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35-100mm F2.8 X lens topic
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  • Thank you, theteddy.

    Sad news indeed, I bought the damn thing because of the stabilizer. Can't return it as well, only repairs and I think outcome will be the same as in your case. So, I will dedicate it to tripod-only usage then.

  • Sad to hear that, the stabilizer on the 12-35mm became really good after they revisited the firmware.

    Maybe more reports on such experiences can push Panny to have a second look? After all, it took quite a few people insisting that it's not OK before the 12-35 got fixed.

  • Yep, let's hope they read all this :-)

  • Yes, I'm one more with the same problem! What a pity that such a great lens has a problem like this, but I cross fingers that Pana will eventually hear and fix this with a firmware update. Apart from that, the lens is terrific. I have a hands on review in my blog, with images, if you wanna see!

  • are you guys saying that the lens is faulty ? can only be used in a tripod ? its such a bad news

  • Digging mine, I might be not that critical but this lens rocks big time 4 me

  • @emonty . No, I'm sure it's a good lens, it's just that some of us got faulty ones. I seem to recall that some guys on this forum had trouble with their 12-35 2.8s, and that Panasonic Japan were less than helpful. So Panasonic, if you're reading this, I commend you for all the great stuff you've done for us videographers, but don't stuff it up by having an "in denial" service dept. How would you feel in the same position? I spent a lot of time researching this lens, it's not cheap, but even as a student I decided its worth the investment. In an age where companies have so much hype around there products, and then don't want to know you when something goes wrong, having a really responsive service and repair dept would gain a lot of loyalty points. Look at B and H. Not satisfied with your purchase, then return it with no questions asked. All I wanted was lens as promised, and a bit of customer care goes a long way in my book. Rave over.

  • How about a movie illustrating the issue? I looked at the robin movie referenced in your blog, but it's hard for me to know exactly what is going on. Was that ETC?

    I had the 12-35mm lens and the issue was easy to document using a tripod. FWIW, Panasonic handled the issue very well when I contacted them.


    I tested the 35-100mm lens using a variety of setting and I think I can see the effect being described. I'll construct a test to compare the behavior of the 12-35mm, 35-100mm and 100-300mm.

  • Here is the test video. What do you think? (Note that Vimeo conversion screwed up the transitions, but the comparo should be sufficient)

  • Thanks @v10tdi . Yup, that's the kind of jitter I was talking about. I'm traveling at the moment and away from my desktop so I can't compare exactly, but I seem to recall that my jitter was more compressed, but just as noticeable. Hope you're reading this Panasonic.

  • but is this happening with all lenses ? or its was just a bad batch ?

  • image

    The lens is sharp at its fastest aperture f/2.8. Colors are vibrant and contrast is well-balanced. I have never found anomalies such as chromatic aberration for example. I would say it is the perfect lens. The glass inside has a Nano Surface coating that reduces ghosting and flare.


    800 x 486 - 136K
    800 x 511 - 48K
  • Got this and a 12-35 a couple of weeks ago and have been on the 12-35 more, thinking it was more up my alley (it will take a LA7200 across the full range), but boy I've got to say, playing with the 35-100 has yielded some stunning results. Below, a screenshot from FCPX, the 35-100 on a GH3 with some film convert. Very, very impressed with this lens. CRAZY how stable hand-held footage comes out!

    Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.06.01 PM.jpg
    2880 x 1300 - 472K
  • @kellar42 - I'm not so impressed with the OIS on the HS35100 lens - at least not for my HS35100 lens. :-)

    I did a comparison with the HS12035 and the FS100300 (movie above). I think here is something different about the recorded image in the HS35100 lens when shooting hand-held with OIS on.

    I did try other combinations (tripod+OIS on/off, hand-held OIS off) and could detect no difference in the character of the recorded image for these lenses.

    Perhaps this is only an issue with specific copies of the HS35100 lens.

  • @v10tdi certainly the IS looks terrible in your test. I haven't done a side by side but I can safely say it's not acting that badly for me, or hasn't yet.

  • @kellar42: have you tried filming in 1080p30 ETC mode? If not, give that a try @ 100mm hand held with OIS on and see if you can see the behavior. It's not easy to miss in that configuration.

  • But wouldn't ETC take it from effectively hand-holding at 200mm with IS on to effectively hand-holding at over 500mm? And who knows how the IS responds with ETC mode?!

  • @kellar42 - Pretty close - assuming you have your HS35100 set to maximum zoom with ETC on. As you can see from the movie, the OIS behavior of the HS35100 is different @ 35mm zoom, too.

    The point of the movie is to show that the OIS on HS35100 lens responds differently than the OIS of both the HS12035 or the FS100300 under exactly the same settings. This is true (for my lens) whether @ 35mm when compared to the HS12035 (@ 35mm) or when compared to the FS100300 (@ 100mm).

    Your post indicated that you were very happy with the OIS performance of your HS35100. So I'm curious what OIS behavior your HS35100 exhibits when @ 1080p30 ETC. Perhaps there just some differences between copies of the lens?

  • It's kind of tough for me to 108024p and etc mode at 100mm I am experiencing some of the jitter you show, yet strangely it seems less so at 60fps.

    However the 12-35 at 35 and ETC mode and 35-100 at 35 in ETC mode seem to be delivering pretty similar results...maybe a hair worse on the 35-100 but not as pronounced as you are seeing.

    I honestly think it's the ETC mode throwing everything for a loop, but don't have much to go on.

  • When discussing issues like this, it's good if people would specify the lens and camera firmware versions they are using.

  • @kellar42 - Yes, I initially thought the jitter was less @ p60. Then I saw another movie posted online (in the thread above, before my post) that exhibited the OIS jitter in ETC mode. I took a closer look at my p60 footage and thought I could see some jitter when I cropped the image.

    I wanted to see if I could reproduce the behavior in a clear and convincing test. In order to eliminate as many variables, I decided the best test was to use ETC mode with the 3 different lenses on my GH3. Since, the GH3 does not permit ETC mode on p60 settings, I selected p30 frame rate + ETC. Note these settings will also allow the exact same test to be performed with a GH2 (which I did and also exhibited the OIS behavior, though at a much higher bit rate thanks to Ptool patches - thanks to @Driftwood and @VK for that :-)

    As shown in my movie above, my HS12035 has stable OIS even using ETC @ 35mm (Power OIS). In addition, the movie shows that the FS100300 has stable OIS even using ETC @ 100mm (Mega OIS). I just don't know why the OIS performance of the HS35100 (Power OIS) is noticeably different on at least some copies of the lens.

    Do you have the ability to post a 1080p30 ETC clip online?

  • @larsarus - yes. I did include that information in the movie (@ 0:08), including FW revisions of the lenses and camera.

  • Just going back through the Panasonic 12-35 thread I note that people there experienced jitteriness on that lens as well. To back up my earlier comment that the Panasonic service dept are a bunch of in denial layabouts I note the following hi lights from that thread. (Apologies in advance if I've misquoted you) Feb 18 @Nakame78 states that the service centre he took it to admitted there was a problem and that Panasonic may be doing a recall. March 13 @Nakame78 states that Panasonic deny there's anything wrong and that it's a normal function of the lens. April 5 @bkmcwd gets his lens back from repair that cites an "OIS exchange" repair. May 14 @larsarus notes firmware update v1.2, that fixes the problem Panasonic denied existed. @Valpopando went through 3 of these lens before he got one that didn't jitter.

    I just sent this 35-100 thread to Winktokyo, who I purchased my lens off, and they just spouted the same old junk as was tested by Panasonic and they could find nothing wrong, it is a "spec" of the lens. Earlier they had tried to imply that IS only cuts in after a certain focal range is reached ! But the bright light is that eventually a firmware update did show up. It's just such a pity Panasonic are willing to cause all this bad will, which causes some of there onsellers to behave so badly as well. @larsarus good point. My GH2 is v1.1. The 35-100 is v1.0. The rego number on the lens is JE2KA001669.

  • Hopefully this will be of some use. It appears my firmware is 1.0 across the board. Maybe I'm being too lenient, but it looks like an ETC thing to me, only...

    password: test

  • @kellar42 - Thank you. Yes, I believe your movie shows the same behavior of hand held OIS that I see on my HS35100 lens (FW v1.1). So at least we know it wasn't something that changed between HS35100 FW v1.0 and v1.1 nor GH3 FW v1.0 and v1.2.

    I'm not sure the ETC setting on the camera is causing the OIS behavior we see. I believe that crop factor of ETC just makes the OIS behavior less ambiguous. I own the HS12035 lens and it also had a jitter problem. The difference is that the HS12035 had a slight jitter that was visible when mounted on a tripod with OIS off. So in the case of the HS12035 there was no ambiguity at all - either the image was completely still or it was not - and it wasn't.

    The OIS behavior of the HS35100 is a bit more difficult to detect than the issue with the HS12035 since (by my testing) it only appears in hand held footage which is never completely steady. So the behavior of the OIS with the HS35100 is more about the quality of the observed stabilization rather than the motion itself. Moreover, the difference in the quality of the HS35100 OIS behavior only becomes unambiguous when shooting in ETC mode. When looking at the out of camera (OOC) non-ETC footage (i.e., not Vimeo), I can see the jitter on the HS35100 - but it is less visible unless you crop/zoom the movie - or play it on a larger TV.

    If this observed OIS behavior was caused by ETC, I think we'd see similar qualities of the footage from both the HS12035 and the FS100300 when shooting ETC - but we don't.

    Perhaps other users can contribute more samples of hand held ETC footage from the HS35100 to this thread.