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  • Happy birthday, best place to learn and to hang up!

  • awesome. Rock on dudes & dudettes.

  • first came here to hack my gh1....and , although hobbled and only shoots video, it still shoots friggin' great video, thanks to Vitaliy.

  • Happy birthday p-v. Vitaliy, Its been an incredible amount of hard work you've put into this site over the years, hat's off to you mate, and long may this site continue. Its also great to see a continued roll of new faces.

    Viva personal-view!

  • YES! This is the best forum ever in the world! This is a great place to learn and thanks to Vitaliy and friends for answering so many many questions!

    Any chance we can get personal-view bumper stickers?

  • Thanks V.K and P-V friends

  • Sana 7ilwa Ya Jamil ! Happy birthday ! ;-) Bravo Personal-view ! V.K, Driftwood… & all community members of P-V !

  • Thnx for the website with all these great hacks!

  • Congratulations. Thanks for all Vitaliy.

  • Thanks for your independence !!!Interestingly, in these times, always interesting

  • Thanks VK! :-)

  • happy birthday kido

  • Internet is more interesting than before thanks to P-V site!
    What a source of information for video enthusiasts & pros

  • Congrats!

  • Congrats and tks for your work. Salut VK

  • VK, Cracking job, personal-view is splendid!

  • Congrats. Great achievements!

  • Great job, Vitaly. Love coming to the site. Really appreciate all you've done.