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Olympus EM-5 topic
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  • New firmware released:

    • Small AF target (icon) was added to the AF target settings.
    • ISO LOW (100 equivalent) was expanded on the low sensitivity side.

  • Niiice! With these firmware update we can hac.... Ok, ok! I will not ask you that... But...

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev , you have E-M5 camera?

  • @act Lovely videos! How can you tell how much space is left on your SD cards when shooting? Isn't the E-M5 limited to 29 minutes?

  • The manual says about 29 minutes, but in real life recording stops at around 25.

  • Also eat batteries very fast too.

  • @oscillian EM5 can write on 32GB 3h 17min.But I shoot only short cuts on OMD and long recordings on GH2's

  • @act Yes, I understand that it records continuously to max 29 minutes. I just wondered if there is a way to know how much total time is left on the card :-)

  • You just see remaining total time on LCD screen, like R 3h 17min.

  • I believe the EM5 has a setting which shows you either the number of pictures or the video time left.

  • @act Thanks! That way I won't be caught by surprise when the card runs out. I'm really enjoying your footage :-)

  • Thanks, @Vitaliy_Kiselev ! It real pleasure hear it from you! And I so sorry, that you don't interesting of hack OMD, even without adding 24p or 25p. Higher bitrate would help with "forest" and "water" shots, because existing codec crashes. But I don't give up for excellent skintone and very wide dynamic range, and IBIS' of course. Ebay price of EM5 so sweet now, I think about second body, because EPL5 I bought not really match EM5 video quality.

  • @act Great stuff! Very good lens choices to make the boutique look prettier than it was :-) You must change lenses very fast!!!

  • @act

    You obviously use a slider for some shots. Is the rest handheld, or do you have a rig?

  • @oscillian Thank you very much! All tele and others super close ups are handheld. I use only K2 Konova slider with Manfrotto 128RC head as rig or like monopod putted on Kata W-92 GDC Waist Pack at outdoor location.

  • Ebay price of EM5 so sweet now, I think about second body, because EPL5 I bought not really match EM5 video quality.

    @act KEH has some very good prices on them as well.

    I was surprised to see how cheap the EM5 has gotten. I just shot my first wedding(for some friends thankfully) this past weekend with my GH2 and the IBIS would have been a lifesaver.

  • Just ordered EM1 right now for 1130$ Not because EM5 not good enough, just bought new fresh body to next year of work.

  • Hi, just picked up a used OMD-EM5, in general loving the camera, but I'm having a few issues with settings for movie mode. I wanted to ask this forum to make sure I'm not missing something.

    1. The only way to lock exposure during shooting is to set the mode dial to movie, is that correct? Even if the dial is set to M (and even if movie mode in I menu is set to M, are there any more ways of telling the camera that M IS FOR MANUAL), as soon as you hit the record button, manual settings are overridden and the video is shot with auto-exposure. Am I missing something? Having to use Movie mode wouldn't be a problem, except movie mode seems to gimp some of the EM5's most useful configuration settings:

    2. No Live Super Control Panel (SCP) in Movie mode as far as I can tell? One of the best quick menu systems on any camera I've used, and for some reason it isn't there in movie mode?? Just the live view panel, which does not give you access to crucial settings like picture mode, contrast, sharpening etc.

    3. No focus zoom in movie mode (although you can use 2x digital teleconverter as a poor substitute), again really important for critical focus.

    4. You don't seem to be able to configure the down and right buttons to do anything useful in Movie mode (I'd like them to be ISO, acquire WB). They seem to be locked to "one shot echo" and "multi echo", which are interesting FX, but not something I'd use regularly.

    5. When in movie mode, exposure info (shutter speed, aperture, exposure comp) only appears when you touch one of the dials. Then it disappears to be replaced by the indicator for "one shot echo", and "multi echo". I want the exposure info, which is critical, to be visible at all times.

    6. No highlight & shadow display in movie mode.

    Are there any fixes for these issues? (ie if I could somehow lock exposure in M mode, then that would fix 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). Obviously these are all minor gripes, but I don't get why one of the most configurable cameras seems to have these arbitrary restrictions, and why videographers always get treated as second class citizens (maybe I'm being a bit OTT?)

    At the moment I have to constantly jockey back and forward on the mode dial between M (so I can actually access all the critical settings I need for video that doesn't look sh*t), and Movie (so I can actually shoot the video that doesn't look sh*t).

    Anyone know if the EM10 also has these issues?

    1. Dial sharpness down to min (-2)

    2. For video use only dedicated video mode

    3. Natural

    4. Use constant WB modes, remember for custom setup WB 1 and 2 you need enter to Photo mode.

    5. Find at menu "keep warm tone" and turn it OFF

    6. Set video mode to M - manual

    7. Autofocus: AFS/M. I use AF before video shot then manual focusing during video, that combination executed at camera better then AF/MF switch at Lumix

    8. Use classic shutter for video 1/50, at NTSC countries it could be 1/60sec at indoor light.

    9. Use ND or Vari-ND filter on lens instead very close aperture.

    10. Manual lenses work with IBIS stabilization too, but it need manual set focal length at OMD (IBIS mode 1, info, dial focal length value of lens), by default it's 50mm.

    11. Use OSD histogram to check your exposition

    12. I found 2 useful picture style setups for video. One is for grade: Natural: 0, 0, -2, -2 (sharpness and saturation to minimal), histogram curve lights "-2", shadows "+2". Second without grade: Natural (0,0,-2,0) - only sharpness "-2". To control exposition during recording use manual lenses with smooth aperture ring.

    13. Set off "one shot echo", and "multi echo", you will not use it for sure.

    14. I set ISO at down arrow, and WB at right arrow. So, if I push OK button it always follow me to IS option, that's important to fast setup of manual lenses.

    Canon can change aperture while shooting, but, there will be ugly jumps of exposition which you want cut at editing.

    DSLR video always full of limitations, but don't give up, limitations are challenge. Nobody says DSLR video it's easy way.

    Picture of OMD better than canon and Nikon. I work with 3 hacked Lumix GH2, but all I shoot with short cuts I prefer use Olympus, not just because stabilization, but also because great colors and skin tone at day light (they talking sensor of Lumix made for native indoor lighting).

    All my clips made at 23.976p sequence, I use extra frame for slight slow motion (I have made same conforming with canon mark2 as Phillip Bloom's advice). If you edit 23.976p sequence, that is exactly 80% slow motion from 29.97p

    No such thing ideal camera, but you can learn when and where you camera makes best picture.

    OMD make me want take still pictures too, it very easy way switch from video setup to photo.

    5 axis stabilization of manual lenses it's very exciting feature, Noktons with 0.95, Canon FD 85 1.2 and Zeiss 50 1.4 and 85 1.4 with stabilization.

    OMD makes perfect dinamic range, beautiful colors and skin tone. Stabilization make 99% of shotes you film perfect with no rolling shutter. Zero time to setup makes more successful footage, less repeating takes, less time to edit.