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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Grade test with the trustworthy Voigtlander 25mm

  • We tested it with the camera gain at the lowest setting of -12dB with the limiter off. It has excellent low THD+N and a very high signal to noise ratio of 78dB at the maximum -29dBu input level. What is even more impressive is the frequency response of 70Hz to 20kHz (-3dB down points). This is where most DSLR cameras suffer – usually dropping off at 140Hz or so. The limiter works remarkably well at avoiding clipping with hot inputs. With the limiter on the S/N ratio drops a bit to 72dB but is still excellent. However, the frequency response improves to 30Hz to 20kHz which is remarkable for a DSLR camera.

  • Version 2.1 will be released to enhance the performance and controllability with upgraded functions of HDMI output, which will be highly valued in professional video production.

    • Time code and RSS(Recording Start/Stop) signal can be embedded to the HDMI output signal. Available when DMC-GH4 or DMW-YAGH are connected with the products of Atomos Global Pty. Ltd. or the products complying with the extended specifications of Atomos Global Pty. Ltd..
    • FHD at 30p/25p native output via HDMI is available while recording video in FHD at 30p/25p.
    • FHD at 30PsF(Over 60i) / 25PsF(Over 50i) output via SDI is available while recording video in FHD at 30p/25p.

  • Great news ... for YAGH users.

  • Available when DMC-GH4 OR DMW-YAGH are connected... I think what that means is that the limiting factor is that you have to have an Atomos product connected for that feature to work. You can come directly out of the camera or through the YAGH.

  • If I understand very well it's not only for YAGH users. It's embedded in the HDMI output signal, furthermore

    It says when GH4 OR YAGH are connected with the products of Atomos Global.

    I guess we just have to wait and see

  • V-log... mmmm nice....

  • Sounds to me like I will be able to get the same video recording with the 2.1 firmware that I can already get with my Atomos Ninja II.

    FHD is only 1920x1080 resolution.

    So why pay >$2000 for a Shogun and more for the media needed? I already have a very good 7" external monitor.

  • @RRRoger - because the Shogun has 4K external recording to Pro Res.

  • V-log is great to have, but I doubt it will be the best choice in most situations without 10 bit uncompressed.

  • I agree ...

  • Honestly, something like v log is only interesting if it can eek more out of the sensor than current profiles do. Is there actually an expectation of that? If it results in a "flatness" that maintains high levels of noise in the shadows and doesn't improve the harsh clipping of the highlights, not much point. We've already learned in the early days that all -5 and cranking the shadows and highlights can result in a lot of ugliness.

    Perhaps a different codec can access more range from the sensor... Or exploit the sensors information dramatically differently? Would be grand. Skeptical.

  • I think it's no coincidence that they seem to have waited until the launch of the Atomos to add V-log. If I were in charge of these things at Panasonic I would have it disabled unless an external recorder was functioning. The last thing they would want is GH4 to be associated with noisy, ugly footage from amateur 'filmmakers' the world over.

  • I assume 96fps will remain internal recording only..

  • Vlog is a lot more flatter than Cine D profile

  • Unfortunately the new V-log won't be included in this upcoming firmware…. :(

  • too bad :(

  • I'm still waiting on 24fps to be enabled in the new aspect ratios feature for anamorphic shooting. I also read and saw on youtube that when connecting an external viewing monitor in the hdmi when using the new apsect ratios, it somehow switches to default mode at 16:9

    These 2 so far are my biggest concerns Panasonic!

  • V-Log that's awesome.. Panasonic is really making the GH4 a camera to be recon with 422 10bit + 4K + V-Log that's it. Now the only that that I'm waiting for is a cheaper 1080 60p external recorder, one without all extra barebone.