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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • This thing is still way overpriced. I guess they're stuck with fixed costs and overblown budgets to change anything.

  • @VK You have always disliked the D16, and I was hoping you could explain why. I am sure you have sound reasons and I would love to learn them. This is not trolling but a sincere attempt to gain the benefit of your experience.

  • You have always disliked the D16, and I was hoping you could explain why. I am sure you have sound reasons and I would love to learn them.

    LOL. Get to the start to the topic. Read it carefully.

    And understand that you see horrible project done wrong from the start, that is in deep minuses already (hence second (!) attempt to start selling thing that backers still not get yet).

  • Overpriced? Seriously? This is an incredible value. I personally prefer the Blackmagic aesthetic, but if I were doing strictly narrative work I'd be very very tempted.

  • Yes. Overpriced. Anyone can get a BMCC for at most, $1500 today. So tell me why this camera is worth $2000 more? It does have a hand crank :)

  • @philiplipetz I think in this case you have a lot of BS from the Bolex people, with trendy video of dubious quality as the "samples", and you also have some very odd looking product photos. If you combine this with the fact that the long delay has allowed the competition to eclipse the Bolex in all respects, you have a classic clusterf***.

    But for the end user, all you need to know is that you can buy any number of other cameras that will work better. So for example, for $600 you can get a Samsung Note 3 and shoot in 4K, or for a bit more you can get BMCC and have a huge choice of lenses, a camera with a real company behind it, and 2.5 K raw with super IQ. Any of these, and other cams like the Canon/ML/Raw combo or hdmi recording will give you far superior results than what we have seen from the Bolex.

    Also, it is truly sad that all the people who put up money will receive an inferior product. It also remains to be seen what will happen when the product has production issues: All cameras have production issues and need firmware updates and even recalls. The saga continues.

  • @DrDave

    Do not jump too far. We already had about 15 announcements of final, ready, just-small-thing-to-tune dates. Who know that can happen in a week. We'll see as actual people will start getting actual cameras.

  • @Vitaliy I hope the camera will surprise me, but it is hard to imagine a big upgrade in the published specs: small sensor, ISO 400, 4:3 ratio, and so on.

    Plus the top resolution, 2048 x 1152, is only a few pixels more than 1920 x 1080. The BMCC has 2432 x 1366.

    Sensor (again, we don't have an actual camera to look at): looking at this chart, assuming again that this will be the case, this is a small sensor:

    Well, we will know soon enough!

  • @Alex

    Check few posts above :-)

  • December 9: Digital Bolex Shipping this week Today is December 15, anyone care to speculate when product will arrive in the hands of the faithful?

  • ...and how quickly they turn up on EBay...

  • but don't worry, they have t-shirts in stock :) Something tells me the sale on the second batch is not going so well. They've been offering a $100 discount through If I had to guess I'd say that the way they are hoping to pull this off is to pay for all the kickstarter orders with the new batch money. This is kicking the can down the street, but what I wonder is what role has in this. There is an embarrassing "First Impressions" review on there with no video or stills but relentless "here's how you can order one" advice. I don't know if they have no integrity or are being financially compensated.

  • I have some problem with it. As no one got their cameras yet. But preorders are ahead of time.

  • Camera's have shipped. 16, s16 and 2k, raw, xlr, ssd, GLOBAL SHUTTER. Sorry but for $3300 this is so much better than the blackmagic jello cam. There is nothing on the market with these specs in this price range.

    Adding more pixels always a great measure of increased quality, but it is a great way to sell display and camera upgrades to ppl :P

  • @luekio Don't forget the hand crank! That alone is worth the price of admission. While the bmcc pansies are stuck at home crying about the black hole magic the db16 crowd can at least go fishing with thier cameras while they wait for firmware updates.

  • @luekio You can get a Samsung Note 3 and shoot 4K video and have enough left over for a Black Magic.

  • I guess real benefit over BM is global shutter so I guess its a question of whether you want to spend $3300 instead of $1995 for global shutter. Plus I guess BM is going to do 4K on new camera for $2995. If that's the case I would venture many would prefer BM as a company standing behind product vs DB team who some view as dodgy.

    The real question of course is what type of images can this camera produce. We'll see over next few months. I didn't like the samples DB put out in terms of what was shot, but I think the camera is capable of a unique look/texture. Will be interesting to see what happens when talented people start shooting with it, and also will be interesting to see the various projects that are currently being shot on BM cams as well.

  • i eagerly awaited the digital bolex but it costs too much for my liking, and who knows how it will turn out... i think i'll see what 2014 offers; i hvae a 50D in the meantime to mess around with raw

  • @spacewig Not to hijack the thread but you do know the black hole thing is fixed in the pocket and will be in the 2.5k soon right? Just saying :)

  • Oh sorry ))) i wanted to post there, but posted it here by mistake.

  • More footage from it:

    I feel a bit meh about it, I'm certainly not going to get it, and only if I had a lot of money to waste and really needed a global sensor would I consider it.