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Samsung NX1, $1300 4K flagman
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  • NX Launch event shot by Nick

  • Thanks for the video Nick!

  • Seems more lens options than 7s since it's NOT full frame but also has a short focal plane like Sony. As Vitally said, any manual glass...

    I really hope that final component for video... the color science, sharpenning choices, etc is good.

  • It's not really a question of manual glass, its a question of a complete range of pro-quality lenses that are sharp edge to edge. Olympus and Panasonic have solved that problem (took them a few years), but for the most part the best options for Samsung are lenses with good centre sharpness--part of that is, of course, owing to the slightly larger sensor--but part of it is that Panasonic (+Leica) and Olympus have set a high standard, not to mention 3rd party lenses.

    Anyway, I haven't tried the cam, and the proof is in the pudding.

  • DrDave your response confused me. We were comparing lens options to A7s and there are more adapted lens options here due to smaller seit's r. GH4 obviously has even more due to smaller sensor... but the sensor is smaller so...

    Anyway, I didn't realize at first that the kit lens is over $1200! How many DSLR kits cost almost twice as much as body-only? I hope it's a nice lens.

  • @Leto the kit lens of NX 1 is a pro lens and actually cheep for it's performance. Keep in mind it's an 16-50mm f/2-2,8 lens. There are several reviews on the net saying the lens is very good. Actually most of Samsung lenses are very good, they only need good cameras, I hope NX 1 will be a milestone!

  • @Leto for me there are very few lenses that give top performance, adapted or not. For my work, I can certainly use a mf lens, but the real gems are the ones that have it all, and for anything but non-portrait work, I need edge to edge sharpness, and I have been spoiled by the truly -sharp-wide-open primes of m4/3 system. Part of that ideal formula is the electrical connection of the lens, so that a wide panny lens lens is rectilinear on a panny body.

    What good is 4K if it is not even 1080p at the edges?

    I still think this is an interesting camera, and I would love to test it.

  • @eno "Samsung" isn't a name that cimes to mind when I think top glass. I guess I need to keep up! :-)

  • Oh I think they will develop it, and they have a decent range. The other thing I was thinking is that even if this cam is big and heavy, it still might be worth the $$$ if it really performs. Have to really look at some comparisons with the GH4 of course.

  • @DrDave I'll take old FF MF glass over those clinically digital m43 lenses anyday (although I've got a bunch of those too). Guess it depends what you are doing with your kit. Sounds like your not the schidt optiks demographic :p The problem with the NX1 demo vid for me is that it's too sharp.

    @Eno How does resizing 28mp to 4k yield an extra stop of light?

  • @racer5 I certainly wouldn't mind using my old Nikkor & Rokkor lenses, plus the Summis, but I don't find my newer Olly & Pany lenses clinically sharp. They just look better for anything but portraits. Portraits is a different story, and here I don't have big preference, but the old primes certainly have a special look. Maybe I can rent one to try it out.

  • @racer5 it is a known fact that by reducing the resolution by half you gain 3dB SNR which translates to one ISO stop improvement. If you are not convinced just resize your any picture then compare it to a lower ISO. You can see this also on DXOMark, they have noise figures for full rez. and 8 MP resized image. By the way, also the DR is improved after resizing, but not as much.

    @DrDave if you need lenses that gives you performance from center to borders at maximum apertures, than m4/3 is definitely the way for you to go, APSC and FF lenses have weaker performances in this regard.

  • This is supposed to be a 3200 iso picture from the NX1: Quality is very poor and quite far from the the specialist in low light, the A7S.

    Some high iso samples from A7S for comparison:

    Lets wait for the final firmware and unprocessed raw files, but although the specs are impressive, at this moment I don't like very much the image quality (in video and pictures) of the samples.

  • This is supposed to be a 3200 iso picture from the NX1

    Are you absolutely sure?

  • I am absolutely sure it is suppose to be... but i am not absolutely sure it is :-) The author and flickr info say so, and if you check the flickr gallery it seems he is at the Photokina, but don't have more information about the source.

  • @Pedro_ES when looking at the EXIF infos for the first picture (the 3200 one), it shows: "Date and Time (Original) - 2014:01:17 08:39:11 Date and Time (Digitized) - 2014:01:17 08:39:11" ... I am not sure that a sample of the NX1 was ready at this time...

  • @tymeorama maybe it is a fake. I guess there is also the possibility that the camera was not setup with the correct date. Anyway such a bad high iso performance is very strange... so lets wait to see more samples to judge it properly.

  • Fortunately adapters are cheap on eBay.

  • @Eno That's interesting about downsampling improving SNR. If I understand, noise structures are averaged out and smoothed on resize, meaning the ISO can be pushed further.

  • @racer5 in 4K theoretically yes. I hope they don't screw this camera up :).

  • Some samples on this page and many links to other pictures in the comments (not 100% sure about all of them)

  • These look much better