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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @treibholtz

    I just watched your Rosidonia Oceanica. What a great documentary! Super good job! Everybody should see this.

  • thanks @Ralph_B

    new video

  • Sakura of the last day bloom in Yokohama

    hack Sanity5.1 set change 66M auto iris SS 50 smooth -2 +1 +1 -2 Lens 14-140 All handy shooting

    i love its Sanity THX you Ralph_B ^^)

  • Hi I made a clip using the sanity 5.1 hack. I wanted to make a slow motion movie so it is shot in 720/60 fps. Check it out! and THX Ralph_B!

  • @chuyenpham

    You've got a good eye. Thanks for posting.

  • I filmed a wedding this past weekend with Sanity 5.1 in 24H onto a Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro. I got hours and hours of footage. I'll post some clips once I get something edited.

    Thanks for the great setting.

  • Thanks for the dream quality of Sanity 5.1.

  • The quality is really in the GH2. All Sanity is doing is preserving that quality as it passes through the compression engine.

  • I just hacked my GH2 for the very first time using Sanity 5.1 on a Sandisk Extreme UHS-1 45MB/s 16GB and 32GB. It works flawlessly. I still have to play with it to unleash it's full potential.

    Question: The bitrate by default for 24H is at 38(?)mbits, but the suggested is 42mbits; should I modify the hack to that mbit to really benefit from the hack or will the default bitrate be fine? Right now, I can already tell the default Sanity 5.1 quality has improved from the stock firmware.

    Thank you again, @Ralph_B!

  • I don't recommend changing the bitrate because the bitrate I arrived at is the result of intense stability testing. One of the things that makes Sanity work so well is the enormous size of it's I frames. That size isn't going to change going from 38M to 42M, so it's doubtful you'd see any difference in picture quality.

    My advice is leave it alone, and don't get caught up playing the numbers game. Just enjoy the picture and the fact that it's so good for such a modest bitrate.

  • Hi Ralph,

    Can you show me the up to date sanity hack for my GH2 for PAL. Also do you have a list of the options once hacked ie which selection gives me:

    1. 25p
    2. 50i etc etc

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks Rosco

  • @Rosco

    Sanity works for both PAL and NTSC. There is no separate version for PAL. If your camera is set to PAL, Sanity will work fine. Just choose your shooting mode as you would normally do. There is nothing special to do.

  • @Ralph_B

    Thank you again for this manageable hack! I took it during a camping trip with my friends. This is my first ever hacked GH2 video, mixed with some iPhone 5 and GoPro Hero 1 shots:

  • Hi Ralph, thanks for getting back to me. Can you provide a link with instructions for me to download it and place on my GH2. Many thanks Ross

  • @rosco

    Here is a link to download Sanity 5.1.

    As for instructions on how to install the hack, here's a link to an external site with a very good tutorial:


  • Thanks Ralph, will download tonight. Much appreciated and thanks for the links. Regards Ross

  • Just installed your hack and running the camera in 24H <80% seems it be working on Sandisk 30mbs 16gb cards. Going to let the card fill up. Can you recommend a good card for me. Thanks Ross

  • Looking at these cards - sandisk extreme 32gb 95mbs or should I go for 16gb.

  • Here's the deal with cards - Sanity 5.1 and Sanity X work fine with good quality class 10 cards, like the Sandisk 30M. The only limitation is spanning will not work in certain modes. (read the patch notes for details) If you use a faster card, spanning will work in all modes.

    So, if spanning is important to you, get a faster card. If not, the Sandisk 30M is fine.

  • Great, thanks Ralph. Are the patch notes included in the download or is there a link on this website that you could provide. Many thanks. Ross

  • The patch notes are in the ini file that you downloaded. To view them, open ptools and load the bin file (which is Panasonic's original firmware). Across the bottom of the window are a row of circles labeled A - J. Shift-Click on any green circle and you'll see the patch notes in the top field. Click in that field to get a blinking cursor, then use the up & down arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the text. Press "Cancel operation" to exit.

  • Great thanks very much, will read them over the weekend. Cheers Ross

  • Report that I had shot totally 4 days of ballet comptition in the past month with Sanity 5.1 without any problem. Two GH2 shot over 10 hours each day with 1080 60i FH mode and six 64Gb Toshiba green cards. I edited multicams by Premiere Pro CC and converted to 720 59.94P. Finally the video is denoise by Neat video and both the quality and motion are great.

  • @frogfrog

    That's a lot of pirouetting! Thanks for the report.

  • Ta sir Sanity used for 90 hours of footage shot and taken by major terrestrial UK prod company for broadcast on terrestrial UK TV with stock 14-42 lens and 100-300 with view for selling series into US etc territory & resales. Looks great and without Vitaly et al help wouldn't have been possible to shoot so stealthily with GH2 and squeeze it past the QC ;p. Shooting next terrestrial pitch and prob broadcast purchase again next week with ... GH2 it aint broke don't fix it - BBC ITV Channel 4 and 5 SKY and Discovery quite happy with what was shot on the first doc - even had a bit of bidding war - content>gear sorry Valdermort - oh and did MUSE's live Rome DVD in 4k and was a fkin right old palaver so not trying to reinvent the wheel - been there done it nowt new. Viva Gh2 lol love it.