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35-100mm F2.8 X lens topic
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  • I am still hoping panasonic will fix ois jitter issue on the 35-100. In meantime I am using the 45-175 on my gh4 or 12-35 in etc mode.

  • Regards to the 35-100mm OIS jitter, is there a official channel we can raise the issue up to Panasonic. Perhaps, just perhaps, if more people raise up the issue, Panasonic might offer a fix.

  • I mentioned the issue to my Panasonic contact back in October 2013. I sent links to movies (including my own) and this thread. I never received acknowledgement of the issue (like I did with the 12-35mm jitter issue).

  • I'm having this problem big time with my new 35-100 with OIS ON. Has anyone gotten panny to replace a broken lens? It's clear to me that the lens is broken. I tested this at 35mm and my 12-35 at 35mm and the difference is night and day (no problem on the 12-35).

  • I think a few have brought the issue to Panasonic attention but sadly Panasonic don't think its a problem. Reckon most people are using this lens for stills than motion. It's a pity though, a great lens with a great focal range, except for the terrible OIS jitter

    I just bought the panasonic 42.5mm f1.2. The OIS works great! It's really cool to handheld it with a f1,2 aperture.

  • I have the same issues with micro jitter. I almost sent my 35-100 back, but then saw that this is a common problem. It's a pity that Panasonic released a lens with such poor OIS. It's barely OK for stills, and about useless for handheld video. The only way to get acceptable video from the 35-100 is to use at least a monopod. I was very angry about this for a long time since this is by far the most expensive lens I ever bought. So, lesson learned: from now on I will scour the web for users' reviews (like here on PV). Panasonic has designed and built a lemon of a lens. They should advertise the fact that the OIS is useless for video. This has made me very wary of any other Panasonic products. I can't believe that Panny didn't know of this issue before releasing the lens. They just don't seem to care how many people they alienate with false advertising about their "Power OIS". It surely seems to be a design flaw in the lens/OIS system.

  • The jitter can be controlled to a degree by moving with the camera gently and not trying to maintain a solid shot. I've found a little pivot with the hips keeps it at bay for a very short time. The 14-140 power ois is great by comparison, at 100 it is effortless

  • Yes, and a little bit of post processing stabilization in Premiere Pro eliminates the majority of the issues. The clips in this shot were made with the 12-35 and 35-100 all hand held (the 35-100 are in the 2nd half). note that the shaky clip of about 5 seconds at the very end was at 100 mm and with Ex Tele on. Otherwise, the Warp Stabilizer in PP does a good job.

    I may have been too harsh in calling the 35-100 a 'lemon'. It is crazy sharp and the jitter can be essentially eliminated in post, but, as you say, the 14-140 is FAR better stabilized.

    If you use a small travel monopod, the results from the 35-100 (with OIS ON) is fine. But, hand held: just be prepared to use Warp Stabilizer in post.

  • I used a 35-100 with my GH4 to make a video of a Grand Prix Equestrian Event and was very pleased with the performance. DFD (Depth from Defocus) work really well with this lens. I panned with a movie head on my TriPod. It far outperformed a more expensive Nikkor mounted on a D800e that I used the year before.

  • I sent my 35-100 to panasonic in Thailand. They determined it was functioning as designed and the same as their in-house unit. I have pretty bad juggles on that thing when hand holding. They said this was due to the heavy lens components inside.

  • Crazy... I was so going to buy this lens, to replace my 45-175mm (good lens, but too slow...).

    However the stabilization on this quite inexpensive lens is ok. Thanks to you guys I'm not pulling the trigger on the 35-100.

    Especially if all Panasonic has to say for its defense is "we just made a 1,000 $ lens with shxxxx stabilization".

  • They determined it was functioning as designed and the same as their in-house unit. I have pretty bad juggles on that thing when hand holding. They said this was due to the heavy lens components inside.

    LOL. I think they tell that blur in faulty lenses are caused by "many big non ideal lenses inside" :-)

  • I bought my lens in the UK (I live in sweden). Sent it to the official pana service center in Sweden, which in turn had to send it down to the German service center. They replaced some of the optics, it now seems to work as advertised. Had no issues with pana refusing the repair, other than that it took a few weeks for them to fix it (as to be expected).

  • Panasonic should acknowledge this default and standardize the fixing, just like they did with the GH4 audio buzz :/

  • Panasonic should acknowledge this default and standardize the fixing, just like they did with the GH4 audio buzz :/

    Modern service is made for very infrequent repairs and fixes. Result of constantly reducing service expenses.
    If any issue is common company tries to avoid service as any costs while it can (see Nikon latest things as example).

  • I totally agree with that.

    However, with the internet being such a small place for photo/videographers, rumors of such an expensive zoom lens bearing such a big flaw, could end up being quite bad for their reputation + sales eventually :/

  • So Panasonic service centre can fix this issue?

    @Gamer_s, are you saying Panasonic has fixed your lens jitter problems?

  • This is really stupid if Panasonic can and has fixed the jitter problem with this lens. Why didn't they just come out and issue a fix for it especially it's their "X series" line they are trying to build. I really wanted to buy this lens but back off after seeing lots of videos about it and hearing lots of people complain about it. @Gamer_s, can you please confirm that for sure they have fixed it.

  • @Gamer_s - perhaps you could post a sample hand-held movie? A nice zoomed in shot should illustrate the fix! ETC mode also shows the issue well.

  • That would be great - so far it sounded like the jitter was inherent to the product. Not a problem that could be fixed.

  • I'll try to upload a before/after video tomorrow

  • Per Gamer_s, I'd love to see an example of the OIS working as advertised.

    The OIS is quite acceptable on my 12-35 and 14-140, and I'd buy the 35-100 in a heartbeat if I could get one with functional OIS.

  • any update on the fix? cheers

  • One more owner of 35-100 f2.8 has reported the OIS jitter issue.

  • Vesko previously posted my first video. I have added another (that was not shot with Tele-Ex, plus it compares with only 45-150, both at approx 45mm and at approx 100mm):

    Hi, I added a video to vimeo to show the issue of Micro Jitter on the Panasonic 35-100. This is basically a Power OIS flaw that shows itself clearly when doing handheld video with stabilization enabled. This issue is fairly widely reported, and similar issues have been reported for the Panasonic 14-140. Earlier the issue was apparent on Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 as well, but Panasonic did provide a firmware fix to that particular lens. It seems logical that similar fixes could be done for these two other lenses as well, but Panasonic has so far not acknowledged the problem. This is perhaps because a large percentage of users are mainly taking photos, not shooting video, so it has not so far affected ratings or most reviews to a large degree. (It works fine for photos)

    Comparing 4 lenses, around 35-45mm, to see how each handle in terms of OIS when used handheld. Shot with GH3 in Ex-tele mode (which zooms in), then Premiere was used to crop into 4 different squares. All were shot at 24fps w/125 shutter speed, 1000 iso, and either f4 or f5.6 aperture. Original clips were stored in 1080p24 at 50mbps. Absolutely no processing of the video was done other than cropping.

    As is evident, the 35-100 has a very clear micro jitter issue, while even a cheap 14-42 kit lens does not.

    Lenses in test: Panasonic Leica 42.5mm f1.2 "Nocticron" Panasonic 45-150 f4-5.6 (shot at 45mm) Panasonic 35-100 f2.8 x-series (shot around 40-45mm) Panasonic 14-45 f3.5-f5.6 (shot at 45mm)

    The first test is available at

    The second test is available at

    The second test is now also available in 720p at youtube:

    Some information about the second test:

    This time I am testing the Panasonic 45-150 f4-f5.6 and the Panasonic 35-100 f2.8. I do not show which side is which until about 15 seconds out in the video, so try to guess...

    Shot Full Manual, f5.6, 1/125 shutter, 1000 iso. Stored each clip as 24P, 1080p 50mbps. First half is shot at approx 45mm, Second half is shot at approx 100mm for both lenses.

    PS: As usual, it is better to Download than to Stream. I have a free account, so streaming is limited to 720p and for the second video, Vimeo actually capped it at SD resolution (but you can still download full HD, plus I uploaded a youtube version as well), and you better download fast, as I think it stays up for download for about a week only(?)