  • @Gardner Man that is one solid trailer, so much suspense built just with such subtle suggestions. Really chilling, well done!

  • @Brumbazz Thanks man! @AlbertZ Mainly Nikor 50 1.2 and Voigt 25 .95.

  • @Gardner, what the heck is that? I love it! Partially because I have no idea what I just watched. Lol

    Did you shoot this and your film trailer with Moon T8?

  • @Tjabo Well where to start! Dogme 95 was a movement started by one of my favorite directors Lars Von Trier. The Dogme was basically guidelines for filmmakers to follow when creating their films! I shot this piece at the Outer Banks in North Carolina all with Spizz T7 and I titled it "Dogme 95" after the Manifesto.

    The music is by an independent artist by the name of Johnny_Ripper, love his work! I felt the music went well with the piece so I put it together and made sure that he allowed me to do so. I like to put pieces like this together randomly so yea half of the time you won't know what you're watching but you'll be engaged (hopefully)! lol

  • @gardner what do you use to get such a smooth video? nice work

  • @arson519 Shoot high frames, slow it down, and stabilize! Slow MO makes it easier to stabilize without all the distortion, even though I tend to lean more towards the "shaky cam" look for some pieces, I use this stabilization technique when I film my weddings!

  • @Gardner, are you sure slow mo and stabilization are allowed under Dogme 95?

    Nice clip though :-)

  • @Brumbazz Not sure but all the footage was handheld and technically there was no special FX :)

  • @Gardner, thanks for the info, I did find the Dogme 95 project to be really engaging! Something about the old sounding audio working well with the visuals.

    I didn't see your answer about the trailer before, thanks for that also!

  • Super short 'action sequence' test.

  • Not a fan of rap that much anymore but paid work is paid work! Here's a music video I shot two days ago with Spizz T7 once again.

  • Hello, new here, but was hoping to get some help in the right direction. Just recently bought a GH2 & wanting to hack it, can someone shoot me a pm or something on how to put the hack on my camera. I'm looking at the Spizz T7 and the Moon T7. Also @Gardner, nice work. Thanks, look forward to posting some stuff soon.

  • @KeyserSoze1001 The FAQs on this site have a step by step on how to hack GH2. You can find FAQs on top of thia sites's page. You're in for some good times and great footage. Moon T7 is one of the more popular hack setting choices, and a great place to start. Welcome aboard.