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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @aria yes I was making some confusion. On GH3 it was 50 mb IPB and GH4 is 100 mb IPB. Twice the bitrate for 4 times info. Is it enough?

    Again on 1080 you can get 200 ALL-I why not on 4K? Is it less efficient?

  • Next week Gh4 will be presented in Rome at this small exhibition.

    I will be there but I guess that it wouldn't be possible to use the camera. Maybe some new info...

  • Again on 1080 you can get 200 ALL-I why not on 4K? Is it less efficient?

    For I-frame 4K you really need 400Mbps :-) For IBP it is not so.

    Most probably it is some kind of hardware limit, as not only bitrate matters, but also blocks processed and all other stuff.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks It's not so easy understand everything and most of the time people doesn't reply to maybe silly questions as if we were all engineers

  • My guess is that 100mbps IPB is gonna be just fine. There's so much detail we're dealing with that I think any issues will probably require 400% pixel peeping to pick up. 4K resolution is just so detail dense IMO. My guess is that any issues will be microscopic in nature at that resolution. This is the beauty of 4K. You have room to play with in this format that we're not used to. It all remains to be seen of course, but this is just my guess as to how it's going to work. 4K like RAW is just an amazing format to start from. I have no real need for 4K but love the flexibility. My goal is the best 1080p that I can get and starting from 4K will give me that edge i'm looking for.

  • I wonder if PrCs6 and a MBP retina will handle and will log the 4k files……

  • @LongJohnSilver

    @lpowell showed the new AF100 specs that are very similar to GH4 except for included XLRs

    I think that he just called GH4 a “new AF100“.

  • I have GH2, I newer considered GH3 as I saw it as to small a step. My guess was that GH3+ or GH4 should come after about a year, and I was right. I certanly will consider the GH4.

  • @inqb8tr

    rule #1 never read forums before breakfast :)

  • So does this mean that the alleged GH5 aka GH4-with-no-4K won't come out, can we squash those rumors?

  • what codec will be recorded in 4:2:2?

  • what codec will be recorded in 4:2:2?

    4:2:2 available in HDMI only :-)

  • The 1DC for all the knocks it takes on price vs. paper specs delivers an absolutely gorgeous image, in fact the favourite I have ever worked with, in 8bit glory, with a highly inefficient motion jpeg codec. The bit-rates are insane because of the codec. I've got my fingers crossed that the math gets tricky enough on the Panasonic to give us something similar in the 100mbs slot.

  • GH4 FN-buttons menu-options: Wi-Fi / Q.MENU / Preview / One Push AE / Touch AE / Level Gauge / Focus Area Set / Zoom Control / 1 Shot RAW+JPG / 1 Shot Spot Metering / Cursor Button Lock / Photo Style / Aspect Ratio / Picture Size / Quality / AFS/AFF / Metering Mode / Burst Rate / Auto Bracket / Self Timer / Highlight Shadow / i. Dynamic / i. Resolution / HDR / Electronic Shutter / Flash Mode / Flash Adjust. / Ex. Tele Conv. / Digital Zoom / Stabilizer / Motion Pic. Set / Variable Frame Rate / Picture Mode / Synchro Scan / Time Code Display / Mic. Directivity Adjust / Color Bars / Silent Mode / Peaking / Histogram / Guide Line / Zebra Pattern / Rec Area / Video-Priority Display / Step Zoom / Zoom Speed / AF Mode/MF / Restore to Default

    So there is no improvements from GH3. Same stupid situation.

    So Ican not use with those 10! FN-buttons:

    /audio meters /audio level control /Picture control (contrast,SH,NR,etc) /AFS-AFC for video /wind cut /Flickr removal /play

    Those are what I want to use when shooting. I think that they have been also lazy with other usability issues GH3 has.

  • GH4 could have more efficient h.264 profile than GH3. So it is maybe not right to compare exact bitrates.

  • @vesku FN button means Fu##ing Nonsense button :)

  • FN button means Fu##ing Nonsense button :)

    FN buttons seems to be Fu##ing useless buttons :)

    Why there is AFF/AFS and self timer options because those have own knobs?? And there is also that useless EV button too.

  • Guys just got some new information about the GH4.. it will output 4K 10bit 422 externally here is a very informative video from someone who has used it already. He even said that it will be the camera that everyone been dreaming about all their lives... those are strong words.

  • Nice video, I think that all of the video-oriented web personalities will go absolutely madly on and on and on about this camera for months to come and when the GH4 finally gets in stores, I can only wait to see what kind of 4K detail does it pick up on waterfalls, city streets and cats :)))

  • Bryan Harvey used GH4 EVF without rubber when shooting that Yucatan demo video. Here is capture from his making of video. Ocular seems to bee very ball-like bubble. I think he removed the rubber because it may be hard to place eye close enough with that rubber. I have the same problem with GH3. This kind of use lead to scratched lens. Coating is very soft.

    706 x 531 - 67K
  • On the Italian video posted on 1st page the Pana rep. says that after a lot of complaint form users regarding the EVF it was designed from scratch with a display with a higher definition and much less distorsion. Now it can be used for serious photos.... We'll see

    @trackzillas +1

  • Hey btw... If there is so many media representatives got GH4 on their hands then where is all the preview 4K footage?

  • The same old video but on Vimeo. Not on 4K of course but at 720p the Vimeo one has completely different colors