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Nikon D5300 topic
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Restricted how? I've only played around with the D5300 once and noticed the aperture changing value in liveview.

  • Ah I see. The aperture changes in liveview but not while recording. It also only registers the aperture change once you take a shot. Yeah, it seems very limited.

  • My first D5300 Flaat 11 test shots. UPDATED FILE with more detail.

  • How does dynamic range compare to gh2. I was shooting d800 now on gh2. Found when the gh2 gets dark it gets muddy quickly and the shadows loose a lot of detail. Anyone have an opinion on how this camera compares to g6 as well?

  • First outing with my new MonoCam (Glidecam style stabiliser). D5300 + Nikkor 24mm 2.8 AI-s, 50p conformed. I need a wider lens and more practice.

  • I've just realised I had my screen gamma calibrated to 1.8 for all of my D5300 tests so far, so everyone watching at 2.2 (most of you I imagine) if you thought the shadows looked crushed, that is why!

    If you play with a downloaded file in your NLE you can see there is more info there ...

  • I really think the D7100,D5300,D5200 are very underrated cameras amongst video shooters and if it were not for the sudden raw revolutuion people would be buying them like hotcakes..the images that come out these things are amazing if you shoot to their strong points..Yea I'm aware of the fpn and not being able to change aperture when recording but the image quality and color are stunning for a low bitrate moire and aliasing,1080 60p with clean hdmi out is crazy..For what I shoot presently it's a toss up between the D5300 & my GH2 slightly swaying toward the nikon,the images are so clean at high iso..this is not my video but I think it shows some of what I speak of.

  • I recently purchased a D5300 and have been amazed by the image quality for the last 5 days,the reason I'm being so opinionated lol. I also have not seen any fpn yet but coming from a gh1 the fpn obviously doesn't look the same or I would have spotted it by now.

  • @EYESOUL, Thank you SOOOO much for posting this video. I've been wondering about the D5300 and I too have a GH1 and a Canon 50D. I actually think the D5300 could be a sleeper cam since it has some nice low light and DR for such a reasonable price. Can't wait to see more of your videos.

  • @EYESOUL The FPN is gone in the D5300, that might be the reason they updated the D5200 so rapidly, to change the only flaw of this camera. I have a D800/D7100 and is now looking at the D5300 as it might be the ideal camera. And don't forget it also has clean HDMI out, which make it even better if you want higher bitrate video in 4.2.2.

  • TV series pilot scene.. work in progress,

  • image

    Image quality is very good with the D5300, thanks in large part to its APS-C sized image sensor. The D5300 was Nikon's first DSLR to offer built-in Wi-Fi, which is a nice addition to this model. Image quality is perfect, especially in low light thanks in part to this camera's very wide native ISO range.

    800 x 437 - 94K

    Darn (if my reading of German makes any sense), the WiFi in the D5300 is a bit useless for video users as it is only functional with the app in the photo mode.

  • Hi Camera People, dear colleague,

    My name is Dragan, english is not my native language, sorry for the errors i potentially will do :-)

    Years Ago, i was interested to buy a new camera to show people the crazy visions in my head by film... So i begun to search the right camera for my money and stumbled over following Video from Philip Bloom

    I decided to buy the 7D, as the camera arrives and i did my first testing with Philips flat profile settings i was disappointed, there where compression artifacts, bad noise. OK, i said to my self, i need better lenses....and there the journey had begun...with following lenses (24-70L, 50/1.4, 28/1.8, Tokina 11-16/2.8 the image quality was not really convincingly but OK. I made the following Music Video with it

    Then i had bought, LED Lights, Stradycams (HD4000 & Merlin), tripods, nd filters......

    Handling the camera was bad, videos shaky without glidecam...lowlight not good enough...

    I sold the camera and did buy the 5d mkiii, way better image quality and lowlight, but shaky images, no autofocus, tons of gear needed...

    I sold my 5d mkiii and buy the sony fs100, THE BEST, autofocus, image stabilization, best in lowlight, cinematic image, the best, my dream came true....

    One Problem, i was not stealth anymore, the camera is BIG and heavy, anybody can see that this is a film camera, i can not film on stealth mode run and gun what i want to be able in every lightning condition....

    Many mistakes, no creativity, i mutated to a camera tester nothing more...

    So i sold the fs100 and all my gear.....i wanted to stop filming, I have lost my dream....

    One last chance, there must be the right camera for me i just have to find it....

    i did i buy the Sony DSC-RX10...everything i need is inside, uncompressed hdmi, 24/25p, good compression, good image stabilization, fantastic zoomlens, fantastic handling, full sensor readout, NO MOIRE, NO ALIASING, fantastic sharpness.........but i read on the internet bad in lowlight, in my eyes it looks very good, but the people on the net told me :-) its not...

    yesterday i did buy the NIKON D5300 because there was so much fame on the D5200 and the lowlight possibilities, it will be better then the rx10 i told myself, i needed a second camera for interviews anyway....

    the d5300 is a fantastic image camera, good handling, the video quality is gorgeous in good lightning conditions

    i did YET a quick comparison between the d5300 and rx10 at ISO 6400....sorry but the rx10 is just better....

    download the originals an tell me what you think

    the d5300 is a good camera, but lowlight king, as good as the 5dmkiii ?? i dont think so....will do a extended comparison between the both including the uncompressed hdmi out in the next few days to confirm that.....


  • i know the two cameras are totally different, i only was testing the lowlight capabilities...

    the rx10 has no interchangeable lenses, no shallow depth of field or not much of them, but everything else is just fantastic...even in lowlight

    the d5300 is a very good camera for its price and very good for less spontaneously shooting...not as good as the 5d mkiii in lowlight, miles away from the fs100....but much better than the 7d and all the canons up to 5d mkiii

  • So i did a better test today, there are two more images on my skydrive

    internal recording vs. external uncompressed hdmi

    rx10 is still winner in my opinion, what do you think?

  • @drabo I get it, low light. But not everybody needs to constantly use ISO 6400. I'm happy with a good ISO 1600-2500 performance.

  • D5300 is still at the early stages of user information. We don't know everything about the camera and how it behaves best. WHen it comes to cameras I always preach patience since new discoveries about tweaking for best performance take time to develop. From my reading the best picture style for low light on the D5300 should be the Portrait setting. Someone could also test to see if Active D Lighting works in Video mode as that might give some options for better low light as well. Obviously trying different lenses will also be important. Gotta have more experiments.